What are the advantages of PVC printers?

PVC is a common material in the advertising industry. It is often used in fashion furniture decoration, high-end packaging, personalized creative gifts, advertising and other industries. Nowadays PVC printers replace the traditional silk screen industry, so what are the advantages of PVC printers? Let’s take a look at the traditional printer.

Uv printer

PVC printers have the following advantages:

1. You can print any pattern, the color transition is natural, rich and beautiful, the effect can be comparable to the original picture;

2. The color and content of the print pattern can be changed at will, which is of great help to the designer’s design. By changing the printing effect, one-to-one digital printing can be performed without plate making, eliminating the cumbersome process and saving a lot of Human and material resources;

3. PVC printer is compatible with different industries, it is a very cost-effective flatbed printer, it is not limited to materials, not limited to the industry, as long as the flat material can be printed, completely overcome the traditional printing that can only use special paper and special specifications, The uv printer has an adsorption platform. Even a very thin material will not be deflected during the printing process, and it will not be in contact with the medium during printing, which can effectively protect the printhead.

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