Can uv printers print everything?Let us have a look

Can Uv printers print everything?
What materials can Uv printers print?

Uv printer is a new type of direct digital printing technology developed in the past ten years. It is a non-contact inkjet printer that prints the desired pattern directly on the surface of the product through computer control. The uv in uv printers are the abbreviation of ultraviolet light, that is, the ultraviolet light emitted by the LED lamp, so that the printed product is dried during the printing process, and the pattern is not blurred.

uv printers

Uv mainly consists of three aspects, namely ink, curing principle, and printing.

uv printersInk: Unlike previous water-based inks, textile inks, oil-based inks, and solvent-based inks, the new generation of equipment uses uv ink. Uv ink itself is between solvent-based and oil-based inks. It is a chemical ink with a slight Corrosive, so in daily use, try to avoid contact with the body. What needs to be understood here is that uv ink is divided into three grades, one is made in China, one is produced by the original print head, and the other is imported.

Curing principle: The curing method adopts the principle of internal cooling and solidification in a very short period of time, which does not produce odor, does not generate heat, and does not generate bubbles. This is mainly determined by the photosensitizer present in the uv ink.

uv printersPrinting: Direct piezoelectric inkjet printing, the print head is inkjet printing between 12.5px and 25px from the material, and the uv ink is directly sprayed on the surface of the material, and then irradiated by the LED lamps on both sides of the print head. Achieve drying of the ink. The uv printers produced by Andersen are also able to meet the high quality image output requirements of many industries.

Wide range of applications: Digital uv printers have a wide range of printing materials, such as: reflective film, canvas, glass, wood crafts, ceilings, aluminum alloy panels, wood panels, acrylic panels, plexiglass, corrugated panels, plastic panels, resin panels, plasterboard, Digital housing, etc.

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