What are the reasons for the UV printer crash?Three reasons

uv printersIn the event of a crash in the uv printer, the consequences are more serious, and generally a large number of pictures are invalidated, resulting in no small loss. A crash is a sudden stop of printing automatically during the printing process. The cause of this phenomenon is complicated. It is necessary to analyze the causes and countermeasures of the crash.

There are two types of crashes: one is a complete crash, that is, the motion system stops working. The other type is a non-complete crash, which is characterized by a break in print data, but the motion system is still working. The latter brings greater harm and loss than the former.

UV printers mechanical failure

Case 1: The motion track of the printhead car is blocked or underpowered. This situation hardly appears on new devices, and devices that take longer to use may appear. The method of inspection is to remove the motor belt, separate the nozzle car from the motor, and then push the car down by hand. If the movement is not smooth, the track or slider should be replaced. Because the resistance to the car at this time is large, it will cause the electromechanical malfunction and crash.

Case 2: The print head motor is faulty. Such failures lead to more crashes, and the nozzle motor of the inkjet printer is mainly divided into two types, AC and DC. Among them, the AC type has relatively few failures, which is often caused by a long time of use due to wear and tear. The DC type has more failures, and it not only causes a crash due to wear, but also unexpected failures.


uv printersSources of interference with uv printers include external and internal interference. Here mainly analyze the interference inside the machine:
a. Data transmission interference: Data cables that do not have shielding or poor shielding function are susceptible to interference and cause unstable operation. Therefore, it is necessary to use a data cable with excellent performance and high quality. In particular, it is proposed that the optical fiber has excellent anti-drying properties, but it is not suitable for a frequently bent sports environment.
b. Spark interference: If a component that is prone to sparking is used in the uv digital printer, it will cause many unpredictable faults.

UV printers software system

The software system is the commanding brain of the uv printer. It is conceivable that the brain has a problem and can the operation be normal? Software problems occur on the inkjet printer. In the event of a crash, the entire system is in a state of confusion and the tablet printer device and software must be restarted. It is normal to have such a fault rarely occur, but it must be noticed when it occurs frequently.