Why is the price of the uv printer head so expensive?

It is well known that UV printers are expensive, and the print head is the core part of the UV flatbed printer, and its price is also high. Whether it is a new user or an old user, the first reaction to the printhead is “cheap”, so why is the price of the UV printer head so expensive? What factors are causing it?

printer head

Technical monopoly
The technology of the print head has been monopolized by the United Kingdom and Japan, and the corresponding technology has been patented. So far, there is no technical strength in China to develop and produce print heads for UV printers, resulting in no market bargaining power, and can only actively accept the price offered by the other party.

UV printer agent
If the UV printer nozzle manufacturer develops the market in China and needs a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources, it is necessary to choose a company with relatively small domestic influence as its agent. But the agent can never work in white, so you need to insert the corresponding cost when you proxy the print head.

Manufacturers earn profits
Many manufacturers will add a certain fee to the printer head, which is beyond doubt. Few manufacturers will pay for the final door-to-door maintenance costs for the nozzles they sell.

Pay taxes
1. Customs must pay customs duties.
2. Logistics, warehousing and other expenses.

printer head

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