Which One is Better Between Traditional Inkjet Printers & Uv Printers?

For many people who have just been exposed to uv printers, many people want to know which uv printer and traditional inkjet writing is better? From the rapid development of traditional photo printing, we can understand that the current application of printing is very extensive, and the market needs are also very large.

inkjet printers However, UV printing is more skillful and preemptive in the traditional solvent and weak solvent printing. Under the application of UV printing, it can finish higher-end printing applications and is compatible with more printing media, which makes it involve a wider range of occupations. category. Under the application of UV printer technology, the cutting-edge UV printing equipment is also continuously pushed. For example, the UV coil flatbed machine is compatible with many different types of flat-panel type UV flatbed printers, and the user can more easily complete the UV print output. UV printing is the most anticipated type of printing for printing now. It has been widely implemented and applied in the field of wild advertising manufacturing.

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So what’s the advantages? What is the difference between a uv printer and a traditional inkjet machine?
UV printing is compatible with more printing media, and it is widely used in a wide range of applications. UV printing is widely used because of its scale and scale. Ordinary weak solvent photo printers are not constrained by raw materials because they are constrained by raw materials. UV printing is suitable for any raw material, and has the characteristics of high speed, high precision and stable performance. Therefore, it is manufactured in inkjet printing. The occupation has been implemented and applied on a large scale.
UV printers have a very good effect on inkjet printing in traditional weak solvent households.

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UV printing can be printed quickly and finished. The traditional inkjet printing operation is performed by using inkjet ink or solvent-based ink. These inks need to wait for the ink on the surface of the paper after printing and printing. It is dry and simple, and it is affected by different temperature and humidity. Especially in humid climate, traditional inkjet photo printing needs long-term waiting for the screen to dry, and even need to cooperate with drying equipment for drying ink treatment. After UV printing, the UV ink can be quickly cured by the simultaneous UV UV lamp, which is fast and tidy, and the printing speed is fast, that is, it can be taken right away, without long-term waiting, which can make the print and print transaction more complete and save time. And artificial capital.

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Nowadays, domestic piezoelectric photo machines offer users a very good price/performance ratio. The affordable price is comparable to the performance and application of imported big brands. Advertising companies and their own advertising stores can It is easier to use the lower cost to cite the domestic photo machine printing equipment, and then complete the capital and return to the original.

How to maintain UV flatbed printers in hot, humid summer?

UV flatbed printers have different maintenance methods in different seasons during daily use and maintenance.

In the summer, accompanied by high temperature and humidity, the UV flatbed printer require more maintenance operations.

UV flatbed printers

1. Control of indoor temperature. Place it in a cool, backlit corner, avoiding high temperatures and direct sunlight onto the equipment. Use a high-power exhaust fan or a water-cooled fan to cool down. A suitable indoor temperature is 15 ° C to 35 ° C and the humidity is between 25% and 70%.

2. The device is powered off and moisturized. If the device does not work for a long time, you can choose to moisturize after power off, move the print head to the place where the moisturizing ink stack is placed, and do not let the machine out of standby state, so the temperature will rise, which is not conducive to equipment maintenance.

3. After the daily device is turned on, first test the test bar to check the status of the print head. The summer temperature is too high and the uv ink is easy to dry. If the printed test strip has short lines and wire drawing, the print head needs to be cleaned.

UV flatbed printers4. Clean the inside and outside of the equipment on a weekly basis. It is especially important to keep clean at key positions such as the machine head, guide rails, and grating strips to avoid accumulation of dust, dust, and other particles.

Maintenance of the UV inkjet flatbed printer, have you mastered it?

Application fields and uses of digital UV flatbed printers

UV flatbed printersThe UV flatbed printer is a revolution in digital output. It not only takes into account a wide range of applications, but also has an output effect. It is also because of its direct output, easy to obtain, and reduced processes, which makes large-scale production possible, and also opens up a bright road for the inkjet printing market.So what are the application areas of UV flatbed printers?

