What is the correct way to replace the motor part of a heat sublimation printer?

heat sublimation printerPeople who have used heat sublimation printers know that the motor is the core component of the power of the sublimation printer. Whether the large format sublimation printer can operate normally or not, the quality of the motor plays a very important role. Moreover, the use time of the motor is relatively long and generally difficult to damage. Therefore, before replacing the motor of this heat sublimation printer, the staff must first determine whether the motor is really damaged, or other components are faulty. At this time, people need to open the cover of the machine to see if the motor is running normally. The reason is that the problem of the conveyor belt damage and the gear bite can also cause problems in the car and the paper can not go down.

1. Steps to replace the heat sublimation printer motor

heat sublimation printerBefore you replace the motor for the digital sublimation printer, be sure to turn off the power. Use a screwdriver to remove the cover of the inkjet printer, remove the connecting wires of the motor, and remember to pick it up before unplugging the connecting wires. Otherwise, if the wrong interface is connected, it may cause the motor to burn directly, or the motherboard may be damaged directly.

Take the printer motor belt directly off, and pay special attention when removing it. The strength of the belt should not be too large, otherwise it will directly cause damage to the motor. Take the old motor of the printer directly and replace it with a new one.

2. Precautions for replacing the inkjet printer motor

People need to pay special attention when replacing the sublimation paper printer motor. The whole process of replacement can be completed with a screwdriver. Note that you cannot use a hammer or other tools to tap. Since the photo machine is a precision instrument, if it is subjected to an external impact, it may cause a second damage to the sublimation plotter in the future.

What should I do if the sublimation paper printer has a vertical line during the printing process?

sublimation paper printerSublimation printers will also experience many of the same problems as inkjet printers during long periods of use. For example, when the sublimation paper printer prints out and prints, the image quality is not good, and the vertical line in the print screen of the sublimation paper printer is a common problem.

A flashing line like a test strip that appears in the middle of the screen when printed, with two colors or a lot of messy strips appearing together. How to solve this problem? There is no fixed position of the flashing line, which appears randomly, and flashing lines appear in many places when the screen is printed.

Solve this fault according to different problem points. For vertical inkjet printers where vertical lines appear in the printed picture, the problem is largely on the raster. You can carefully check the grating to check if it is dirty or if the ink drops are stuck on it or if it is scratched. Then clean up and replace the test to solve, there are some ways to help you solve the problem.


sublimation paper printer1. Check the height of the grating decoder from the grating. The upper edge of the grating is preferably 1mm-1.5mm away from the decoder.

2. Wipe in the grating where the vertical line is located, and wipe it with pure cotton with medical cotton.

3. If the above two conditions are invalid, please re-plug the print head data cable, the car board and the motherboard cable.

4. If the above three conditions are invalid, please replace the motherboard or the car board.

I believe that the above steps can perfectly solve the vertical line problem in the textile sublimation printer printing screen.

Why do you need a brushless motor in a sublimation paper printer?

What is a brushless motor? What is the working principle of the so-called brushless motor? Why do you need a brushless motor in a sublimation paper printer?

sublimation paper printer

The Working Principle of Brushless Motor for Sublimation Paper Printer

The brushless motor is composed of a motor body and a driver, and is a typical mechatronic device. The brushless motor uses electronic commutation to complete the work. Simply speaking, the coil does not move and the magnetic pole rotates. The brushless motor internally sets the Hall original to sense the position of the permanent magnet and the magnetic pole. According to this automatic sensing mode, the direction of the current in the coil is switched in time to ensure that the magnetic force in the correct direction is generated, thereby driving the motor to move.

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Application of Brushless Motor in Sublimation Paper Printer

In the sublimation printing device, the precise operation of the motor is required because the image needs to be accurately printed during high-speed motion without missing any detail. Second, the motor is also the source of power for the printhead to move and feed the paper. Therefore, the quality of the motor directly affects the performance of the machine. Therefore, in the wide format dye sublimation printer, the brushless motor with excellent performance and long service life is the best choice.

These three points guarantee the accuracy of color printing of the heat sublimation printer

The quality of the print quality of the heat sublimation printer is not only reflected in the fineness of the output picture, but also in the accuracy of the color on the output picture. How can I guarantee the accuracy of the color printing of the heat sublimation printer? After reading this article, you will understand.

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The first is ink, the importance of ink in color performance needless to say, I believe everyone knows. The expressiveness of ink color and the breadth of color gamut directly affect the accuracy of color. The ink has a strong color expression and a wide color gamut, which can adhere well to the printing medium. In addition, the ink curve is compatible with the color control of the large format sublimation printer, so that the color can be restored to achieve the best color expression.

Followed by the print media, the print media is the carrier that carries the color, and its quality is also critical to the accuracy of the printed color. A good printing medium can absorb ink droplets very well, can be well colored, accurately expresses colors, and finally forms an output image with delicate images and accurate colors.

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Finally, the computer and sublimation paper printer print patterns are all done by computer operation. The pictures also need to be designed by computer. Different quality computers display different colors. Under normal circumstances, the higher the resolution of the computer, the more accurate the expression of the design image color, so it is recommended that you design the best computer with the best configuration when the conditions permit.

These are the factors that will affect the color accuracy of the heat sublimation printer printing, I hope to help everyone.

What if the ink output of wide format thermal sublimation printer is too large?

It is well known that the amount of ink produced by a wide format thermal sublimation printer can be adjusted as needed to achieve a variety of different styles of picture. However, when the thermal sublimation printer prints too much ink, it will cause the printing net to be too heavy, the lines are too thick, the printing effect is greatly reduced, and even the material is wasted.

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Therefore, if you are experiencing a large amount of ink when the textile sublimation printer is working, you should find the cause and solve the problem in time.

Cause 1: It may be that the amount of control ink in the RIP software (drawing software) is set too high, and the amount of ink can be adjusted by setting.

There is no corresponding option and you need to make settings through the printer’s control panel.

Cause 2: It may also be the cause of the print media. If the print medium is poorly adsorbed and the temperature is extremely low, the coating is not uniform.

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Therefore, it is recommended to choose a better print medium, and at the same time properly increase the working temperature of the sublimation paper printer.