Simply adjust the UV printer ink thickness to master these two methods

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UV printers are becoming more and more popular in the printing market, but it is a new model after all. Many people are not familiar with all-round printers. Recently, there are many customers who can consult whether the UV printer can change the thickness of the ink. What is the detailed method, let us know here today.

Generally speaking, domestic UV printers are usually four colors, and industrial equipment standards are six colors and eight colors. Adjusting the thickness of the ink mainly depends on three factors.

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Adjust the ink thickness of uv printer. It can be analyzed from three aspects:

The first is the variety and background color of the raw materials. If the raw material is soft in appearance, the gap is large, and the base color of the raw material is deep, the demand is increased by 20%-40%.

Second, if the image is darker and the color requirements are more beautiful. The thickness of the ink should be appropriately improved.

In the end.Depending on the special request, if you want to emboss 3D, you need to add the thickness of the ink.

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To change the thickness of the ink, you can use the method described below:

In the printing software, it is possible to set the percentage of the ink ejection amount. And it is also possible to set the number of printing passes and then change the thickness of the ink. The advantage of this is that on the one hand it saves ink and on the other hand it improves the quality of the print.

The UV printing machine advances to set the thickness of the ink, and an auxiliary function is the percentage of feathering. Usually between 0% and 200%. If the pattern printed by the system becomes more delicate and the color is more abundant. It is required to register the feathering function. The larger the value, the better the printing effect, the same, the lower the production. Speed, the details should be determined according to the actual needs of users.

It should be noted that the thickness of the ink set by the UV printer is not as thick as possible. The same is true if the setting is unreasonable, which will affect the quality of the printed color.

Is the UV flatbed printer seriously polluting the environment?

Whether the uv flatbed printer pollution is serious or not directly affects whether the user purchases. In the external environment, the hard requirements of environmental protection, the closure of high-polluting enterprises, punishment, etc., printing companies need a new type of environmentally friendly printing equipment, to do internal upgrades. Overall analysis, uv printer pollution is not serious, can be analyzed from four aspects.

Is the UV flatbed printer seriously polluting the environment?

1.Noise pollution

In the printing process, the original type of uv printer noise decibel <60 decibels, this not only meets the requirements of residential houses, but also meets the decibel requirements of industrial type noise. It avoids the harm of the body such as hearing and vision caused by the operator’s long-term high noise pollution.

2. Light pollution

The uv printer emits light waves through the led curing lamp during the printing process. If the wavelength of the ultraviolet light is staring at the time, it will cause discomfort and dryness of the eyes. Therefore, in the design, the position of the lamp is very low, avoiding the spread of the high position light, and also requires the operator to wear the safety glasses at work. In practice, since the device is set up and automatically printed, there is no need for the technician to stare at it for a long time.

3. Odor pollution

This is mainly manifested in uv ink. Although uv ink is very low in pollution compared with traditional printing dyes, it has passed environmental testing, but it does not mean that there is no chemical property. In practice, when the printed pattern is placed for 24 hours, the odor can be volatilized. The odor produced during production is also small.

4. Sewage pollution

Piezoelectric inkjet printing systems ensure on-demand printing, unlike traditional printing, where large amounts of waste and waste liquids are required to be discharged. The waste uv ink produced by a uv printer for one month, no more than 1L, can be directly imported into the sewer and rinsed.

It is precisely because these four core aspects of pollution assessment meet the needs of current environmental printing, so uv printing machine has been used by the majority of printing companies in recent years.

What is the difference between a uv printer and an eco-solvent printer?

Nowadays, the advertising market is in full swing, and UV printer capable of producing vivid large-format advertisement images with vivid images has become a printing product for users and advertising industry. There are two types of advertising printing equipment commonly available on the market, one is a traditional eco-solvent printer, and the other is a UV hybrid printer. What is the difference between the two, is a concern of many users and advertising industry businesses, the following is introduced by me and everyone.

eco solvent printerTraditional eco solvent printer used to be the main print output device in the advertising industry. It is also an indispensable printing device in advertising production. Especially the well-known piezoelectric eco-solvent printer can print other soft besides traditional advertising printing. Media, such as wallpaper decoration, optimization, heat transfer of leather and cloth, can be printed perfectly. But there is a big flaw. If it is a hard medium, the eco-solvent printer is completely unsuitable. Therefore, its use is very limited. As the market continues to develop, eco-solvent printers are slowly being phased out.

uv printer

Today’s popular UV hybrid printer is the only one. It can not only softly introduce coils, but also print hard media tiles, acrylic, glass, metal, etc. It can be printed with uv ink, and the printed image can be compared with photos, the images are vivid, and the printed patterns are colorful. Waterproof, sunscreen, never fade, and other features, small batches and high volume production are not to mention. Whether it is a full-color pattern or an over-color pattern, it can be printed at one time, eliminating the complicated operations of plate making, printing and repeated color registration. In addition, the ink used in the UV hybrid printing machine is a kind of anti-ultraviolet and waterproof ink, which is more durable outdoors.That is to say, it is another big advantage. The traditional eco-solvent printer needs to wait for a long time to dry the picture, and even needs to cooperate with the drying equipment to dry the ink, while the uv printer is illuminated by the synchronous UV light. It can quickly cure uv ink, drying fast, without waiting for a long time, can make the printout business complete faster, saving time and labor costs.

Everyone may be licking such a good machine, both the coil and the plate, the price must not be cheap. In fact, ORIC is a source manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales. Therefore, under the premise of ensuring quality, the price is very affordable. For details, please click on the official website link and look forward to your visit. The UV hybrid printer is a trend in the future. Therefore, if you have it at an early date, you will occupy the market faster than others. Why not do it.

How to buy a UV printing machine for advertising printing?

Investment in a cost-effective UV printing machine has become a focus of many advertising production companies. With the continuous improvement of UV printing technology and the high cost of solvent inkjet printer, coupled with the country to vigorously promote environmental protection, therefore, digital UV ink jet printer naturally become the inevitable choice of printing companies.

So, how advertising printing factories choose a UV printing machine?

First of all, select the trustworthy UV printer manufacturer

Some UV printing equipment manufacturers only to assemble machines without the ability to research and development. In this situation, it is likely to encounter some difficult problems in the use process. Therefore, choose a manufacture with R&D capabilities is a guarantee for the smooth use of the machine.

Second, try to have proofing test with a variety commonly used materials

Mainly to see the printing color, resolution, color fastness, white ink printing ability, light transmittance and so on of the printing machine.

Third, choose the UV printing equipment with suitable size according to your customer’s status quo

Generally in the same configuration, the large the print area of the equipment, the higher the price. Therefore, do not blindly think that the bigger is the better in the procurement process. But buy the suitable one suitable.

Fourth, the support of manufacturers

In general, UV printer manufacturers will provide some support to customers. It is obvious that the more support manufacturer provide, the greater the help for customers.  Therefore, it is better to choose a UV printing equipment brand which will provide more support.

Fifth, refer to users’ word of mouth

When choose a UV inkjet printing machine, especially a expensive one, be sure to do enough survey of users’ word of mouth. In the past, we buy UV printer only depends entirely on the sales staff and our own intuition. But after many years of use, whether the brand can be come out soon.

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