To Know More The New Business Model of Wide format Inkjet Printing

For nowadays the inkjet printing field is expanding, and the new business models of wide fromat inkjet printers suitable for market demand are being explored. Gathering areas are typical examples of leading new economic models and new lifestyles in smart communities.

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“China Industrial Printer Town” – Demai International Center, located in Jinan Huayin Industrial Park, is the core area of ​​Jinan Qiaomengyuan, covering an area of ​​445 acres, with a total construction area of ​​353,000 square meters and a total investment of about 1.52 billion. Jinan City’s 2016 key projects. In 2017, the project was completed, and the headquarters economic eco-sphere with high-tech industrial digital printer as the core has been formed. At the same time, relying on the advantages of the platform of Qiaomengyuan, it provides technical services such as technology, strategic planning, information and financing, mergers and acquisitions, wealth management and other financial services.

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Overseas Chinese return to China to return to their hometowns, and strive to create an industrial printing expo park where overseas Chinese businessmen gather high-tech industries and 365 days never end.

Similar to Demai International’s new business model, it carries the transformation and upgrading of China’s inkjet printing industry, the transformation of old and new kinetic energy, new urbanization, and the great dream of beautiful China. It is the grand mission of the company to “build an industrial chain ecosystem and create a city business card”. Committed to becoming a city industry brand brand.

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2018 is the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up, and it is also a year of China’s wide-format inkjet printing technology. It has become a consensus that the development path of “green, digital, intelligent and integrated” has become a consensus. Increment. We look forward to digital inkjet printing as an important player in China’s transition from a printing power to a printing power.

Introduction of application of eco solvent plotter in advertising printing

Eco solvent plotter has a wide range of applications in the advertising inkjet industry, and has also been involved in other industries. The following is a brief introduction to the application of wide format photo printer in the advertising inkjet industry.

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The application field of pictorial printing machine is very wide, such as our common indoor and outdoor printing, digital textile and garment printing, leather printing, home decoration and so on, the application of pictorial machine is the essential core printing equipment.

eco solvent plotterWater-based ink indoor portrait machine advertising spray painting, indoor screen generally choose water-based ink, green environmental protection, no smell. Is mainly used in some stores, supermarkets, stores some advertising indoor decoration, tag, wall decoration, advertising, sales promotion, posters, PP gum, gum, lamp, hanging scroll painting, silk yun cloth, canvas, paper, waterproof white canvas, hotel somewhere you, exhibition board, KT board, paper board, drawing board, exhibition board, PVC board and other common advertising penhui material medium. All kinds of indoor decorative picture, basic can be print to print type indoor photo printing machine. However, indoor spray print application, pictorial machine printing image picture still need to pay attention to the different factors affecting the indoor environment, pay attention to the related color protection, such as the humidity in the indoor environment is too high will make images fade, indoor spotlight environment, protection would also never picture fade defects in a short time.

In addition, indoor spray painting protection in addition to pay attention to the environment can not be too wet, you can also choose the way to keep the screen of lasting beautiful.

eco solvent plotterEco solvent ink of the large format photo printer inkjet application, which is we often called outdoor inkjet printing application, eco solvent ink has high quality outdoor weather resistance.Such as waterproof uv, long time sun and rain, ink color is not easy to fade, fade and so on, applied to different outdoor climate and environment. Outdoor inkjet advertising screen material medium, choose more waterproof sunscreen, weather resistance good ink, so that can withstand the sun and rain. For example, the use of eco solvent ink outdoor advertising printing material medium: outside lighting cloth, inside lighting cloth, outdoor adhesive, outdoor removable adhesive, body paste, single through hole, mesh cloth, hou che booth advertising printing, road sign advertising printing, shopping mall advertising printing, large light box design printing, production, installation.

Eco solvent ink is the biggest characteristic is not only with the sun and rain does not fade. And compared to the traditional oil spray ink more green environmental protection, odor is smaller, no coating protection, in the outdoor environment has a very good performance.

Eco solvent plotter common advertising inkjet indoor and outdoor application, the most important point or to correctly choose and buy plotter factory original ink. In this way, not only better to ensure the color of the real machine inkjet printing, the smoothness of the photo printer printing ink supply, It also protects the print head and better extends the life of the wide-format photo printer.

How do users pick a good wide format color printer?

Classic, flagship, high-end models… so many wide-format photo printers, how do you choose the wide format color printer that you really use when you choose?

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1. First of all, from the origin, the current domestic market is mainly divided into imported and domestically produced machines. Imported printers are stable and functional, but the natural price is also prohibitively high. For large companies with strong strength, imported machines can enhance corporate image, increase visibility, and connect to high-end printing projects. But small companies are best not to consider importing machines. Because of high investment and high risk, if liquidity is lacking, it will be troublesome, so small and medium-sized companies recommend choosing domestic printers. However, Oric is currently launching a high-end wide-format photo printer product that is very suitable for domestic users.

wide format color printer2. From the choice of print head, currently mainly EPS3200, Epson five generations, Epson 5113 and so on. With the continuous improvement of customers’ requirements for precision and stability, the EPS3200 industrial print head is highly respected by the market. Oric has developed the EPS3200 industrial inkjet printer series with an accuracy of 3200DPI and 2.5PL variable ink droplets. The high-precision era of wide-format photo printers.

