UV Printing

UV print tech allows custom print, marking and variable data printing of thousands of items that were previously not possible to affordably digitally print. Listed below are the UV printing capacities that cannot be easily duplicated by the other printing technology.
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Broader Scope of Print Applications
Image result for roland lef uv digital printingUV digital printers are able to print on a large sort of materials, treated and untreated, including PVC, PET, acrylic, wood, glass, boards, metals, soft fabrics and leathers.
Unique White Color and Clear (Varnish)
Most UV ink sets include CMYK, white, and clear. Using the white ink as a base, a UV printer can print white and full-color on dark items and each side of transparent products.
Higher Quality Printing
The ink dries almost immediately on the substrate surface. Resolution and saturation are improved because there’s no time for ink dots to extend. In addition, there’s no ink absorption into the actual substrate, the inks strongly adhere to the substrate surface.
Embossed Effects
The inks can be applied by selection to build up embossed objects and letters, including custom textures and braille. In addition, the clear ink can be “flooded” over the whole or selected areas of the substrate to increase durability or provide a more pleasant gloss finish. The quality of gloss relies much on the quantity of clear layers applied.
UV Inks Are Environmental-FriendlyImage result for roland lef uv digital printing

The special UV inks applied release zero VOC’s, making it a greener process for our environment and be safer.

Faster Operations and Higher Productivity
UV lamps is switched on and off instantly, with none degradation of strength. That means there is no lamp warm-up time or delay for shutter motion. No need for operators to wait before they begin working.
Finished products are resistant to scratch and exhibit good light fastness. Liquid laminate can be used to extend outdoor life.
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