What is the difference between a uv printer and an eco-solvent printer?

Nowadays, the advertising market is in full swing, and UV printer capable of producing vivid large-format advertisement images with vivid images has become a printing product for users and advertising industry. There are two types of advertising printing equipment commonly available on the market, one is a traditional eco-solvent printer, and the other is a UV hybrid printer. What is the difference between the two, is a concern of many users and advertising industry businesses, the following is introduced by me and everyone.

eco solvent printerTraditional eco solvent printer used to be the main print output device in the advertising industry. It is also an indispensable printing device in advertising production. Especially the well-known piezoelectric eco-solvent printer can print other soft besides traditional advertising printing. Media, such as wallpaper decoration, optimization, heat transfer of leather and cloth, can be printed perfectly. But there is a big flaw. If it is a hard medium, the eco-solvent printer is completely unsuitable. Therefore, its use is very limited. As the market continues to develop, eco-solvent printers are slowly being phased out.

uv printer

Today’s popular UV hybrid printer is the only one. It can not only softly introduce coils, but also print hard media tiles, acrylic, glass, metal, etc. It can be printed with uv ink, and the printed image can be compared with photos, the images are vivid, and the printed patterns are colorful. Waterproof, sunscreen, never fade, and other features, small batches and high volume production are not to mention. Whether it is a full-color pattern or an over-color pattern, it can be printed at one time, eliminating the complicated operations of plate making, printing and repeated color registration. In addition, the ink used in the UV hybrid printing machine is a kind of anti-ultraviolet and waterproof ink, which is more durable outdoors.That is to say, it is another big advantage. The traditional eco-solvent printer needs to wait for a long time to dry the picture, and even needs to cooperate with the drying equipment to dry the ink, while the uv printer is illuminated by the synchronous UV light. It can quickly cure uv ink, drying fast, without waiting for a long time, can make the printout business complete faster, saving time and labor costs.

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