Why do you want to make a proof before the UV plotter prints?

UV plotterThe UV plotter does not require plate making, printing, and repeating color printing, and whether it is a simple block image or a full-color image or a gradient image, it can be printed at one time. The printed image is fast and printed as a product. Therefore, UV printers must do pre-press inspection before mass printing.

UV plotter pre-press proofing is the process of connecting between pre-press and official start-up printing. It is a printing effect that allows customers to anticipate the printing before printing. Avoid any dissatisfaction after printing, and then change it, time and effort. The prepress proofing of the printer can also have the following effects:

UV plotterProofing the UV printer before printing can help the customer check whether the text, image, color and page settings included in the printed image are correct, so that they can be modified in time. Especially the color of the image is the most difficult to control in printing. Due to the different substrate, ink and dot gain rate, the color of the printed image changes. Therefore, it is possible to perform a proofing test before mass printing, and to see if the color of the sample is together with the planned color, make timely changes, and then print in large quantities.

UV led printer prepress proofing can be used as a contract sample between the printer and the customer. After all, the printing effect must be adhered to the contract sample, and the contract sample should be shot shortly before the large-volume printing operation to avoid fading and distortion of the sample due to long time.

UV printing machine pre-press proofing is an important basis for print quality control and is also a communication with customers. What the customer wants to do, what effect they want, and if they are dissatisfied, they can first type out the sample, talk about the effect, and after the modification is completed, batch production. Pre-press proofing can reduce disputes between printers and customers due to unimportant printing results, saving time and effort.

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