Pay attention to brand and model when purchasing eco solvent printer on Internet

Because of the different fields of application, when doing eco solvent printer purchases, we must also do a lot of measurement. It is recommended that quality should be measured. If it is really possible to pick up the eco solvent printer of a big brand, it is naturally also very good practicality, which can guarantee the subsequent printing effect. If you are shopping through the Internet, in fact, as long as we can choose the right brand, naturally we do not have to worry too much. However, network purchases should also pay attention to the comparison of brands and models.

eco solvent printer

First, the network chooses the right brand.

There are many brands of eco solvent printers on the Internet, and there are many products offered by merchants. If we really want to pick a product that meets our needs, it is very simple to look at the parameters and performance directly. However, when purchasing the brand of wide-format eco-solvent printer on the Internet, it is definitely necessary to pay special attention to the overall measurement work. It is recommended that the products of the regular brand should be selected, so that we can really guarantee our follow-up operations, and we can guarantee that our follow-up use will not have any problems.

eco solvent printer

Second, model confirmation is critical.

Because the eco-solvent plotter models we need to use are different, it is definitely necessary to make a model confirmation as a whole so that we can pick the right products for us. The measurement of the model is still very simple. It only needs to determine the quality of the eco-solvent printer, whether it can guarantee better performance, etc. Only in this way can we really guarantee our subsequent use. I believe that as long as the model is confirmed, it is natural that we can select the products that meet our needs.

What’s The History of Wide Format Inkjet Printers?

The first inkjet printer was born in 1976. And in the late 1980s and early 1990s, color inkjet printers and large format inkjet printers began to appear.

wide format printer The first localized color inkjet printer appeared in China on June 1994. At the same time, wide-format inkjet printers began to come out  in the world. Some people think that HP is applying thermal inkjet technology to wide-format printers for the first time. HP Design Jet is the world’s first monochrome wide-format printer. It is also said that the release of the Novajet Pro50 in 1995 marked the era of wide-format printers. s begin.

No matter who takes the lead, technology continues to lead the way; undoubtedly, the emergence of color inkjet printers and wide-format inkjet printers is the most important milestone in the history of inkjet printing technology.

wide format pritner

The Wide-format inkjet printing technology has been published rapidly in the field of digital printing with the pace of China’s reform and opening up, and has gone through countless unforgettable stages. The advancement of science, culture, culture and art in human society has seen a phenomenon of spurt in this period. The accelerated law of return has also become prominent in the evolution of inkjet printing products, technological advances in inkjet printheads and inks. It has experienced three stages of continuous inkjet printing technology, thermal inkjet printing technology and piezoelectric inkjet printing technology. The advancement of wide-format inkjet printing technology has also promoted the rapid development of the entire application market.

digital printing

In the 1990s, with the further development of piezoelectric inkjet printing technology, piezoelectric inkjet printing heads began to gradually enter the substantive application stage, and digital wide-format inkjet printing technology was increasingly used in industry. A new generation of piezo printheads offers a lower single nozzle price, and has been greatly enhanced in design and use, allowing ink developers to use a wider range of ink materials. Among them, rapid drying and color fastness of ink have always been the focus of research and development, and manufacturers of inkjet printing equipment around the world have been seeking better ways to cure ink.

wide format inkjet printer

In 21st century, The digital wide-format inkjet printing technology is even more Rapid development. The birth of UV light curing + new inkjet technology, the ability to print on flexible and rigid materials, and the ability to print on both indoor and outdoor products, has taken off the wings of the inkjet printing industry.

How to use a wide-format eco-solvent printer to save costs?

The wide-format eco-solvent printer is the mainstream products of color printers used in advertising, etc. Printing media and ink are two essential consumables in the printing process of wide format color printers. However, the consumption is also a lot, and it is a small expenditure for a long time. So how to save costs? Here is a brief introduction for everyone.

wide-format eco-solvent printer 1. Focus on printing to reduce ink waste. Every time you start printing, there will be a step of ink cleaning. If you switch the machine frequently, you will need frequent ink cleaning, which will cause waste of ink. Therefore, it is recommended that users prefer to order orders together for printing. This not only reduces ink waste, but also prints more efficiently.

2. Select the appropriate print mode. According to the specific content of the screen or the needs of the customer, select the appropriate printing mode, such as high speed mode, production mode, high precision mode. When the print content is text or the like, the high-speed print mode can be selected, so that the ink can be saved to the utmost without affecting the image quality.

wide-format eco-solvent printer

3. Reasonably plan paper and splicing print media. Before making an inkjet advertisement image, the relevant size calculation of the image printout should be pre-designed and planned, and designed according to the specifications of the material, so that the problem of waste of printing materials of the wide format color printer can be avoided to some extent. Also, try not to set some useless white edges.

4. Confirm the correctness of the source file before printing. Confirm the correctness of the content and size of the source file before printing, avoiding the content or size error after printing, wasting ink and printing media.

