How To Choose A Better Uv Flatbed Printer From Budget?

1. Budget! budget! budget! The important thing is to say three times. Leaving this talk about buying is all about. The price of uv flatbed printers on the market is roughly divided into four levels:

uv flabed printer a. 50,000 or less, mostly based on small modified uv flatbed printers, the models are generally a1, a2, a3, a4, most of the nozzles are civilian Epson series, small Ricoh nozzles; disadvantages are: high failure rate, nozzle Short lifespan, it is very troublesome to maintain in the later stage, choose carefully, if you practice, you can choose.


b. 5-10 million, mostly in the civilian series of uv flatbed printers, models are commonly found 1015, 1325, 1610, 2513 and so on. The nozzles are mostly Epson five generations, Toshiba nozzles, Konica and Seiko series medium-level nozzles. The point is: the larger size of the machine, the lower the general specifications of the nozzles. The smaller the size of the machine, the higher the size of the nozzle. Popular: You can choose between a small format and a large format. It is suitable for individuals to use in the store. If the objective conditions permit, under the same price, choose a high match.

uv flatbed printer

C.10-200,000, mostly based on the industrial series of uv flatbed printer, is also the largest number of devices and the number of users on the market. There are also a large number of models to choose from, including 1610, 2513, 2030, 2533, 3040 and so on. Common nozzles are Ricoh g5 nozzle, Konica 1024i nozzle, Seiko gs508 nozzle, Seiko gs1024 nozzle. Depending on the price, the configuration of the nozzles can be upgraded from the standard five to eight.

uv printer

d. More than 200,000, mostly based on large high-grade or imported uv printers. High configuration means that the nozzles have a higher level, a larger number, or a particularly large machine. Most of the equipment in this area is mostly large factory users. In addition, there are more than one million uv flatbed printers. The number of nozzles of this kind of machine is generally more than 16 and the highest is 256. Of course, the price is more than 10 million. This type of machine is suitable for local tyrants.

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