Why do you need a brushless motor in a sublimation paper printer?

What is a brushless motor? What is the working principle of the so-called brushless motor? Why do you need a brushless motor in a sublimation paper printer?

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The Working Principle of Brushless Motor for Sublimation Paper Printer

The brushless motor is composed of a motor body and a driver, and is a typical mechatronic device. The brushless motor uses electronic commutation to complete the work. Simply speaking, the coil does not move and the magnetic pole rotates. The brushless motor internally sets the Hall original to sense the position of the permanent magnet and the magnetic pole. According to this automatic sensing mode, the direction of the current in the coil is switched in time to ensure that the magnetic force in the correct direction is generated, thereby driving the motor to move.

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Application of Brushless Motor in Sublimation Paper Printer

In the sublimation printing device, the precise operation of the motor is required because the image needs to be accurately printed during high-speed motion without missing any detail. Second, the motor is also the source of power for the printhead to move and feed the paper. Therefore, the quality of the motor directly affects the performance of the machine. Therefore, in the wide format dye sublimation printer, the brushless motor with excellent performance and long service life is the best choice.

Large Format Printer Application – Banner Printing Solutions

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As the pioneer in large-format digital printers, OnePrint provides customers the top level of quality and versatility that print professionals are looking for.

With super speed, fast ink-curing, wider color gamut, scratch-resistant and low production cost, OricPrint printers offer you exceptional value for banner printing.

banner printing Indoor and Outdoor Banners

Oric eco-solvent inkjet technology is compatible with a wide variety of coated and uncoated banner materials, giving you more options for indoor and outdoor banner printing.

Our eco solvent ink is no-toxic, less odor and excellent outdoor durability.

The combination of inks and wide format printers helps to deliver brilliant banners for sales events, street fairs, store openings, POP displays, tradeshow graphics to grasp passerby’ attention.

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Fantastic Fabric Banners

Compared to vinyl banners and rigid substrate materials, fabric banners are the hands down favorite for many retailers and distributors. Because large fabric banners can fold into a very small size without damage. Portability is a real plus point. With OricPrint sublimation printers, eye-catching graphics can be easily tranferred into polyester banners for flags, backdrops, window displays, interior design, conventions and meetings, retail point of sale etc.

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The mesh banners minimize the effect of wind by letting it pass right through but in contrast the image clarity will slightly reduce. With OricPrint high resolution inkjet printers and increased color density, mesh banners set apart from the competition, getting noticed by many customers for production of sporting event graphics, outdoor promotional banners, fence signs and more.

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High-end White Effects

To truly set your banners apart, white ink can be used as a spot color, combined with CMYK to create opaque images and transparent effects on dark, clear and colored substrates.


What Will be Considered Before You Buy Large Format Pirnter?

IIf you do digital pritning business, you must buy a large format printer. This is not a simple purchase. It is a hard decision made more complex by the fact that these printers are a business investment for a long run.The principal considerations in the selection process include whether you will go for a color printer or a mono one, speed and performance, costs and quality of image. Other than these four important factors, you should also consider ease of use, product options, environmental concerns, floor space and security.Color or monoThis depends on the customer demand. To determine which kind of printer you will buy, find out the maximum number of print jobs you will do in a one of these two categories.

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If you regularly print posters, presentations and technical documents, buy a color wide format printer. However, if you do not frequently print in color, but is associated with an industry which prefers their work to be done at speed, do go for a mono or a black and white one.Another factor to consider is the robustness of print. In case your prints are exposed to the outside weather, there is a need to make these prints waterproof. Mono printers do a much better job in such cases. If you buy a color printer, you should also consider buying color toner and pigment ink.CostsDo understand that a large format printer is an investment.

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Although it is granted that the price plays an important part in the decision, it should not be the most important of all. Smart buying means purchasing a printer whose supplies are already compatible with your older model or with the economically priced consumables in the market. Installing new software may cost you precious money. Running expenses are also important. Hidden costs are a menace to the profitability of any print company. You should not have to print the same thing a number of times to get the optimal quality of print.Speed and performanceYou should not spend lots of money on an expensive printer if middle priced ones satisfy your requirements.

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Consider the processing time. The printer processes the files prior to printing them. To know whether a printer can print your kind of job, check the internal memory. Run bigger files prior to shelling out the money. Warm-up time is also important.Quality of image and ease of useDotted and fine lines must be clearly printed. Information must not be lost. If this happens, then the consequences can be catastrophic- an example being leaving out a dotted line in an electrical wiring diagram. The wide inkjet printer must be easy to use so that productive work can be done.

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How to Make and Keep Your Sublimation Printer be a Good Condition?

As you will be using your sublimation printer on a regular basis, it is important that it is running in tip-top shape at all times. To keep your sublimation printer in good condition, you need to do regular maintenance. After all, you don’t want your sublimation printer to stop working just when you receive a large order. When you perform regular maintenance on your sublimation printer, it will work all the time, which in turn reduces the number of hassles significantly. How do you keep your sublimation printer in tip-top shape? Here are three amazing tips that you can use:

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Check The Print Head

You need to keep checking the print head on a regular basis if you want to have high-quality prints all the time. Move the print head to one side and look at the sides to see if there is any ink build up. If you notice ink build up on the plastic part of the print head, you should clean it. However, do not try to clean the head directly as you may damage it.

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Keep The Capping Station, Flush Pad, And Wiper Blade Clean

The capping station is important because it uses a vacuum to prepare your print heads. If there is any contamination due to the deposition of ink, it will overload itself every time you need to get something printed. Clean the capping station with the help of a Q-tip.

The flush pad is where the print head will release small amounts of ink to ensure the nozzle is open. As you keep printing with your sublimation printer, the pad will reach a saturation point after which it won’t work at all. Rinse the flush pad regularly so that you have a hassle-free printing experience.

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The wiper blade will keep your print head clean by removing excess ink from it. Over time, your wiper blade will become dirty with ink. As a result of this, your wiper blade won’t be able to clean the printer heads. Use a Q-tip to clean your wiper blade.

Perform Nozzle Checks Before You Start The Day

Every day before you start printing, you should perform nozzle checks or test prints. Nozzle checks will let you know if all the wide format printer heads are working at optimal levels. If there is clogging in the heads, you will notice a drop in the quality of your print. In such situations, you need to clean the print head before you start printing.

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Which Facts Will Affects The Quality of Large Format Printer?

The high-quality signages will bring people an extraordinary visual impact. In addition to high speed, high resolution and vibrant output are also very important. Here are 4 factors which affect large format printer quality.

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