The role of the suction system in sublimation ink printers

In the printing process of sublimation ink printers, we believe that everyone has noticed that there are many regularly distributed holes on the flat sheet metal platform. These small holes are then used as suction platforms for broadband printers. At the same time, the fan under the platform is matched to form the printer’s suction system.

sublimation ink printersIn the printout of a wide-format inkjet printer, the suction fan blows forward and the rear air replenishes. In this way, a strong air flow is formed behind the fan. The print medium is aspirated by a small suction through a small hole in the platform. The high speed operation of the fan creates a difference in pressure between the top and bottom, which makes the print medium close to the printing platform, ensuring that the print medium is flatter throughout the printing process. This is the complete process of the suction system working in our sublimation ink printers.

Simply put, the function of the suction system is to ensure that the print media and the printing platform can be closely fitted to ensure that the printing can not be arched, so that the textile sublimation printer prints more smoothly and smoothly, and the drawing effect is better.

sublimation ink printersIn addition, due to the difference in horizontal tensile properties and toughness of different materials, only a small suction force is required for materials with small horizontal tensile properties and poor toughness to keep the material flat. Excessive suction can cause the print media to move, affecting the printhead. For harder materials, if the suction is too small, it will cause the material to be flat due to insufficient suction, thus affecting the printing effect. Therefore, the suction system in sublimation ink printers is essential during the printing process.

The Oric series of wide format printers are designed with suction and heating in one on the suction platform. At the same time of printing output, it is also possible to increase the drying speed of the ink moderately, so that the final print quality of the printer is more vivid and realistic, and is widely loved by customers.

How to choose a quality ink sublimation printer? Pay attention to these five details

Many entrepreneurs who have just entered the digital printing industry don’t know how to buy a high-quality ink sublimation printer. Here I give five details to help you easily.

ink sublimation printer

1. Refer to the manufacturer’s word of mouth and advertising production examples. This requires you to have more information on the Internet, ask more professionals, and if the word of mouth is good, the machine is guaranteed in terms of quality. For example, Nanjing ORIC wide-format inkjet printer manufacturers have been ahead of other manufacturers for eight consecutive years, and they are the leaders in the printing industry. This is not a hole in the wind, it is proven by data.

ink sublimation printer2. Choose according to the requirements of production. If you have a lot of production every day, it is recommended to choose a high speed machine. When buying a ink sublimation printer, you can’t just look at the price. Because there are some equipments on the market that are low in configuration and work very slowly, does this seriously affect your production requirements and damage your immediate interests? The TX3206 of the ORIC sublimation series belongs to the high-speed machine, and the six Ricoh print heads work simultaneously, which can satisfy the users with large production volume.

3. Select the device that suits you according to the size of the printed material. Under the same configuration, the wider the print size, the more expensive it will be, but it may not be suitable for your production requirements. Whether it is suitable for yourself is the priority consideration. So in the procurement process, the bigger the better, the better. Choosing the right one is the best.

ink sublimation printer4. The source of the printer accessories. Don’t underestimate those inconspicuous accessories, this is the key to determining the pros and cons of the printer. ORIC sublimation ink printers work with world-renowned print head manufacturers and software vendors to bring the latest and most practical technologies into the product. It adopts the world’s top Epson original print head, imported DuPont rubber press paper wheel, imported THK ultra long life guide rail and other imported accessories, and its quality domestic equipment can not be compared with it.

5. After sales service. A good quality digital sublimation printer will have some minor problems during use, let alone you buy unsatisfactory equipment. Some manufacturers sell their equipment and don’t even care if they receive the money. Therefore, after-sales service is very important, and can guarantee to help you deal with small problems in the use process and safeguard your own interests. Nanjing ORIC has a first-class after-sales team and a comprehensive after-sales system to ensure after-sales quality and bring a more perfect product experience to customers.