Why are UV inkjet printers printing at the same speed?

There are many customers who come across a lot of sales when they look at UV inkjet printers and recommend large equipment to you, and then instill the concept of a fast and fast platform for UV inkjet printers. In fact, there is a suspicion of stealing the column. The speed of printing speed and the relationship between the platform are not very large, the main points are as follows.

uv inkjet printer

First, the properties of the UV printer’s printhead itself determine how fast the print is. Common printheads on the market include Ricoh, Seiko, Kyocera, Konica and others. The width of the UV inkjet printer print head also determines its speed. Among them, the Seiko print head has high cost performance, high speed and high speed in all the print heads, and it can adapt to the medium with the surface drop.

Then, the arrangement is also a factor in determining the speed. The speed of each printhead is fixed, but the order of arrangement can be staggered or multiple rows. The single row is definitely the slowest, the speed of the double row is double, and the three rows are faster. The CMYK+W arrangement has straight and misaligned points, that is, the white ink and other colors are in a straight line, so that the speed will be slower than the wrong one. Because the staggered arrangement can be done in the same way.

Finally, the stability of the machine. How fast a car can drive depends on how good his brake system is. The same is true for UV printers. If the physical structure is unstable, a failure will inevitably occur during high-speed printing. If the machine is damaged, the front of the car will fly out and personal injury will occur.

uv inkjet printer

Therefore, when purchasing a UV printer, you must make another discretion and have your own subjective judgment.

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