What’s The Necessary Consideration Before Starting Printing Projects?

When you have a number of projects on your lap right now. If you run a business, then the marketing efforts should be on the top of your list. Even as going online is now the “it” thing to be, print still plays a major role in decision making. People still like to hold something in their hand before they part with their money. All large format printing projects must be begun with proper homework done beforehand. If this is not done, the chances are that you will suffer extended delays in the later part of the business cycle. Worse, you may lose your business reputation and even brand recognition.

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Pricing and quality

Competitive pricing is extremely important in digital printing projects. The easiest way to achieve minimum expense is to compare quotes given by different printing companies. Do understand the price quoted may depend on where your office is located. Printers in posh localities quote inflated prices while others with addresses in poorer, less industrialized areas offer discounts. Then again, you get what you pay.

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Print quality is a clinching factor. The marketing material for your business should be richly colored and must have a professional appearance. This will impress potential customers and clients. Conversely, cheap paper and visible flaws mean a company is a shoddy one. Potential customers could be put off by cheap products.

Proofing and delivery

Delivery within deadlines is a must. All wide format printing jobs have stated deadlines. This could be a difficult problem if materials do not get ready within this time. This is why you should always approach professional companies for the job. Experienced printers will give you the exact date within which the print will be ready for you to collect and dispatch.

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Proofing is vital for any print job. Read the print multiple times and with fresh eyes to make sure that the text is a flawless one. You must show to your customers that you are a perfectionist and can easily manage both small and larger jobs without breaking a sweat. Any mistakes in the final print reflect on your efficiency. A single flaw means customers may not believe that you can deliver a flawless job. Proofing is a vital activity. Carve some time out from your busy schedule to proof-read every word and sentence structure. Take a long and hard look at the images. Do they match the text content? If not, change the images.

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Which Facts Will Affects The Quality of Large Format Printer?

The high-quality signages will bring people an extraordinary visual impact. In addition to high speed, high resolution and vibrant output are also very important. Here are 4 factors which affect large format printer quality.

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Oric sublimation printer, these 6 smart highlights are not to be missed!

sublimation printerOric sublimation printer is a high performance, high speed, high quality and cost effective inkjet printer developed by our company for the high-end market. As a high-end wide-format sublimation printer, Oric must have a distinctive high-end, these six intelligent features are not to be missed.

Oric sublimation printers have made great efforts in intelligent operation in order to better serve customers. Many humanized functional designs help customers to operate more conveniently and quickly.

Fast printing: Oric wide-format sublimation printer uses three EPS3200 printheads, new TFP film piezoelectric technology, print upgrade, maximum speed of 80m2 / h, high efficiency to complete large orders and urgent orders. 1800DPI printing accuracy, achieve no graininess And smooth print results.

sublimation printerFeather print function: Unique two-dimensional intelligent feathering function, good to eliminate BANDING in printing. The print quality is highly improved, and it can naturally handle various shades of transition colors, and restores the color of the image 100%.

Intelligent lack of ink alarm: Intelligent lack of ink reminder, reducing the cumbersomeness of frequently checking ink margin. At the same time, timely reminder to add ink to ensure the continuity of the printing work.

sublimation printerAnti-collision trolley frame: The position of the print head can be adjusted freely according to different printing consumables, and the anti-collision device is added at both ends to provide more comprehensive security protection for the print head.

Constant pressure secondary ink supply system: Equipped with 4 extra large ink cartridges, single channel ink capacity up to 2L. The powerful continuous supply system provides support for the improvement of production efficiency, avoids the frequent occurrence of ink shortage in production and the heavy work caused by back and forth inspection, saving time and manpower.

How to save ink with a large format dye sublimation printer?

Large format dye sublimation printer is inkjet printing, which we all know, so ink is an indispensable part. Saving printing ink is also a manifestation of profitability.

How can I save digital printing ink during the printing process of large format dye sublimation printer, and what are the techniques for saving ink?

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Here we briefly introduce:

1. Set the print mode correctly. In general, the text we print does not need to be very detailed, as long as it can be seen clearly. We can use the print mode flexibly before printing, which can effectively save ink. There are many options for the print mode. The finer the print quality, the more ink it consumes. So for a typical print job, choose the production mode.

2. Use all the ink cartridges. When printing, usually about 20% of the remaining ink cartridge will indicate insufficient ink, reminding you to replace the ink cartridge. In this case, we can ignore it and continue the print job until the last drop of ink is finished.

3. Use the cartridge protection card to save. Some brands do not have this protection card, and some brands have this feature. If you buy a device, it will come with a card that holds the ink cartridges (some common cartridges are also available), so we should be good at it. Because the wide format sublimation printer is not used for a long time, the ink in the cartridge is easily dried, especially in a dry environment. If you don’t use a digital printer for a long time, you can take the cartridge and put it in the card, and put it in a sealed plastic bag as much as possible to slow down the ink.

4. Minimize the number of switching machines. Minimize the number of switching machines, and collect the fragmented file printing tasks together to print, which can save ink consumption. Because the digital printer starts up each time, it initializes the printer and automatically cleans the print head and inks the ink delivery system, which requires a large amount of ink. Therefore, you should try to put the print jobs together for printing, and do not turn the wide format inkjet printer on and off at will.

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The above small methods of summing up hope to help everyone. If you have any questions about the use and maintenance of the ink sublimation printer, please leave a message below. Today’s article is here, thank you for browsing.


What is the best wide format inkjet printer in China?

“ORIC” which is subordinate to FeiYue Digital Inc. Fei Yue Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive technical enterprise which brings R&D, design, production and sales together. We have our own brand of wide format inkjet printer, ORIC, and we also agent other brands abroad, such as EPSON, MIMAKI, ROLAND and MUTOH.

We mainly focus on researching and developing high-speed and high-resolution large format inkjet printers and control system, our printers and accessories have the honor to earn widespread acclaim by the firmly support of the top R&D team and our own technology. E series water-based printers, R series UV printer, O series flatbed printers etc are our major products.

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Take the ORIC TX2002 large format inkjet printer as an example.

This digital sublimation printer is equipped with dual printheads, either DX5 printheads or 5113 printheads.With stand its dimensions is:148.5(W)X33.5(D)X70.5(H)in.And its weight is:1653lb.(750kg)

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There are many benefits to ORIC wide format inkjet printer, here are a few examples:

1)Un-wind and Re-wind Media Perfectly

2)CISS Guarantee Printing Continuously

3)Independent Research of Intelligent Inkjet Technology

4)Multiple Ink Combinations Gives the Perfect Expression about Image

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Last but not least, the price of ORIC is beyond the reach of other wide format production printers. You do not believe? If you randomly report a machine, I can give you a price that will satisfy you.