Introduce the three elements of the UV inkjet printer

As the mainstream machine in the paint industry today, UV inkjet printers have widely occupied the market. However, the market’s understanding of UV inkjet printers is still on the surface. The following is explained from the three elements of the UV inkjet printer.

UV inkjet printer

1.UV inkjet printer nozzle:

At present, there are two main types of UV printer printheads: thermal foaming nozzles and micro-piezoelectric nozzles. The number and size of the ink holes on the nozzles are very important. This is directly related to the accuracy and efficiency of the UV sprayer. They are inversely proportional to each other. Improvements to the ink and delivery system are necessary to improve both at the same time.

2.UV inkjet printer width:

The width of the UV sprayer is the width of the paper feed and the actual spray. The feed width is the width of the material to be sprayed. The actual spray width is the width of the spray when the inkjet printer is in operation. Normally, the paper feed width is 2 to 3 cm wider than the spray width. At present, most UV inkjet printers on the market are about 2 meters wide. More than 2 meters wide is usually an outdoor UV sprayer. In general, the wider the width, the more difficult it is to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

UV inkjet printer

3.UV inkjet printer accuracy:

The accuracy of a UV inkjet printer is used to describe the number of dots per inch of an inkjet image. The basic unit of precision is dpi. The accuracy depends on the size of the ink holes in the nozzle. Currently, UV inkjet printers have an accuracy of up to 1440 dpi. However, in general, the accuracy of achieving photo quality is only about 720 dpi. Depending on the width of the spray, the precision required for large sprays is not very high. With the continuous development of science and technology, various spraying technologies of ultraviolet spraying machines are also constantly innovating. However, the accuracy of the UV sprayer is limited in one respect, namely the computer. There are many options for computer painting mode. The paint sprayer can adjust and select the width and amount of use required. The remaining space of the computer and the speed at which the program runs also directly affect the operation of the UV printer. Therefore, it is very important to select the accuracy mode of the UV sprayer and then perform computer processing before operating the UV sprayer. It is important to keep as much operating space as possible. Otherwise, when there is not enough space, it will cause a series of problems that affect the operation of the UV sprayer. In severe cases, the computer will crash, the UV inkjet printer will stop working, and the cost of spraying will be wasted.

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