3. Stability refers to whether the machine is easy to malfunction. The lower the general failure, the higher its stability. This is one of the most important criteria for evaluating the quality of a large-format printing machine. If a machine has poor stability, it is difficult to be popular even if it is fast and accurate. Customers are too cumbersome to use and even affect business. The stability of a wide-format photo printer is determined by the stability of various parts such as the ink circuit, circuit, and frame structure. The Oric wide-format photo printer will undergo hundreds of experiments at the beginning of R&D design to ensure the machine. The use of performance, in the assembly and production is more layered, and strive to send the wide-format photo printer to the customer to achieve the best quality.

wide format color printer4. Wide format color printer printing speed is self-evident about the capacity of wide-format photo printers, which directly affects the sales and costs of investors. Low-speed machines have become more and more difficult for customers to accept. At present, high-precision high-speed wide-format photo printers are more popular in the market and more in line with market needs.

When selecting a wide format color printer , users should first consider the above four aspects. Another point is that we must consider the after-sales service of the manufacturer. For example, a service network like Oric is better for covering the whole country, and it is more convenient to accept after-sales service.

What should I do if the wide format photo printer prints with smudges?

wide format photo printerThe wide format photo printer is inkjet printing devices commonly used in advertising inkjet printing. In the inkjet printout work, if the printer encounters a problem of variegated printing, it affects the original color of the inkjet image and has a large color difference.

Wide format inkjet printers have a variegated fault in the inkjet printer. The fault of the photo printer is simply that the image will be motley when printed, and the different colors will be mixed together, affecting the image, the color deviation and the color doping other colors. The ink is also often seen in the photo machine. a phenomenon. It is easy to cause the inkjet printing of the photo machine to appear as follows:

1. Wide format photo printer ink capsule failure

Damage to the ink bag or leakage of the ink tube can cause the ink supply system to enter the air, creating a negative pressure that causes the ink to return. This results in color mixing and variegation. It is recommended to replace the ink bag.

2. Ink stack, blade failure

If the large format photo printer nozzle is aging, the ink stack is not good, and the ink cap is used for a long time, it will be easy to have mottle. At this time, it is necessary to clean the blade and replace the nozzle blade and the ink stack.

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3. Ink system negative pressure effect

Photo printer printing and printing ink appears to be caused by the negative pressure of the ink supply system. It can check the ink supply system related pipelines, check valves, etc., whether the ink is reflowed or not.

All three users can check and eliminate the printer’s printing ink failure. It is recommended that the user print the test strip before printing the photo printer to check whether the inkjet printing of the printer is normal. Perform automatic cleaning of the photo printer print head and clean it two or three times. If there is still mottled color, it is recommended that 100 yellow 100 red 100 blue color block, print test about one meter, basically can avoid printing ink failure.

Why does wide-format photo printer often require RGB color mode?

Why does wide-format photo printer often require RGB color forms?

One sentence reply: the final result of wide-format printing is closer to the color you see on your computer.

In most cases (without proofing) it will satisfy your hopes. From the point of view of the shopping malls, whether they are earthen workshops or professional manufacturing companies, this is a natural result. Because they can’t tell whether the customer is using the same CMYK color space they use, for the unprofessional customers, this problem is mostly impossible to communicate.

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So why is it closer to using RGB? First look at the results of the customer’s own conversion to CMYK.

Although the inkjet of wide-format photo printer is in the form of CMYK, the CMYK format and the RGB format are all device-dependent. That is to say, the same is the CMYK form, and the colors may be different under different device spaces. That is, the same picture, after you turn to CMYK, the effect you see and the output of his device may be different, this is the foundation.

Specifically, if you have converted to a CMYK form on your computer, the effect you see on your computer is the effect of CMYK conversion to the RGB appearance of the screen (in most cases, if you don’t make corrections, it is sRGB space) . But which CMYK color space you choose, they don’t know. After they receive your file, there is also a transformed representation of the CMYK space to the RGB space. Assuming that the RGB space is the same as you, it is also RGB. But since the CMYK space and yours are probably not the same, the transformed colors you see are now different from what you see.

This way they don’t know what the color of hope you are at this time. Let alone the color that they output to the output device is the same as you want – that is, the whole process is completely uncontrollable.

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Look at the file is the status of RGB.

In the current digital products on the mall (mainly the display screen), most of them are the space of sRGB. The files you see on the computer are the results of the original files in RGB format in the sRGB space. There is no transformation. After the change, after you sent it to the inkjet company, according to the daily experience, the inkjet company also used sRGB as the computer’s visualization space (if the soil workshop, they use the acquiescence space, it is also sRGB. If it is a professional company, in the large format inkjet printer expectation. Most of the applications to customers may be sRGB space, and must be set to sRGB space). Then the manifestations they see will be very close to the manifestations you see.

At this time, they only need to do their own color management, to ensure that the color of their inkjet output is the same as the color they see on the display screen of sRGB. Then the final result is fundamental to the color you see on your computer, that is, your ultimate hope. This should prevent many misunderstandings and troubles.