What is the internal structure of the UV printer?

Environmental protection is the theme that the country has always admired. Because of this increase, many screen printing factories have been greatly restricted, resulting in a higher audience of universal printers. ORIC is a UV printer manufacturer with 10 years of research and development advantages. In the process of research and development, we attach great importance to the structure of the machine and the fit between the various components, and have been constantly upgrading and revising. The humanized design structure allows everyone to talk about the ORIC printer, they can not help but give a thumbs up. Today, the design director of the R&D department shared with you the difference between the ORIC universal printer and other machines on the market.

1. Equipped with emergency backup power supply, when the main engine suddenly loses power, the negative pressure system can still be maintained, the negative pressure system can be kept working normally, and the working state can be quickly entered when the call is made. (After changing to the negative pressure system, the emergency backup power supply is canceled. When the main engine suddenly loses power, the large pressure chamber of the negative pressure system can still maintain the negative pressure for a normal period of time).

2. Double negative pressure system is adopted, white color negative pressure is separately controlled to better ensure print fluency; double negative pressure system adopts white and color double independent negative pressure system, which does not affect negative pressure stability and long service life; There is a backflow prevention sensor, and the negative pressure buffer chamber ensures that the negative pressure is stable and ensures no dripping.

3.Y direction adopts double-grinding precision screw, which has high repeatability; X-axis adopts Taiwan silver silent double guide rail, and the printing process is low noise.

4. Platform blown air electric conversion function; blow suction air conversion mechanism, all products adopt electric control, which makes control more precise, saves time and effort, can form a layer of air cushion between medium and work platform, making it very heavy The finished print can also be removed very easily.

5. The equipment is equipped with multiple emergency brake switches to ensure the normal body and equipment.

6. Gray level nozzle variable point technology saves ink up to 30% to 50%. For example, Ricoh G5 gray variable point technology prints with 21pl in dark colors and 14pl in lighter colors. The light color is printed with 7pl, which means that the grayscale printing technology can adjust the color depth of the image by adjusting the size of the ink droplets, so that the ink can be used, and the ordinary printing is done by adding light ink. Adapt to the color depth of the image, the amount of ink used will be larger.

7. Humanized car collision avoidance system, better protection equipment trolley and nozzle.

ORIC UV printer circuit system design is more concise, scientific, clear, and at a glance, greatly delaying the aging time of the wire, thus achieving the effect of extending the service life of the machine. Each machine has a complete file and serial number to facilitate timely and accurate follow-up and tracking of the machine. After the production is completed, there will be 72 hours of continuous printing test. The tester must accurately register the test results and enter the warehouse after passing the quality test. Therefore, every machine delivered to you has been tested and tested several times to ensure a better experience. In addition, after-sales service is also recognized, the general machine has small problems, the company’s after-sales personnel will operate remotely.

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