Five factors! Greatly compromise the life of wide format printers

Today’s era of small profits, how to make your wide-format printer use longer, bring more profits, this is all users are very concerned about the problem. The print head is the most frequently used part and is also vulnerable to damage. Obviously, extending the life of the nozzle is one of the means to reduce costs.

1. Indoor environment

If the working environment of indoor equipment is not very good, dust can easily enter the main ink cartridge and then the secondary ink cartridge, and then enter the print head, which affects the printing effect of the print head and shortens the service life of the print head.

2. Operation

The nozzle part on the surface of the print head cannot be rubbed against any object. Causes the plug and drops of ink, thereby affecting the printing effect. So it is very important to strictly license the equipment.

3. Auxiliary accessories

Every accessory on the machine has its purpose, don’t remove it at will. Like main cartridge, secondary cartridge, filter and so on.

4. Heat transfer ink

Ink quality has a direct impact on the quality of the screen, the print head. It is best to use the heat transfer ink recommended by the equipment manufacturer. Because these inks are after strict, long-term testing, the device on the print head has certain protection.

5. Maintain

The printing machine must clean the print head before the power is turned off, and put the print head on the moisturizing sea surface mat, which can ensure the same picture quality as the previous days. After the machine is stopped, it is necessary to apply the cleaning liquid on the surface of the nozzle and wrap it with plastic wrap. The cling film and the nozzle of the nozzle are tightly attached, thus reducing the evaporation of the cleaning liquid and the ink, and prolonging the service life of the nozzle to a certain extent.

If you do not use the printer for a long time, it is best to remove the print head from the equipment, soak it with cleaning liquid, and wrap the container with plastic wrap to prevent dust invasion and cleaning fluid volatilization.


We are going to share with you the several solutions when you encounter the inkjet printer failures. You can check and solve the pause problem from the following common aspects.

oric TX3202 sublimation printer1. Use exclusion method to check, first of all, inkjet printer on-line computer problems, such as poor computer configuration, slow operation. Or computer operating system failure, such as infection with computer malicious virus, Trojan horse program, resulting in slow operation of the computer operating system, on the computer Montaigne software data transmission slow and ink-jet printing Print cards appear on the computer. At this point, we can replace the computer test printing, to eliminate computer problems caused by print cards. Or re-install the computer operating system, and retest the related software.

2. Compatibility of computer network cards. Some computer network cards used by users will have compatibility problems. For example, the compatibility problems of the network card chips integrated by some computer motherboards will occur when the network sublimation transfer printingtransmission will be slow. There is also the use of external USB network cards. Please users don’t use external USB network cards to online, according to technology. When the operator tests the external USB network card, the inkjet printer will print the carton. If you want to use a desktop computer, you can use an external PCI8139 NIC if you want to use an external network adapter.

3. Network port inkjet printer and computer on-line, it is recommended that the computer directly connect with the inkjet printer, the use of normal communication network cable connection. It is recommended that the wire isn’t too long. If the use of routers or other network switching equipment to online and you are in a bad network environment, it will also affect inkjet printing printing machine data transmission problem.

4. The problem of the data control board on the inkjet printer machine, such as the chip heating on the data control motherboard or the memory loss of the electronic components of a chip, will also affect the ink-jet printer to print a card. At this time, it is necessary to repair the board or replace the data control board to solve the problem.

How to prevent static electricity when working on a large format printer?

A large format printer is a wide format printing device that relies on a computer to control image output. The core components are various motherboards, the internal circuit spacing is short, the area is small, the sensitivity voltage is generally between 0-200V, and it is easily damaged by electrostatic damage. Well, today I will discuss with you the scientific way to prevent static electricity~

First, let’s take a look at the mechanism of the electrostatic interference circuit.

Electrostatic discharge is the noise generated by the induction of the discharge current in a very short moment, and the discharge current fluctuates the reference ground potential such as the potential of the chassis ground and the signal ground, thereby causing interference to the normal operation of the circuit. Slight electromagnetic pulse interference can cause the electronic product to lose control, resulting in incorrect instructions or loss of information. Electrostatic discharge can cause radar, missile commanders, etc. to lose their function, causing fatal consequences. As a sophisticated printing device, it is necessary to provide anti-static for wide format printers.

