Which One is Better Between Traditional Inkjet Printers & Uv Printers?

For many people who have just been exposed to uv printers, many people want to know which uv printer and traditional inkjet writing is better? From the rapid development of traditional photo printing, we can understand that the current application of printing is very extensive, and the market needs are also very large.

inkjet printers However, UV printing is more skillful and preemptive in the traditional solvent and weak solvent printing. Under the application of UV printing, it can finish higher-end printing applications and is compatible with more printing media, which makes it involve a wider range of occupations. category. Under the application of UV printer technology, the cutting-edge UV printing equipment is also continuously pushed. For example, the UV coil flatbed machine is compatible with many different types of flat-panel type UV flatbed printers, and the user can more easily complete the UV print output. UV printing is the most anticipated type of printing for printing now. It has been widely implemented and applied in the field of wild advertising manufacturing.

UV flatbed printers

So what’s the advantages? What is the difference between a uv printer and a traditional inkjet machine?
UV printing is compatible with more printing media, and it is widely used in a wide range of applications. UV printing is widely used because of its scale and scale. Ordinary weak solvent photo printers are not constrained by raw materials because they are constrained by raw materials. UV printing is suitable for any raw material, and has the characteristics of high speed, high precision and stable performance. Therefore, it is manufactured in inkjet printing. The occupation has been implemented and applied on a large scale.
UV printers have a very good effect on inkjet printing in traditional weak solvent households.

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UV printing can be printed quickly and finished. The traditional inkjet printing operation is performed by using inkjet ink or solvent-based ink. These inks need to wait for the ink on the surface of the paper after printing and printing. It is dry and simple, and it is affected by different temperature and humidity. Especially in humid climate, traditional inkjet photo printing needs long-term waiting for the screen to dry, and even need to cooperate with drying equipment for drying ink treatment. After UV printing, the UV ink can be quickly cured by the simultaneous UV UV lamp, which is fast and tidy, and the printing speed is fast, that is, it can be taken right away, without long-term waiting, which can make the print and print transaction more complete and save time. And artificial capital.

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Nowadays, domestic piezoelectric photo machines offer users a very good price/performance ratio. The affordable price is comparable to the performance and application of imported big brands. Advertising companies and their own advertising stores can It is easier to use the lower cost to cite the domestic photo machine printing equipment, and then complete the capital and return to the original.

Which Kind Nozzle Print Head is Better for UV Printers?

The UV printers with different nozzles print heads are different for the customer group.

1.The UV printers of Epson nozzles are cheap, medium speed, and the nozzle life is relatively short, but the fineness is all nozzles. The leader in the middle.
2.The UV printer of the Ricoh nozzle is more expensive, the speed is medium, and the life of the nozzle is relatively long.
3, Kyocera nozzle UV printer is expensive, speed against the sky, the nozzle life is relatively long.

UV plotter


You can understand this:

1. If you don’t have a lot of budget, use the UV printer with Epson nozzle.
2.If the fineness of the printing effect is relatively high, use the UV printer of the Epson nozzle.
3. If the printing speed of 18 square meters per hour still can’t meet your needs, then only industrial nozzles are suitable for you.
4, the budget is ample, the efficiency requirements are slightly higher, the choice of light nozzle UV printer, or Toshiba, Seiko can be.
5, if it is not bad money, and the speed requirements are relatively high, then the Kyocera nozzle UV roll to roll printer.
Note: Many sprayers love to take this and say that in addition to the nozzles used in their own UV printers, they feel that other nozzles are rubbish. It is good to see these smiles, don’t be too true.

print head

Which effect is good for industrial nozzles and Epson nozzles?
The printing accuracy of Epson nozzles has always been an insurmountable gap between other nozzles. In terms of color saturation, all nozzles have little difference.
How long is the UV printer nozzle life?
In the case of proper maintenance:
Epson nozzle life is generally around 1 year.
The life of the Ricoh nozzle is between 1 and 2 years.
Toshiba and Seiko’s nozzle life is similar to that of Ricoh.
The life of Kyocera nozzles is between 3 and 5 years.

What’s The Principle of Uv Printer and How Dose Uv Ink Works on Uv Pritners?

What’s the principle of uv printer and how dose uv ink works on uv pritners? The ink we are talking about is UV ink. I can’t see the light because he is UV-cured. So his ink cartridges are also black. The principle of the UV flatbed printer is actually the principle of inkjet.

uv printerThe UV ink is directly sprayed onto the panel through the nozzle. Cured by LED lights. Just hit it. More convenient. The unevenness is the relief effect. Because the UV ink is a hard ink, the intensity of the relief effect can also be adjusted. Weak solvent inks can’t be bumpy.

uv printer


UV printing is a form of digital printing that uses ultra-violet lights to dry or cure ink as it is printed. As the printer distributes ink on the surface of a material (called a “substrate”), specially designed UV lights follow close behind, curing – or drying – the ink instantly.