The content of the eco-solvent printer brought to you today is hopeful to help everyone. Through the above introduction, we must have more and deeper understanding of the products with the industry. I hope that we can continue to pay attention to our website. We will continue to bring you more introductory knowledge of the industry content. We can also contact our company through the website. We will provide you with quality and satisfactory service, so that you can come back with satisfaction.

The Benefits & What’s Eco-solvnet Printing?

When you’re looking to print and produce high-quality images, there’s a never-ending number of options. Which printer to use, what type of ink cartridge to purchase and what material to print upon? A further decision you’ll need to contemplate is whether you want your printing to be eco-solvent printer. Not sure what this is? Here we explain.

ecosolvent printerThe benefits of eco-solvent printing
Eco-solvent inks have their colours suspended in a mild biodegradable solvent, which means that the ink has virtually no odour as they don’t contain as many volatile organic compounds. They’ve been around since the early 2000s and originally were designed for general signage work.

The lack of smell is a real plus point for eco-solvent inks. In some solvent inks not only do you get a strong smell during the printing process, meaning you need to consider the placement of your printer, but they can also leave an odour on the printed material itself. This can rule out printing onto material which will be displayed or used indoors.

wide format photo printer

Having less volatile organic compounds also means that the eco-solvent printing cartridges are not so damaging, or deteriorating, to your printer components and as such you won’t need to do full system cleans quite so often – although as with any type of printing you will need to do regular cleaning and maintenance of your printer from time to time.

Eco-solvent printing does require more heat in order to dry and this can affect the type of material you can print on. What’s more, the ink is not as durable as solvent inks. While it’s adequate for outdoor printing work, it’s best to only use it for applications which need to last a year or two.

Choosing between solvent and eco-solvent print
While there are clearly a number of benefits to eco-solvent printing, it may be that for the type of printing you wish to do, choosing eco-solvent ink may not be right for you.

As we have already touched upon, eco-solvent ink is not ideal for all types of material due to the heat required to dry it. If you need to use thin, cheap vinyl then solvent ink would be better.

wide format photo printer

If cost is a factor, you should be aware that eco-solvent inks are more expensive than solvent inks, due to the number of benefits that you get with eco-solvent printing. However, they are widely used by businesses and individuals who are just starting out, or who have a medium-sized printing need. Industrial printing is still typically done with solvent inks.

Finally, you’ll need to check what type of ink is compatible with your large format printer. If you know from the outset that you wish to use eco-solvent inks, you need to ensure that they are compatible with your printer.

If you are unsure whether your printer is compatible or if you just want some further information about eco-solvent printing, then don’t hesitate to call us today. Our team of experts will be happy to help.

Dx5 Oric Eco-solvent Printer 1.8/2.0M with 2/3/4 Printheads

The mid-level dx5 eco solvent printer is mainly designed for beginners to explore a broad application for indoor and outdoor signage, exhibition and display graphics, retail Pos and much more with beautiful print quality output to set your business apart. With robust DX5 print head and cost-performance XP600 optional, meanwhile 1.8m and 2.0m printing width can hold most media sizes. Different clients can find ideal printer solutions in FeiYue Digital.

eco-solvent printerVariable dot control
Capable to deliver exceptional solid color and smooth gradations at high-speed print modes.

All aluminum structure
Ensure the smooth movement of carriage, more stable, reliable and durable.


Bulk Ink Supply System
Less often replace the empty ink cartridge, reducing ink waste and productivity largely improved.

Micro piezoelectric printing technology controls the inkjet process through sensitive electronic pulse signals.
It can control the shape of ink droplet and position of ink drop.
It has 180 nozzles for each color, and the maximum resolution can reach 1440x1440dpi.
With the latest color control technology, the printing effect of super high quality can be achieved.

ecosolvent printer

Strong and High-quality Printer Body
Super strong to support the whole printer, reaching even and flat movement.
Heavy Duty Double Power Feeding and Take-up System
The ECO-1802/2004 printer features an advanced double power feeding and take up system, providing accurate feeding and tracking throughout the longest production runs, while the print head height is adjustable to accommodate various media thicknesses.

4 in 1 Heating Control System
It is convenient for you to control the whole heating system in one place, eliminating the need for operation movement.

digital UV printers

High-quality 145 mm Wide Printing Bed
The 145mm printing platform provides consistent and stable quality output.

Bulk Ink Supply System
The bulk ink supply system increases convenience and ease-of-use, specifically ideal for those who print frequently with massive production by less often replacing the empty ink cartridge, saving ink wasted and productivity largely improved.

eco-solvent printer

Automatic Cleaning and Wiping System
Simplify daily maintenance procedures, save time and reduce the possibility of print head clogged.

Intelligent Infrared Heating System
The Oric-1802/2004 eco solvent printer comes standard with built-in pre-heater, middle-heater, front heater together with infrared drying system, designed to dry prints quickly, even at high-speed modes. All while produces highly saturated images, color reproduction.

And so much above, help you keep away from troubles.