Tip of UV printer maintenance in Winter

When it gets cold in winter every year, the number of failures of UV printers will also increase, mainly in four areas: print head nozzle blockage and disconnection, consumables solidification and condensation, electrostatic interference, and voltage instability. In view of these situations, how to prevent them in advance.

Roll to roll UV printer

Roll to roll UV printer

1. The print head blockage and disconnection.

After the temperature drops in winter, the print head will block and disconnect. Don’t worry too much. This is mostly because the viscosity of the UV ink increases and the fluency of the ink decreases after the temperature drops. Individual print heads do not emit ink smoothly.

Solution: In addition to the automatic stirring and heating of conventional large ink cartridges and secondary ink cartridges, heating plates can be installed on both sides of the ink outlet of the nozzle. If it is not convenient to install, you can choose a small sun and keep 30cm Distance, illuminate the head car, if possible, you can turn on the heating or air conditioning to keep the working environment temperature of the UV printer above 25 degrees.

2. Consumables are solidified and condensed.

Users of UV printers found that the ink in the UV ink bottle has become viscous, and some of it has condensed. When this happens, it means that the ink has been scrapped and cannot work, mostly because the ink bottle is placed directly on the ground.

Solution: The storage of consumables in winter must be placed on the shelf, not on the ground, and not in the open air.

UV printer

UV printer

3. Static electricity interferes

The direct effect is that the ejected ink droplets deviate from the direction due to static electricity, causing the phenomenon of “flying ink” or “ink splashing”, and the print quality will be seriously reduced. In severe cases, it will cause the circuit to burn down.

Solution: In addition to installing the necessary ground wire, the cleaning of the working environment of the UV printer requires 2 days/time for maintenance to reduce dust. If the air is dry, just turn on the humidifier. If possible, an electrostatic rod can be installed on the machine to eliminate the electrostatic interference of the material itself.

4. The voltage is unstable.

In winter, due to the heating demand, a large number of electrical appliances will be turned on, and the current and voltage will be overloaded. These instabilities will affect the normal operation of the UV printer in the light of it, and will directly burn the internal circuit.

Solution: In addition to choosing a UV inkjet printer from a regular manufacturer (the circuit system has preventive and emergency solutions), a voltage stabilizer must be installed, a backup power supply and a separate line for the equipment must be installed. It cannot be mixed with other electrical appliances.

UV printer VS Latex printer

UV Printing VS Latex printing

UV Printing VS Latex printing

The large-format print industry is evolving rapidly and experiencing growth & change with the influx of technologies in the market.
UV Printers offer many benefits in LFP market. UV Curable printing always offers opportunities to reduce the impact of printing on the environment relative to solvent-based printing. It is still considered to be fast-growing technology in the wide-format market.

UV printers are excellent for any application which involves the printing of a variety of substrates. The inks are cured and fixed with UV light. Both flexible roll materials and single sheets, but also rigid print media and even glass can deal with it. Latex printers require preprint and post print heaters to cure the media, resulting in higher energy consumption compared to other inkjet technologies. Some substrates may buckle under the higher temperatures.

UV banner printing

UV banner printing

Main Advantages of UV Printers over Latex:

1. UV Curing provides more Print options in various substrates
2. Lower Picolitre drop sizes compared to Latex
3. Less Maintenance
4. Less consumables
5. Less Operating Cost
6. Reduced Material Cost
7. Less Downtime in production vs a Full day in Latex
8. 1-2 or even fewer print heads to be replaced compared to 20 to 30 printheads in Latex over its life.
9. Ink Yield is 25 to 30 % more
10. Ink consumption is cheaper than latex.
11. Less Power consumption.
12. Lower cost per sqm.

According to a survey, print service providers have started shifting their buying preference more towards UV printers than latex printer. (50% favoured UV while 32% indicated to purchase Latex).

Latex printing

Latex printing applications

Latex inks have a limited choice of materials because the ink must be fixed under heat. However, UV ink dries instantly, which makes it excellent for non-absorbent substrates such as PVC, carton, wood, aluminium, glass, and ceramics, etc. UV inks are also suitable for printing on rigid and uncoated print media. UV Prints are extremely durable (UV-resistant, water-resistant, scratch-resistant), gives true colour output and exceptionally high quality. It is generally possible to print much faster-using UV ink than with aqueous or solvent inks.

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What is the special color of the UV flatbed printer?What is its application?

What is the special color of the UV flatbed printer? & What is its application?

The special color of the UV flatbed printer means that when inkjet printing is used, the color is not synthesized by printing C, M, Y, K, or a specific uv ink is used to print the color. Currently used special colors are rose red, green, light gray, light gray, gold, silver and so on.

uv flatbed printer

There are two advantages:

1. Accuracy

Each special color has its own specific hue, so it can ensure the accuracy of the color in the printing, and then solve the problem of color transfer accuracy to a very small extent.

2. Performance gamut width

The color gamut in the special color library is very wide, exceeding the RGB color gamut, not to mention the CMYK color space. Therefore, a very small portion of the color is not available with CMYK four-color printing inks.