Digital UV flatbed printers can be printed directly on any flat media such as KT, acrylic, plexiglass, hard sign, cardboard or corrugated packaging, specialty and decorative markets. It does not require other transfer media, is resistant to light and water, has high output precision, and uses the best color management software to control the output to ensure the image quality, load bearing weight, and media thickness can be adjusted as needed. These advantages and performance ensure its wide application in various fields.

UV flatbed printersThe UV flatbed printer digitally prints a variety of images on any medium, creatively combining the style of the image with the changes in the medium. The studio industry’s expectations for differentiated, personalized products are increasing, and flat-panel printing, with its strong compatibility and excellent print performance, allows image operators to create an infinite number of ideas. This kind of creativity is a profit growth point for images and post-processing companies. For consumers, seeing their photos being creatively printed on all kinds of possible and impossible items will have a strong desire to buy.

How to maintain uv flatbed printer in summer? Follow the steps

In summer, both temperature and humidity will increase dramatically. Not only do people need to prevent heat strokes and summer heat, but our equipment also needs to be maintained in the hot sun. In this issue, based on years of experience, I shared five ways to maintain a UV flatbed printer in the summer.

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Method 1: Temperature control.

UV flatbed printers should be placed in a cool, backlit corner to avoid high temperatures and direct sunlight. Suitable indoor temperature is 19 ° C ~ 32 ° C, humidity is 25% ~ 70%.

Method 2: Power off and moisturize.

When the digital uv flatbed printer does not work for a long time, you can choose to moisturize after power off, and do not let the machine exit the standby state. This will increase the temperature.

Method 3: Always check the print head.

uv flatbed printer After turning on the uv flatbed printer every day, be sure to test the strip first to see if the sprinkler is clogged. The summer temperature is too high and the ink is easy to dry.

Method 4: Clean the uv flatbed printer weekly.

Once a week, clean the inside and outside of the equipment. Especially in key locations such as noses and rails, it is especially important.

Method 5: The position of the flat line must be viewed daily when it is turned on.

Make sure that the surface of the nozzle line is clean and that the connecting rod is tight and not loose.

Can a cheap UV flatbed printer be purchased with confidence?

UV flatbed printer

I believe that when many customers buy UV flatbed printers, they clearly feel that there is no difference in configuration. Why are the prices so different? The expensive UV flatbed printer costs tens of thousands of dollars, but the cheap ones only cost thousands of dollars?

Below I will discuss with you what is the cheap UV flatbed printer? Which cheap printer can buy?

When we buy a printer, we must first exclude used printers and modified machines. Although this type of digital UV printer is very cheap, it cannot be used. Because you buy a flatbed printer to make money, not to lose money to repair the machine often.

Because some UV flatbed printer manufacturers use inferior or have some used print heads after modification, you will find it will not be used after a period of use. So the price of UV printers will be much lower. So, one point for the price!

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The reason why the UV flatbed printer is cheap is nothing more than the following:

1. The hardware used is cheap.
These UV flatbed printers use some poor quality and inexpensive hardware. They simply removed some of the damaged internal hardware, changed the bottom Y-axis drive, added a few hundred dollars of LED lights and several ink cartridges worth more than a few dollars to complete the hardware modification.

2. The software used is cheap.
This type of UV flatbed printer uses an unknown printer board and system, just to make some changes in the content, without spending thousands of dollars to buy a special board for UV flatbed printing machines. This will cause the machine to always go wrong, and it is not acceptable to use it for mass production.

3. The overall cost is low.
The manufacturers of such UV flatbed printers are basically small workshops, do not have to bear corporate rents, taxes, and do not have to provide corresponding after-sales service, basically a hammer sale. Overall, the operating costs of such digital UV printer manufacturers are very low, which in turn causes their product prices to be extremely low.

4. No supporting services.
When purchasing UV flatbed printers, there are many supporting services for regular UV flatbed printer manufacturers. Such as providing a library, providing operational training, providing consumables, providing comprehensive after-sales service and corresponding prepress and post-press processing solutions, etc., but they do not.

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In summary, I think everyone knows why some UV flatbed printers are so cheap, so you dare to buy such UV flatbed printers?