How to maintain the printer head of UV printer?

The reason for the high price of the flatbed printer is its excellent workmanship and sprinkler head, which is the most demanding part of the quality of the flatbed printer. There are about a thousand nozzles on one nozzle, and the whole printing process is completed by these small nozzles arranged neatly. Due to the nozzle is too fine (general naked eye can not see), so improper maintenance will be easy to plug. What are the causes of print head blockages in flatbed printers?

1. Not cleaning the print head in time. One of the most common ways of clogging a print head is when the ink accumulates enough to condense outside and clog the orifice. Ink is a volatile, light easy to solidify liquid material, in the nozzle to the printing material, in the nozzle will remain around a small part of the ink, this part of the ink will dry up slowly blocking the nozzle. Therefore, we suggest that customers should clean the sprinkler head in time during use. In general, it is best to clean it once a day. In addition, the sprinkler head should be moisturized before stopping the operation of the machine every day.

2. The filter inside the print head of a wide UV printer is blocked, resulting in no ink coming out of the nozzle. When the nozzle is used for a long time, especially the heat transfer ink in the nozzle flow time is short, the ink is easy to adsorb in the filter network, is the ink flow area is reduced, resulting in uneven ink or nozzle plugging and so on.

3 .Frequent replacement of ink, different ink viscosity, composition are different, ink viscosity is too high when the ink liquidity will become poor, will cause different degrees of blockage. Ink viscosity is too low (ink is too thin) easy to absorb on the ink, thus unable to achieve high quality printing effect.

4.Mix hard and soft ink. For different materials to replace soft or hard ink, in the replacement of the print head is not completely clean will cause serious blockage of the print head.

5. The ambient temperature and humidity of the machine are called the external factors that cause the nozzle to be blocked. We generally recommend that the working temperature of universal printer is 20~28 degrees, the humidity is about 45~70%, the high or low temperature will also affect the nozzle out of the ink, will cause the nozzle clogging illusion.

6. Use bad or expired ink. Uv inks are generally recommended to be used late within three months. Because uv ink is a chemical component, a long time will also occur flocculent deterioration, poor quality or expired ink is one of the direct causes of nozzle blockage.

7. Printer itself drive circuit fault. If the printer is used for a long time, the electronic components of the driving circuit will age or accumulate too much dry ink, dirt, etc., which may affect the voltage of the driving nozzle, resulting in the printing head does not produce ink or ink output instability and other phenomena.

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