How to keep maintenance for UV printer in Summer?

The summer of 2020 is passing, How can’t affect daily printing when UV hybrid printer work in summer? Therefore, you need to master the special maintenance skills in summer, and the equipment has fewer faults,  you can save more and extra maintenance costs.

UV printer

Keundo hybrid UV printer

UV Hybrid printer summer maintenance Tips:

1. Temperature control. Firstly, The UV flatbed printer should be placed in a cool, backlit corner, avoid high temperatures and direct sunlight, such as the middle of the room or in a backlit location. Suggestion: indoor temperature is 19 ℃ ~ 28 ℃, and the humidity is 25% ~ 50%.
2. Moisture when power off. When the UV flatbed printer not working for a long time, for example, if machine doesn’t work at night, you can power off and moisturize. Don’t leave the machine in standby mode, this will increase the temperature and power consumption.

UV printing

Ricoh Gen5 head for UV printer

3. After the UV flatbed printer turns on every day, it is necessary to lay down the test strip to check whether the nozzle block. As we all know, the temperature in summer is too high, and the ink is easy to dry. If the condition is not good, you can press the ink to clean it.
4. In weeks, it’s important to clean the inside and outside of the UV printer, especially key positions like print heads and guide rails.
5. Maintenance of the print head, control the print height of the print head within 2mm, and do not scratch the print head. Besides, using original UV ink, do not mix it, it will directly block the print heads.
6. Maintenance of UV lamp system, use water cooling system to reduce the heat of UV lamp, pay attention to the sufficient antifreeze in the water tank.
7. Finally, Isolate the dust filter at the air inlet of the suction fan and clean the dust regularly. The suction screen of the platform cleans the dust and residual ink, which can keep the mesh open, and avoid blockage because of long-term uncleaning.

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