The principle of UV printer is not difficult, but in practical application, from ink and print head to processing, there are high technical requirements. Here are a few aspects:

wide format printer

  1. UV of uv printer means Ultraviolet (uv).
  2. UV printer uses special uv ink, which is sensitive to ultraviolet light and quickly solidified after absorption.
  3. The head printer of the uv printer is piezoelectric principle and what is piezoelectric? It is the process by which the semiconductor transforms the external pressure. The most common one is the lighter. The one that hit the fire is the voltage of the electric appliance, which can produce a spark that can produce hundreds of volts.
  4. The uv printer can be used for almost any material, ceramics, glass, plastic, stainless steel, leather, cloth.
  5. To judge whether a uv printer is good or not is the processing technology, such as making wood very well, but stainless steel and glass are not easy. How to make sure that printing is not discoloring, not peeling, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, which requires some coating material to be printed to do secondary treatment of the printed material. Different processes have different effects.UV printer

Why are UV inkjet printers printing at the same speed?

There are many customers who come across a lot of sales when they look at UV inkjet printers and recommend large equipment to you, and then instill the concept of a fast and fast platform for UV inkjet printers. In fact, there is a suspicion of stealing the column. The speed of printing speed and the relationship between the platform are not very large, the main points are as follows.

uv inkjet printer

First, the properties of the UV printer’s printhead itself determine how fast the print is. Common printheads on the market include Ricoh, Seiko, Kyocera, Konica and others. The width of the UV inkjet printer print head also determines its speed. Among them, the Seiko print head has high cost performance, high speed and high speed in all the print heads, and it can adapt to the medium with the surface drop.

Then, the arrangement is also a factor in determining the speed. The speed of each printhead is fixed, but the order of arrangement can be staggered or multiple rows. The single row is definitely the slowest, the speed of the double row is double, and the three rows are faster. The CMYK+W arrangement has straight and misaligned points, that is, the white ink and other colors are in a straight line, so that the speed will be slower than the wrong one. Because the staggered arrangement can be done in the same way.

Finally, the stability of the machine. How fast a car can drive depends on how good his brake system is. The same is true for UV printers. If the physical structure is unstable, a failure will inevitably occur during high-speed printing. If the machine is damaged, the front of the car will fly out and personal injury will occur.

uv inkjet printer

Therefore, when purchasing a UV printer, you must make another discretion and have your own subjective judgment.

What factors can cause the digital UV printer to crash?

In the event of a crash in the digital uv printer, the consequences are more serious, and generally a large number of pictures are invalidated, resulting in no small loss. The crash occurs when the printing is suddenly stopped automatically during the printing process. The cause of this phenomenon is more complicated. The following is a detailed analysis of the causes and countermeasures of the crash. One type is completely dead, that is, the motion system is completely stopped. The other type is a non-complete crash, which is characterized by a break in print data, but the motion system is still working. The latter brings greater harm and loss than the former.

digital uv printer

1. Mechanical failure

Case 1: The motion track of the printhead car is blocked or underpowered. This situation hardly appears on new devices, and devices that take longer to use may appear. The method of inspection is to remove the motor belt, separate the printhead trolley from the motor, and then push the trolley down by hand. If the movement is not smooth, the track or slider should be replaced, because the resistance to the car is large at this time, which will cause the electromechanical malfunction and crash.

Case 2: The print head motor is faulty. Such faults lead to more crashes, and the printhead motors of UV printers are mainly divided into two types, AC and DC. Among them, the AC type has relatively few failures, which is often caused by a long time of use due to wear and tear. The DC type has many failures, and it not only causes a crash due to wear and tear, but also causes unexpected failures, which is a headache.

2. Interference

digital UV printerSources of interference to digital uv printers include external and internal interference. Here mainly analyze the interference inside the machine:

a. Data transmission interference: Data cables that do not have shielding or poor shielding function are susceptible to interference and cause unstable operation. Therefore, it is necessary to use a data cable with excellent performance and high quality. In particular, it is proposed that the optical fiber has excellent anti-drying properties, but it is not suitable for a frequently bent sports environment.

b. Spark interference: If a component that is prone to sparking is used in a UV printer, it will cause many unpredictable faults.

3. Software system

digital uv printerThe software system is the commanding brain of the inkjet UV printer. It is conceivable that the brain has a problem and can it work normally? Software problems occur on the inkjet printer.

In the event of a crash, the entire system is in a state of confusion and the digital UV printer device and software must be restarted. If this kind of fault is rare, it is normal (people will make mistakes, let alone the machine?), but there are always problems.