Uv special color ink and never like ordinary uv ink, it will take 2-3 years to enter the country. In fact, it is more and more difficult to apply at maturity, and its price is very cheap. At present, domestic uv inks are priced between $15 and $45, while uv inks from Japan, the United States, and Taiwan are between $30 and $45. Most of the spot color uv inks are imported from abroad, such as green uv ink, about one liter of about 90 US dollars; light gray uv ink, about 110 US dollars a liter; light gray uv ink is about 280 US dollars a liter; Silver uv ink, about $310 a liter.

UV flatbed printer

Application field

1. As can be seen from its cost, Uv special colors are suitable for high value-added processing. For users with very low color quality requirements, it is basically not used. It accounts for less than 10% of the entire uv printing market.

2.Uv special color ink is mostly used for export, mainly because the pupil color of foreigners is different from that of Chinese people. Their portrait patterns are gradually changing color and becoming more and more complex, and they need special colors to reflect.

UV flatbed printer

The use of the special color of the UV flatbed printing machine is very straightforward. After installing the ink cartridge, ink tube and print head of the special color, use the ICC to make the curve.

Can UV flatbed printers replace ink brands?

In the case that the efficiency and color fastness can meet the demand, it is generally not recommended to replace the ink brand for UV flatbed printers. The reasons are as follows: 1. To change the ink, we need to redo the curve. 2. Low-quality ink can easily block the nozzle, break the ink and make the color fastness worse.

The consequences of changing the ink brand for UV flatbed printers may be as follows:

1. Re-curve

Different brands of UV ink have different colors. In the absence of matching curves, the printed pattern has a large color difference. To make a curve, one needs special tools, the other needs experience and skills. Now the price of inviting someone to make a curve is more than 3000 yuan.

2. Blocking Print Head

Generally speaking, there is no better way to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of inks except for a long time and a lot of tests. There are too many inferior inks in the market of UV ink. Once you buy inferior inks, it is likely that there will be blockage of nozzles, printing interruption inks, poor color fastness and so on.

Under what circumstances do we need to change the brand of UV flatbed printer ink?

1. The ink effect of the used UV flatbed printer can not meet the demand, such as insufficient color fastness, cracking and so on.

2. The manufacturer of UV flatbed printer is on the verge of bankruptcy, and the supply is not timely or unable to supply.

3. The manufacturer often sits at the starting price and increases the price at will or its price is much higher than the average market price.

What are the requirements for replacing the ink brand of UV flatbed printer?

1. Curve

Usually, as long as you are willing to replace the ink, the corresponding manufacturers of UV ink brands are willing to help make curves free of charge, but not every ink manufacturer provides this service, this must be made clear in advance.

2. Configuration

Before changing the ink brand of UV flatbed printer, you must find out the configuration of your machine, such as the type of spray head, and then look at the same configuration of other people’s UV flatbed printer with what ink brand, the same configuration, the same ink, others have no problem with your own, that is your problem, do not trust some ink vendors to blow their own trusts. Unless you have a good understanding of the ink market for UV flatbed printers, or someone else is willing to compensate for the impact of replacing ink.

3. Price

Many ways to inquire about the market price of UV flatbed printer ink are too high, the cost is not competitive, and do not be greedy and cheap, too cheap things generally do not have good goods, a penny for a penny.

The print contest between UV ink and Eco-solvent ink

In today’s large-format inkjet applications, users are more welcome to photo printers, inkjet printers and other printing equipment to achieve higher printing accuracy and quality stability. At the same time, under the theme of green environmental protection, the future green environmental protection printing is the main development direction.

Inkjet machine painting and printing equipment in the application of advertising spray, has been perfect to meet the user’s demand for large and high precision screen production, especially in the application of outdoor painting advertising, eco-solvent ink and UV ink painting and printing have very good performance.

What is the print contrast between uv ink and eco-solvent ink? What is the difference between them?

Eco-solvent ink

The eco-solvent ink is compared to the solvent type ink. Its biggest advantage is its environmental friendliness. Weak solvent ink is a non-toxic, light-flavored, non-corrosive, bright, realistic, and sleek, solvent-based ink with stable performance and long shelf life. The image printed by the eco-solvent ink is particularly strong, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, has the property of being wiped off, and is resistant to water and light and oxidation.
The eco-solvent ink is compared to the water-based ink. The eco-solvent ink overcomes the disadvantages of the harshness of the water-based ink on the substrate and the inability of the produced image to be applied outdoors, while maintaining the high precision of the screen made of the water-based ink.
Therefore, the eco-solvent ink is between the water-based and solvent-based inks, taking into account the advantages of both.

Uv ink

The uv ink is spray-dry, which supports the advantages of quick-swap printing, and has very good outdoor application characteristics, supports different printing media, and has good compatibility with ink. The ink layer after curing of uv ink has high hardness, good adhesion, scrub resistance, solvent resistance and high gloss.
Since uv ink can be used together with white ink, many manufacturers can print some beautiful relief effects. First, use the white ink to accumulate the embossed effect, and then print it again with the color uv ink to achieve the relief effect.

Eco-solvent ink VS Uv ink

Eco-solvent ink in the printing of many materials need to do coating treatment, without coating treatment of printing products are easy to fade. UV ink can be used directly to print many materials without any coating treatment. It is simple, convenient and practical.
Eco-solvent ink can not be mixed with white ink, so there is no way to print the relief effect. It is precisely because of the different essential characteristics between UV ink and eco-solvent ink that they determine their respective application methods and fields.