What is the reason for the lack of color in inkjet printer drawing?

Various faults may occur in the operation of an inkjet printer, or it may be caused by various reasons. For example, if there is a lack of color or an image is incorrect during printing, what should I do? What caused it? According to the years of experience of the sales personnel of the Feiyue sublimation inkjet printer, the following analysis is as follows:

1. In the case where the print settings are correct, the display color is deviated from the actual print color. Since the display and the photo machine use different techniques to represent color, namely RGB mode and YMCK mode, the actual printed color cannot be fully matched to the color represented on the display.

2. The ink is set to “black” in the inkjet printer driver. Modify the settings to “Color”.

3. The media settings do not match the actual print media used. You should modify the print media settings in the driver or replace the matching print media.

4. The ink level of the ink cartridge is low, and the ink of one or more colors is empty. Check the ink cartridges to determine if you need to replace the ink cartridges.

5. The media is facing down. The print media should be placed correctly at this point, taking care that the print side is facing up.

6. The midtones and mode selection do not match the file type. The mode settings do affect many other settings in the driver; the midtone settings determine how the printer sprays ink drops onto the print media; if not properly set, it can cause color deviations.

7. The large-format inkjet printer print head is dirty, and the individual nozzles are not inked. The nozzle should be cleaned at this time.

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A summary of common faults and solutions for sublimation printers, there is always one you need!

Sublimation printers may experience such failures during use. What are the common faults and how should they be solved?

No ink on the print head or print break
There are several reasons for this:
● First, there is no ink in the ink cartridge, and you can add ink.
● The second is that the print head is clogged, and the cleaning function can be cleaned by the cleaning function of the printing machine itself. If the blockage is serious, the nozzle is removed and washed with a cleaning solution.
● Third, the other parts of the ink supply line are blocked, such as ink bags, ink supply tubes, etc., at this time, clean or replace the blocked parts.

Print image skew
The image degradation caused by the sublimation printer may be due to the fact that the printed material is not placed flat and has a skewed bulge. In addition, there may be a problem in the control of the tension of the stepping motor in the winding system, which may cause the printed image to be skewed.

Print ghosting misplacement
There are two reasons why a sublimation printer prints a ghosting misplacement:
● First, there is dirt on the grating, which causes the position sensed by the small frame to be inaccurate, so that the printing error occurs, and the problem of misalignment of the printing occurs. At this time, the grating needs to be cleaned or replaced.
● Second, the small frame does not run smoothly, the guide rail is too dirty or the car cover and the copper cover are worn with foreign objects. The car will be stuck during the movement, the nozzle will be inkjet, and the printed image will be misplaced or ghosted. At this time, the guide rail, gasket and copper sleeve need to be cleaned or replaced.

Pause in small frame printing
The sublimation printer has a pause in the carriage during the printing process. It may be that the computer configuration is too low to keep up with the transmission speed and printing speed required by the digital printing machine, or the print port transmission is too low. It is recommended to replace the computer with a higher configuration. When I first encountered this problem, I tried to restart the computer and digital printing machine, clear the cache, and so on.

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