2019||Unveiled and avoided the latest UV printer scam

uv printerIn today’s network era, I believe that many customers will check the relevant manufacturers’ references first when they purchase UV printers. Nevertheless, we don’t know if we can find a series of negative news, such as “UV printer scam” and “Flatbed UV printer scam” on the Internet.

I believe that after reading these news information, I will be doubtful and full of doubts about this industry. Is it true that there are many deceivers in this industry and they are all fake? Is it wrong to want to invest in this industry? With so many factories, how can we distinguish between fake ones? Wait for a series of questions! ORIC has been devoted to the development of UV printers for ten years. It is a bitter pain to these bad businesses that have disrupted the market of UV printers. Now let me take you to analyze and uncover the fraud in the UV printer industry.

uv printerWith the continuous development of the UV printer market, there are only a few manufacturers making UV printers a few years ago, and now there are more than 2000 manufacturers, which can be said to be a fountain-like blowout growth. Because there is no authoritative authority to authenticate the tablet printer manufacturer. This is also the cause of the chaos in the UV printer market now! In order to get more profits, some manufacturers directly use some old Epson printer heads to produce, refit and manufacture UV flat-panel printers, and then sell them at a low price. As a result, the market price is in a mess. Many new customers buy this UV printer at a low price because they don’t understand it. Soon after they use it, various problems arise. After-sales maintenance can not keep up with the loss of costs, which also led to a lot of people lost confidence in the industry! In addition, some manufacturers only make a sum of money for the sale of machines, constantly expanding the agent area, let the agent take the equipment of the manufacturer, affix the registered brand of the agent, and declare the flat printer manufacturer to the outside world. These agents do not have mechanical assembly, after-sales maintenance and other services, and do not communicate with customers in time, which also leads to many customers to many flat printer manufacturers. Trust! What’s more, some businesses recycle used UV flat-panel printers, purchase some new parts to assemble them, and then publicize the new UV flat-panel printer manufacturers to sell new UV printers. All of the above are frauds that occur more frequently in the industry.

So when choosing UV flatbed printer, we should always be alert to the above mentioned problems. In fact, many things can be found as long as you are careful! When choosing a printer, we should think rationally about the temptation of low price. Price is not the only consideration for machinery and equipment. Many customers shake when they talk about the price. They don’t even consider what products they are most suitable for. They don’t consider the cost of using the machine and the efficiency of the machine. Sometimes, because of a low price, we give up the enterprises and products of honest service, which can not be said to be a mistake, but more a pity! For how to choose a really good UV flat-panel printer, ORIC also puts forward the following three suggestions:

1. On-the-spot investigation of the manufacturer.

2. Check the equipment production line.

3. After-sales service. This seemingly simple three points actually include a lot of purchase requirements. Discriminate the strength and qualifications of a tablet printer manufacturer? You can’t see it without on-the-spot inspection of the manufacturer! Information on the Internet alone cannot be completely distinguished. On-the-spot inspection of manufacturers can also be a good way to distinguish whether some manufacturers’agents or distributors!

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