Can a cheap UV flatbed printer be purchased with confidence?

UV flatbed printer

I believe that when many customers buy UV flatbed printers, they clearly feel that there is no difference in configuration. Why are the prices so different? The expensive UV flatbed printer costs tens of thousands of dollars, but the cheap ones only cost thousands of dollars?

Below I will discuss with you what is the cheap UV flatbed printer? Which cheap printer can buy?

When we buy a printer, we must first exclude used printers and modified machines. Although this type of digital UV printer is very cheap, it cannot be used. Because you buy a flatbed printer to make money, not to lose money to repair the machine often.

Because some UV flatbed printer manufacturers use inferior or have some used print heads after modification, you will find it will not be used after a period of use. So the price of UV printers will be much lower. So, one point for the price!

UV flatbed printer

The reason why the UV flatbed printer is cheap is nothing more than the following:

1. The hardware used is cheap.
These UV flatbed printers use some poor quality and inexpensive hardware. They simply removed some of the damaged internal hardware, changed the bottom Y-axis drive, added a few hundred dollars of LED lights and several ink cartridges worth more than a few dollars to complete the hardware modification.

2. The software used is cheap.
This type of UV flatbed printer uses an unknown printer board and system, just to make some changes in the content, without spending thousands of dollars to buy a special board for UV flatbed printing machines. This will cause the machine to always go wrong, and it is not acceptable to use it for mass production.

3. The overall cost is low.
The manufacturers of such UV flatbed printers are basically small workshops, do not have to bear corporate rents, taxes, and do not have to provide corresponding after-sales service, basically a hammer sale. Overall, the operating costs of such digital UV printer manufacturers are very low, which in turn causes their product prices to be extremely low.

4. No supporting services.
When purchasing UV flatbed printers, there are many supporting services for regular UV flatbed printer manufacturers. Such as providing a library, providing operational training, providing consumables, providing comprehensive after-sales service and corresponding prepress and post-press processing solutions, etc., but they do not.

UV flatbed printer

In summary, I think everyone knows why some UV flatbed printers are so cheap, so you dare to buy such UV flatbed printers?

How to maintain uv flatbed printer in summer hot weather?

In summer, both temperature and humidity will increase dramatically. People need to prevent heat stroke and summer heat. And our equipment needs to be maintained in the hot sun.In this issue, based on years of experience, I shared five ways to maintain a UV flatbed printer in the summer.

uv flatbed printer

Method 1: Temperature control.

The uv flatbed printer should be placed in a cool, backlit corner to avoid high temperatures and direct sunlight. Suitable indoor temperature is 19 ° C ~ 32 ° C, humidity is 25% ~ 70%.

Method 2: Power off and moisturize.

When uv flatbed printers do not work for a long time, you can choose to moisturize after power off, do not let the machine exit the standby state, so the temperature will rise.

Method 3: Always check the print head.

After turning on the wide-format uv flatbed printer every day, be sure to test the strip first to see if the sprinkler is clogged. The summer temperature is too high and the ink is easy to dry.

Method 4: Clean the uv flatbed printer weekly.

Once a week, clean the inside and outside of the equipment. Especially in key locations such as noses and rails, it is especially important.

Method 5: The position of the flat line must be viewed daily when it is turned on.

Make sure that the surface of the print head line is clean and that the connecting rod is tight and not loose.

uv flatbed printer


Mistakes in speed of UV flatbed printers

uv flatbed printer

There are three main misunderstandings of UV flatbed printer speed: theoretical speed, speed in different modes, and actual production speed. What needs to be understood is that the speed in most sales outlets only refers to the theoretical speed. A small number of professional ones will mention the speeds in different modes, but these are not actual production speeds. The gap between them is at least calculated by times.

UV flatbed printer theoretical speed:

Refers to the printing speed that the device can achieve in the limit mode, regardless of the accuracy, does not consider the manual loading and unloading, but also can be barely realized in the special printing mode. For example, it is often said that it is impossible to achieve 60 square meters, 80 square meters, etc. in one hour.

