The sublimation printer print head is slightly blocked, how to solve it?

During the heat transfer printing process, it is found that the piezoelectric sublimation printer print head nozzle has a slight blockage, and then press the PAUSE button to pause the print job without hesitation. The ink is then cleaned from the nozzle by a vacuum cleaner or a manual syringe. After cleaning, use a plastic squeeze bottle to spray some cleaning solution onto the nozzle surface to wash away the residual ink. Nanjing ORIC sublimation printer manufacturer specializes in the production of sublimation transfer machine, printer print head blockage problem handling has a coup.

Note: Do not use excessive force when using a manual syringe, otherwise the nozzle will be damaged due to excessive pressure. Timely and decisively and thoroughly handling the slight clogging of the nozzle is very important to keep the nozzle in optimal working condition during long printing times! In addition, it is also necessary to carefully check the condition of the nozzle and find out why the nozzle is clogged.

print head

What should you do if the print head is frequently clogged during sublimation transfer printing?

1. First press the PAUSE button to pause the inkjet job, then press the PURGE button to move the printhead to the leftmost cleaning position.

print head2. Keep the power of the device on, and unplug the liquid level sensor signal line that connects the sub-tank to the head control board.

3. Unplug the ink supply tube (from the secondary ink tank) on the print head, and then use a glass syringe to draw a special cleaning solution to clean the nozzle. Method: 40 ml of washing solution was used every 10 minutes, for a total of 3 to 4 times.

4. After cleaning, reinsert the ink supply tube and level sensor signal lines and continue the previously paused print job.

What if the wide format inkjet printer printhead does not inkjet?

What if the wide format inkjet printer printhead does not inkjet?

When you are using a large format inkjet printer, have you ever encountered a problem with the printhead not producing ink? What if the print head suddenly does not eject ink?


problem causes:

1. The large format printer head has been burned or clogged.

2. Damaged chip with contacts.


Solve the repair method:

1. Separate the contact areas of any three ink heads from the corners of the ink vehicle with clean paper. But do not isolate the wide inkjet printer printhead that is not sure if it is faulty, and do the IC sheet contacts on the ink head accordingly. Observe the performance of the fourth inkjet printer head. If the printing is normal, follow this method. Locate the damaged wide eco-solvent printer nozzle for replacement.

2. Replace the inkjet printer head according to the solution. If the printer printhead still does not emit ink at a fixed location, the contact chip has been damaged and should be replaced immediately.

How to make the printhead of UV printer like the new?

UV printer printhead maintenance methods are available in four ways, including initial installation, routine maintenance, fault maintenance, and maintenance during the fake period.

After the equipment is installed, the equipment is initially installed to maintain the print head.

In order to get the printer head into optimal operation, before the UV printer officially begins to undertake the production business, please be sure to print some pictures as much as possible in 1-2 days. The picture is best CMYK/LC/LM/W 7 colors. Used, and add color bars on both sides of the screen to ensure that 7 print heads are always in the inkjet state.


How to maintain the print head after the daily work is completed?

In the off state

After all the print jobs are completed every day, in order to keep the print head in optimal working condition and to avoid clogging the printhead due to UV ink evaporation, please follow the method below to maintain the device and let the device stay overnight.
1. Turn off the UV printer power supply.
2. Clean the non-woven fabric with a special cleaning solution, then pour the cleaning solution onto the non-woven fabric to make it wet.
3. Move the handpiece back to the rightmost cleaning station and tightly bond the nozzle to the nonwoven.
4. Keep this state for the device to stay overnight.

Power on

1. Turn off the UV lamp and draw the wind on the platform.
2. Print the test strip, check whether the print head status is intact. If not in good condition, continue to maintain the print head until the print head is in good condition. (no needle, no oblique spray)
3.Do not turn off the computer and software, let the machine standby flash.


After the printhead was found to be slightly blocked, the treatment method was found.

1. Regularly maintain the print head (slightly wipe the print head surface with a non-woven fabric) until the nozzle is in good condition.
2. Cleaning solution maintenance (squeeze the surface of the print head with a sponge stick to the cleaning solution for 1-2 minutes), then wipe the surface of the print head with a non-woven fabric, check the print head status diagram. And repeat the operation several times until printing the head status is normal.
3.Combined with the cleaning solution maintenance method, increase the print head correction voltage 1-2V print 2 m * 1 m color block (print the print head state problem color color block) interval 2-3 times check the printhead state map until the print head status normal.
4. Do not rinse the print head without authorization. If the print head is damaged, the consequences will be at your own risk!printheadAfter the equipment is installed, the equipment is initially installed to maintain the print head.

