How to maintain uv flatbed printer in summer? Follow the steps

In summer, both temperature and humidity will increase dramatically. Not only do people need to prevent heat strokes and summer heat, but our equipment also needs to be maintained in the hot sun. In this issue, based on years of experience, I shared five ways to maintain a UV flatbed printer in the summer.

uv flatbed printer

Method 1: Temperature control.

UV flatbed printers should be placed in a cool, backlit corner to avoid high temperatures and direct sunlight. Suitable indoor temperature is 19 ° C ~ 32 ° C, humidity is 25% ~ 70%.

Method 2: Power off and moisturize.

When the digital uv flatbed printer does not work for a long time, you can choose to moisturize after power off, and do not let the machine exit the standby state. This will increase the temperature.

Method 3: Always check the print head.

uv flatbed printer After turning on the uv flatbed printer every day, be sure to test the strip first to see if the sprinkler is clogged. The summer temperature is too high and the ink is easy to dry.

Method 4: Clean the uv flatbed printer weekly.

Once a week, clean the inside and outside of the equipment. Especially in key locations such as noses and rails, it is especially important.

Method 5: The position of the flat line must be viewed daily when it is turned on.

Make sure that the surface of the nozzle line is clean and that the connecting rod is tight and not loose.

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