UV flatbed printer speed in different modes:

Refers to the speed in a few pass print mode, this is actually not allowed. Although the larger the pass value, the slower the speed, but the factors affecting the amount of feathering, single bidirectional, loading and unloading, rubbing coating or alcohol, etc., can not be realized in actual printing.

UV flatbed printer actual printing speed:

It refers to the printing speed that is integrated in the actual production process, taking into account the accuracy, considering the manual loading and unloading, taking into account the factors such as wiping alcohol or coating.

How to improve the actual printing speed of uv flatbed printers as much as possible:

1. The configuration of the upgraded uv flatbed printer includes not limited to: increasing the speed of the print head, replacing the higher performance print head, selecting the double row print mode, and the like;

2. When selecting a larger format device so that the uv flatbed printer prints a full part, the processing of the back material is performed simultaneously, so that after printing the latter part of the material, the material of the front part is replaced, and the machine is continuously printed.

3. The details of operation: choose a reasonable print mode, feathering settings, drawing efficiency, etc., these are affected by the level of different uv flatbed printer technicians.

What materials are unavailable for UV flatbed printers?

With the increasing popularity of uv flatbed printers, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of uv flatbed printers. uv flatbed printers are favored by various printing industries because of their wide printing materials, clear and realistic printing results, and easy to use. Although the uv flatbed printer covers a wide range of materials and functions, there are still some materials that cannot be printed. So what are the specifics? Let me introduce you to everyone below.

1. Curved material. When the material to be printed is curved, the uv printer cannot print at this time. Because the machine can print flat materials, if we print on curved materials, the printed image may be unclear because the distance between the print head and the material is too high. If the distance between the print head and the material is too low, it may cause the print head to collide with the material, which may damage the print head.

2. Highly reflective material. When we are printing strong materials, such as mirrors and other materials. If we want to print these, because the light of the uv lamp will illuminate the material, because the material reflects, so that part of the light is reflected back to the nozzle, the nozzle inside the nozzle is solidified, causing the nozzle to block.

3. Materials that require high temperature and strong acid treatment after printing. UV Ricoh 2513 UV printer printed plaque, high-definition printer ink used in high temperature, it will cause problems such as pattern shedding, deformation and so on. When uv flatbed printers are used for daily production, we need to be good at finding problems so that they can be solved before printing, thus reducing the damage to the uv printer. Extend the life of your uv printer.I hope that through this article, you will be able to learn more about uv flatbed printers. If you have the need to purchase high quality uv printers, please click on our official website– to browse.


Why are more and more people choosing uv printers?

Since its research and development, uv printers have quickly seized the printing industry market with great advantages. With the continuous development of the times, people’s living standards have been increasing and their requirements for life have become higher and higher. Previous printing products have been unable to meet the requirements. People’s aesthetic needs. The advent of the uv printer just fills this gap, and the printed products can win people’s love, which has produced huge benefits. Under the stimulation of huge profits, more and more people are investing in this industry. More and more people are studying the effects of flatbed printers, which makes the uv printer technology continue to improve, and new technologies are continuously applied to uv flatbed printers. , thus forming a virtuous circle.

The progress and development of uv printers and the products that can be created are also inseparable. From the original crafts to the present artworks, it can satisfy your imagination of all good things, as long as you imagine in your mind, Through the UV printer, colorful color synthesis is perfectly presented to you.

The biggest advantage of uv printers is that they can save people’s time and improve work efficiency. You only need to put the product materials in place, and you can do it with a simple computer operation. You don’t need us to manage it anymore, because if you encounter the error, the printer will automatically stop and issue a warning, and then we can directly after processing the error. Continue printing from the paused position saves us a lot of time. Time is money, and the time that uv printers save us is unthinkable, and the efficiency it can produce is also very impressive.

The second is that there is no pollution. The production methods under the industrial society seriously pollute the air quality, while the uv printer can achieve pollution-free and fully mechanized operation. This also better protects our living environment so that the air is not contaminated.

With the advancement of mankind, more hard materials such as ceramic tiles, glass, sliding doors, cabinet doors, sliding doors, plates, various signs, crystal, PVC, acrylic, metal, plastic, stone, etc. Printing, ordinary printers can not be completed, it is this demand that will make the uv flatbed printer come into being, because it can solve people’s needs and create a better life for people.