Which One is Better Between Traditional Inkjet Printers & Uv Printers?

For many people who have just been exposed to uv printers, many people want to know which uv printer and traditional inkjet writing is better? From the rapid development of traditional photo printing, we can understand that the current application of printing is very extensive, and the market needs are also very large.

inkjet printers However, UV printing is more skillful and preemptive in the traditional solvent and weak solvent printing. Under the application of UV printing, it can finish higher-end printing applications and is compatible with more printing media, which makes it involve a wider range of occupations. category. Under the application of UV printer technology, the cutting-edge UV printing equipment is also continuously pushed. For example, the UV coil flatbed machine is compatible with many different types of flat-panel type UV flatbed printers, and the user can more easily complete the UV print output. UV printing is the most anticipated type of printing for printing now. It has been widely implemented and applied in the field of wild advertising manufacturing.

UV flatbed printers

So what’s the advantages? What is the difference between a uv printer and a traditional inkjet machine?
UV printing is compatible with more printing media, and it is widely used in a wide range of applications. UV printing is widely used because of its scale and scale. Ordinary weak solvent photo printers are not constrained by raw materials because they are constrained by raw materials. UV printing is suitable for any raw material, and has the characteristics of high speed, high precision and stable performance. Therefore, it is manufactured in inkjet printing. The occupation has been implemented and applied on a large scale.
UV printers have a very good effect on inkjet printing in traditional weak solvent households.

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UV printing can be printed quickly and finished. The traditional inkjet printing operation is performed by using inkjet ink or solvent-based ink. These inks need to wait for the ink on the surface of the paper after printing and printing. It is dry and simple, and it is affected by different temperature and humidity. Especially in humid climate, traditional inkjet photo printing needs long-term waiting for the screen to dry, and even need to cooperate with drying equipment for drying ink treatment. After UV printing, the UV ink can be quickly cured by the simultaneous UV UV lamp, which is fast and tidy, and the printing speed is fast, that is, it can be taken right away, without long-term waiting, which can make the print and print transaction more complete and save time. And artificial capital.

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Nowadays, domestic piezoelectric photo machines offer users a very good price/performance ratio. The affordable price is comparable to the performance and application of imported big brands. Advertising companies and their own advertising stores can It is easier to use the lower cost to cite the domestic photo machine printing equipment, and then complete the capital and return to the original.

The Defination of Large Format Solvent Printer

The solvent printer is generally faster than eco-solvent printer at producing wide format outdoor signage. Usually, 25-50% more efficient, solvent printing is an industrial type printing machine, geared more for long-term high volume production runs.

digital sublimation printer Waterproof, fade-resistant, scratch-resistant
The inks are solvent-based, working well with substrates that are heavy and with a rough surface, like uncoated vinyl and flex banner… Because solvent inks actually etch into the vinyl with the solvent carrier of the ink then evaporating. The finished prints are waterproof, fade-resistant, scratch-resistant. This leaves a permanent solution that lasts for a long time, even under difficult conditions, even in direct sunlight.

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No Coating Required, Save Time and Cost
Another big advantage of solvent inks is that there is no top-coating required. This means no varnish (clear ink) or coating is necessary to properly protect your prints. Just print on flex banner, wrap your prints, and ship them out! This eliminates a huge step in the production process.

You’ll no longer have to handle the waste incurred through coating/spraying user fault, and you’ll save yourself a ton of time not having to wait for laminations to dry on every print.

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In terms of cost, this added speed means you’ll enjoy fewer turnaround times. And of course, there’s no cost of the coating chemistry itself and labor cost to spray varnish.

Solvent inkjet printing applications typically include vinyl vehicle wraps, vinyl outdoor banners, fabric adhesive decals, printed vinyl fence covers, vinyl letters, vinyl banners, wall murals, vinyl wallpaper, window graphics (also known as window banners or window slicks) and many other applications.

thermal sublimation printer

Konica KM-512i Print Head
Compact design/ high resolution/ scratch resistant

It’s one kind of piezo on-demand printhead with a total of 512 nozzles.
The KM-512i boosts a wide range of ink compatibility, including solvent, UV, oil…
Normally no head clogging because of 30pl droplet size.
Deliver class-leading print quality at truly high speed.

The role of the suction system in sublimation ink printers

In the printing process of sublimation ink printers, we believe that everyone has noticed that there are many regularly distributed holes on the flat sheet metal platform. These small holes are then used as suction platforms for broadband printers. At the same time, the fan under the platform is matched to form the printer’s suction system.

sublimation ink printersIn the printout of a wide-format inkjet printer, the suction fan blows forward and the rear air replenishes. In this way, a strong air flow is formed behind the fan. The print medium is aspirated by a small suction through a small hole in the platform. The high speed operation of the fan creates a difference in pressure between the top and bottom, which makes the print medium close to the printing platform, ensuring that the print medium is flatter throughout the printing process. This is the complete process of the suction system working in our sublimation ink printers.

Simply put, the function of the suction system is to ensure that the print media and the printing platform can be closely fitted to ensure that the printing can not be arched, so that the textile sublimation printer prints more smoothly and smoothly, and the drawing effect is better.

sublimation ink printersIn addition, due to the difference in horizontal tensile properties and toughness of different materials, only a small suction force is required for materials with small horizontal tensile properties and poor toughness to keep the material flat. Excessive suction can cause the print media to move, affecting the printhead. For harder materials, if the suction is too small, it will cause the material to be flat due to insufficient suction, thus affecting the printing effect. Therefore, the suction system in sublimation ink printers is essential during the printing process.

The Oric series of wide format printers are designed with suction and heating in one on the suction platform. At the same time of printing output, it is also possible to increase the drying speed of the ink moderately, so that the final print quality of the printer is more vivid and realistic, and is widely loved by customers.

Which Facts Will Affects The Quality of Large Format Printer?

The high-quality signages will bring people an extraordinary visual impact. In addition to high speed, high resolution and vibrant output are also very important. Here are 4 factors which affect large format printer quality.

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Talking about the Importance of Printing Work Stability of Wide Format Inkjet Printer

When it comes to wide format inkjet printers, many people are starting to talk about the printing accuracy and printing speed of the device. But many people ignore the very important point, that is, the stability of the printer printing. Wide-format inkjet printers can achieve a good printer by achieving quality, speed and stability.

Wide Format Inkjet Printer

The stability of wide-format printers is inseparable from the cooperation of various high-quality accessories, and high-quality accessories can support the high-quality printing of the entire equipment. For Oric printers, the whole machine uses high-quality accessories, such as Japan THK silent linear guide, Germany igus ink chain, US imported fluorine rubber pressure roller, Lei Sai brushless integrated motor, etc., to ensure quality and performance from the details, Strive to make the whole machine print more stable. Oric wide format inkjet printers use an industrial architecture for greater stability.

While many manufacturers are still pursuing speed, the concept of the Oric large format inkjet printer has been transformed into an overall balance of quality, speed and stability. More and more users are measuring a device, and they are no longer only looking at speed, but also chasing quality, stability, service, reliability and so on.

Wide Format Inkjet Printer

The quality of Oric wide format inkjet printers is obvious to everyone. The annual sales volume far exceeds that of its peers and continues to create sales miracles. In terms of services, Oric inkjet printers have established a comprehensive sales service system to achieve one-stop service before, during and after sales. The Oric wide format inkjet printer has established a network distribution system throughout the country, allowing users to experience and enjoy the superior print quality and excellent after-sales service of Oric inkjet printers at their doorstep.