What makes more and more people investing in UV flatbed printers?

At present, the wide-format printing market is booming. Under the application of high-precision and stable UV film printers and multi-purpose, multi-media UV flatbed printers, the technological innovation of UV printing equipment has promoted inkjet printing. Market development.

The UV flatbed printer is a new technology that breaks the inkjet technology and can only print on soft materials. Really realized a printing, no plate making, full color image once completed, is an important turning point in the history of inkjet, is a replacement product of traditional printing. It also marks the birth of inkjet technology into the era of multiple fields.

UV flatbed printers

Why can UV printers achieve such rapid development? Let’s take a look at the secrets of this.

The reason why UV flatbed printers can quickly capture the market:

1. More personalization: Maximize people’s individual needs, for the majority of designers, you can make full use of creative talents, design samples can be arbitrarily modified on the computer, the effect on the computer is the effect of the finished product, the customer Once you are satisfied, you can make it directly. The UV printing pattern is fine, the layer is rich and clear, the art is high, the stereoscopic effect is strong, and the equipment with many high precision can also print the patterns of photography and painting style.

2. More advanced technology: Generally, the full-color image is completed once, the gradient color fully achieves the photo effect, the positioning is accurate, the scrap rate is zero, saving a lot of manpower and material resources, realizing the real non-printing, single sheet and batch processing. The cost is consistent, and customers can also complete short and medium-sized jobs cost-effectively, helping the company to increase business opportunities and profits.

3. More widely used: UV flatbed printing materials are very extensive.
Flexible media such as: reflective film, canvas, carpet, leather, etc.
Hard media such as: glass, wooden handicraft photo frames, ceilings, aluminum panels, wood panels, door panels, acrylic panels, plexiglass panels, chevron panels, corrugated cardboard, plastic panels, resin panels, gypsum panels, etc.
Various product casing media such as: music player casing, camera casing, Bluetooth earphone casing, mobile phone casing, refrigerator casing, laptop casing, etc. can be printed.

4. Green and environmental protection: No water, no sewage, UV flatbed printer is controlled by computer, inkjet on demand, neither waste nor waste water pollution, no noise during printing, and achieve a pollution-free green production process.

UV flatbed printers

Let’s talk to you about several major applications of UV flatbed printers:

Advertising industry users: This is the most widely used and widely used. After all, the number of advertising stores, advertising companies and market audiences is also the most extensive. Although there is no shortage of orders, the large profits due to competition are relatively low.

Users in the building materials industry: This is mainly made up of glass and ceramic tiles. The market has been very hot in the past three years. In particular, the custom-made 3d embossed three-dimensional background wall is particularly popular, not only in high demand, but also in high added value.

Digital products industry: Many people in this industry are familiar with the fact that the mobile phone case represented by DIY is not a fire. A plastic shell plus printing costs less than $0.2 and the market sells for $3. Many users often recover their costs in two months. Extending from the surface, there are ipad leather cases, keyboards, mouse pads and other digital products for surface printing.

Crafts industry: A variety of small objects on the market, combs, hairpins, eyeglass frames, packaging boxes, pins, wine bottles, bottle caps, decorative paintings… The surface of hundreds of materials can be printed with a uv printer. This industry has a strong regional character and is often concentrated in the source of supply.

UV flatbed printers

In addition to these four hot industries, there are many industries that we are familiar with:

Packaging industry: Alcohol (paper packaging printing, wooden packaging printing, metal packaging printing, PVC, packaging and printing, leather packaging printing, plexiglass packaging printing, etc.).

Decoration industry: Background wall (tile wall, glass background wall, PVC gusset background wall, marble background wall, microcrystalline composite background wall, carved background wall) PVC gusset, PVC resin board, etc., used throughout the decoration industry On.

Glass industry: Art glass, glass partition, glass sliding door, glass background wall, frosted glass, transparent glass, plexiglass, tempered glass, glass curtain wall, etc…

Leather goods: Leather, women’s shoes, leather bags, handbags, travel bags, belts, etc.

Stationery gifts: Pen case, notebook, wave board, dot reading machine, CD, metal business card holder, various material bookmarks, toys, etc.

Hardware and plastic: Lighter, golf ball, silicone, digital photo frame, crystal, aluminum plate, metal plate, plastic products, tissue box, glasses frame, instrument panel, packaging box, toys, etc.

Footwear: Women’s shoes, EVA slippers, roller skates, shoe materials, printed shoes, leather printing, canvas shoes, hand-painted shoes, etc.

Electronic appliances: U disk, MP3/ MP4/MP5 player, computer case, home appliance, air conditioner, washing machine, rice cooker, mobile phone, crystal mobile phone case, electronic components, etc.

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