The UV printer is not used for a long time, and the printer’s print head is easily blocked. Especially during the Spring Festival, the temperature is relatively low, and the ink is prone to deposits and impurities after being frozen. Ensure that the room temperature is between 20 ° C and 30 ° C. If the temperature is too low, it may cause serious damage.


How to maintain the printer head of UV printer?

The reason for the high price of the flatbed printer is its excellent workmanship and sprinkler head, which is the most demanding part of the quality of the flatbed printer. There are about a thousand nozzles on one nozzle, and the whole printing process is completed by these small nozzles arranged neatly. Due to the nozzle is too fine (general naked eye can not see), so improper maintenance will be easy to plug. What are the causes of print head blockages in flatbed printers?

1. Not cleaning the print head in time. One of the most common ways of clogging a print head is when the ink accumulates enough to condense outside and clog the orifice. Ink is a volatile, light easy to solidify liquid material, in the nozzle to the printing material, in the nozzle will remain around a small part of the ink, this part of the ink will dry up slowly blocking the nozzle. Therefore, we suggest that customers should clean the sprinkler head in time during use. In general, it is best to clean it once a day. In addition, the sprinkler head should be moisturized before stopping the operation of the machine every day.

2. The filter inside the print head of a wide UV printer is blocked, resulting in no ink coming out of the nozzle. When the nozzle is used for a long time, especially the heat transfer ink in the nozzle flow time is short, the ink is easy to adsorb in the filter network, is the ink flow area is reduced, resulting in uneven ink or nozzle plugging and so on.

3 .Frequent replacement of ink, different ink viscosity, composition are different, ink viscosity is too high when the ink liquidity will become poor, will cause different degrees of blockage. Ink viscosity is too low (ink is too thin) easy to absorb on the ink, thus unable to achieve high quality printing effect.

4.Mix hard and soft ink. For different materials to replace soft or hard ink, in the replacement of the print head is not completely clean will cause serious blockage of the print head.

5. The ambient temperature and humidity of the machine are called the external factors that cause the nozzle to be blocked. We generally recommend that the working temperature of universal printer is 20~28 degrees, the humidity is about 45~70%, the high or low temperature will also affect the nozzle out of the ink, will cause the nozzle clogging illusion.

6. Use bad or expired ink. Uv inks are generally recommended to be used late within three months. Because uv ink is a chemical component, a long time will also occur flocculent deterioration, poor quality or expired ink is one of the direct causes of nozzle blockage.

7. Printer itself drive circuit fault. If the printer is used for a long time, the electronic components of the driving circuit will age or accumulate too much dry ink, dirt, etc., which may affect the voltage of the driving nozzle, resulting in the printing head does not produce ink or ink output instability and other phenomena.

How to clean the Ricoh print head? Detailed steps, look here!

From the overall structure of Ricoh print head, we can see that it has two filters and two exhaust pipes on a Ricoh print head, and one printhead has two color channels. It is to say, one filter and one exhaust pipe control one color channels. Ok, now, the cleaning procedure begins.

Ricoh printhead cleaning steps:

Step 1: Remove the whole printhead (including filters) from the UV printer and unscrew the plug of one exhaust pipe.
Step 2: Use a syringe to draw cleaning fluid and inject the fluid into the printhead from filter on the same side of the exhaust pipe. The cleaning fluid and ink will flow out from the exhaust pipe opened.
Step 3: Repeat the above operations several times until the liquid flowing out is transparent.
Step 4: Draw a tube a air and inject it into the same filter, and then screw on the lid of the exhaust pipe after the residual liquid is discharge.
Step 5: Draw cleaning liquid and inject it from the same filter, and the cleaning liquid will flow from the nozzles this time.
Step 6: After the liquid that flows from the nozzles becomes transparent, and then inject air the filter to discharge the residual liquid, just like the way we mentioned above.
Step 7: Clean the another print color channel with the same method.
Step 8: After the cleaning is finished, clean the printhead surface with a clean dust-free cloth.

Notice: During the cleaning process, don’t let the cleaning liquid contact with the plug of the nozzle cable.
Printing heads is the most core component of a digital UV printer, a good maintenance of printhead can improve the machine’s use experience, be conducive to the smooth progress of printing business, as well as extend the working life of the print head. Not only for Ricoh print heads, but also for all kinds of other UV printing heads.