At present, there are three main methods of controlling static electricity:

1. Ground the printed material;

2. Use electrostatic paint or detergent, etc.;

3. Ionize the air around the static-charged material.

However, in actual operation, it is not realistic to ground the material. It is inevitable to increase the cost by using antistatic coatings and detergents. There is also a lot of inconvenience in ionized air. In the large-format inkjet printer, scientific anti-static needs to be done:

a. Control the printing speed. Studies have shown that after the speed is reduced, the electron cloud is in a stable state, the electrons are not released, and the probability of generating static electricity is the lowest.

b. Control room temperature and humidity. In general, in the range of 40%-60% relative humidity, the static electricity on the printed material is more easily removed without affecting the ink droplets on the large-format inkjet printer head, ensuring printing accuracy. It is recommended that the office be regularly ventilated to ensure good ventilation.

c. Ground the printer.

d. Do not use ink with too high viscosity. Although the weight of the ink droplets is too large to reduce the influence of static electricity, the viscosity is too large, which may adversely affect the crystal of the photoshooter nozzle.

The method mentioned here is not comprehensive enough. If you have a good method, welcome to the bottom message to share ~~~

What if the inkjet printer does not detect the paper?

Printing machine can not detect paper analysis:

If you report directly: Internal ERROR shutdown Bad carriage paper sensor. Please check if the paper measuring instrument on the car board is inserted and re-plugged.

If it is simply not measuring paper:1. The paper measuring device is dirty, use a cotton swab to wipe the small light of the paper measuring instrument;
2. The paper detector is not installed and reinstalled;
3. There is a problem with the paper detector, please replace it;
4. The car board is broken, please repair and replace it;

Note: The inkjet printer can’t measure the paper. Under normal circumstances, it will be the case that the paper measuring instrument is broken, or the error is directly reported. Or if the paper cutter is used frequently, the machine body is scratched and the paper cannot be measured. Recommendation: Do not use a paper cutter. Use a protective ruler to cut with a hand knife.


A summary of common faults and solutions for sublimation printers, there is always one you need!

Sublimation printers may experience such failures during use. What are the common faults and how should they be solved?

No ink on the print head or print break
There are several reasons for this:
● First, there is no ink in the ink cartridge, and you can add ink.
● The second is that the print head is clogged, and the cleaning function can be cleaned by the cleaning function of the printing machine itself. If the blockage is serious, the nozzle is removed and washed with a cleaning solution.
● Third, the other parts of the ink supply line are blocked, such as ink bags, ink supply tubes, etc., at this time, clean or replace the blocked parts.

Print image skew
The image degradation caused by the sublimation printer may be due to the fact that the printed material is not placed flat and has a skewed bulge. In addition, there may be a problem in the control of the tension of the stepping motor in the winding system, which may cause the printed image to be skewed.

Print ghosting misplacement
There are two reasons why a sublimation printer prints a ghosting misplacement:
● First, there is dirt on the grating, which causes the position sensed by the small frame to be inaccurate, so that the printing error occurs, and the problem of misalignment of the printing occurs. At this time, the grating needs to be cleaned or replaced.
● Second, the small frame does not run smoothly, the guide rail is too dirty or the car cover and the copper cover are worn with foreign objects. The car will be stuck during the movement, the nozzle will be inkjet, and the printed image will be misplaced or ghosted. At this time, the guide rail, gasket and copper sleeve need to be cleaned or replaced.

Pause in small frame printing
The sublimation printer has a pause in the carriage during the printing process. It may be that the computer configuration is too low to keep up with the transmission speed and printing speed required by the digital printing machine, or the print port transmission is too low. It is recommended to replace the computer with a higher configuration. When I first encountered this problem, I tried to restart the computer and digital printing machine, clear the cache, and so on.

I hope this little article of mine will help you with your doubts. Please leave a message below for any questions and reply as soon as possible.