What are the benefits of wide format plotters using original ink?

Wide format plotter as a large-scale advertising spraying printing equipment, daily color spraying printing, photo printer output image picture color, clarity and so on have a very close relationship with ink. What are the benefits of using original ink in wide format plotters?

wide format lotters

Ink is very important for wide format plotters and is the main consumable for wide format plotters. Only high-quality inks can make inkjet plotters work best. Therefore, as a member of the advertising inkjet industry, as a user of large-format plotters, the daily use of wide format inkjet printers must purchase original quality inks from plotter manufacturers.

First of all, using original ink, wide-format plotter printing color is more guaranteed. Select the original ink of the manufacturer to better enjoy the after-sales guarantee of the manufacturer, so as to better ensure the color and quality of the wide-format plotter printing.

wide format plotterHigh-quality original ink, with good color reproduction, excellent color saturation, excellent color and color gamut expression, rich and colorful, realistic effect, photo machine print output image and original design color difference is small, to achieve the best The color performance.

Secondly, using the original original ink of the photo machine, the ink has good fluency and little influence by temperature, and it has a good performance in different climates. For example, Nanjing Oric wide format printer original original ink, long time inkjet print output is not easy to print broken. Good print performance, good adhesion and fast drying. Oric wide format printer original original ink has good weather resistance, green and environmental protection, effectively protect the print head, ensure the print quality of the picture, and improve the drying speed of the picture.

wide format plottersFinally, using the wide original plotter original original ink, the wide format plotter printout output media compatibility is better. For example, it can be used for various printing paper media inside or outside the user, such as photo paper, photo cloth, inkjet cloth, car sticker, adhesive, etc. After inkjet printing, it can be applied to exterior wall encapsulation products of automobiles and buildings, store promotion. Posters, advertisements, posters, promotional materials, etc., the application field is very large.

All in all, the wide format plotter uses original ink, not only the quality is guaranteed, but also the use is more assured. Therefore, the benefits of wide-format printers using original ink printing are always good, and “a penny and a share” is always right! For wide-format eco-solvent printers, please use and purchase original inks. Don’t use cheap inks and use them. You won’t miss it!

What kind of photo machine is the most practical?

For the new advertising company, considering the funds invested in the early stage, you can consider buying a domestic photo machine. Due to the writing of foreign imported brands, the price is often high. Usually, the price of a photo machine imported from abroad is about $15,000, for a newly opened advertising store, the previous period of this fund is relatively large. The initial investment was too large, and the cost of advertising production in the later period was too large. It is recommended to buy a country photo machine. The reason is: domestic eco-solvent printer has been close to mature in recent years. It can be said that it is not bad with foreign brand photo machines.

On the other hand, considering the newly opened storefront, the small cost investment in the early stage can bring good returns in the later stage. The price of the photo machine is indeed a question worth considering. Under the condition that the function and technology of the domestic photo machine are not bad with the imported brand photo machine, the price of the domestic photo machine is more dominant than the price of the imported brand photo machine. Usually the price of domestic photo machine is between 3000 and 4600 dollars. For newly opened stores, this price is also easy to accept. Domestic photo machine, no matter its early use and later maintenance and repair costs are no longer as high as foreign brand photo machines, and accessories are also easy to buy in the domestic market, even if you encounter a photo machine failure, you can get timely Maintenance, timely after-sales warranty service.

How to solve the problem of four colours dislocation in the process of drawing with a photo machine?

Four colours are dislocated at the same time in the process of drawing.

Causes of failure:

1. Servo motor aging;

2. The pulley and belt of the photogrammeter are dislocated.

3. The gap between the copper sleeve of the photogrammeter is too large.


1. The life of the motor has reached, try to reduce the speed of the machine bracket;

2. Replace the belt pulley and belt clip of the photo machine;

3. Replacement of copper sleeve.

What is the difference between photo machine and inkjet printer?

The layman may not know much about a photo machine or an inkjet printer, but he should have seen a lot of print advertisements in urban areas and streets. At present, most of the advertisements for printing on outdoor streets, stairs, public paper and plastic film surfaces are made by photo printers or inkjet printers.

Photo machines and inkjet printers make commercial advertisements from pure text to pictures and patterns, and commercial advertisements become more vivid, rich and expressive. Whether it is a photo machine or large-format inkjet printer, it belongs to the category of digital inkjet printing equipment. Because of this, the materials they print are generally plastic composite materials, such as PP adhesive paper, inkjet cloth, warp knitted fabric, photo paper, etc. Paper can’t be printed directly with a photo machine before it is processed, which can cause ink smearing.

Application of the photo machine

Usually print high-precision images, whether it is printing outdoor advertising or indoor advertising, the width of the web is generally small is usually about 1 meter. The ink used in the photo machine is generally water-based dye ink, water-based sublimation ink, and weak solvent ink. These inks are brightly colored and belong to a completely dispersed ink solution. The advertisement screen printed by the photo machine is generally used for close-up display, and the screen printing precision is relatively high. Usually the screen precision is in the levels of 360DPI, 720DPI, and 1440DPI, because the printing speed of the photo machine is generally within 40m2/h.

Application of inkjet printer

Outdoor large-format advertising materials are often printed, such as giant billboards on highways, large-format advertisements on buildings, large-format wall advertisements around streets, and so on. Inkjet advertising is mainly about the long-distance picture effect, so the picture accuracy is generally not too high (240dpi/360dpi). Inkjet printers use solvent inks. The inks are cheap and environmentally friendly, and they contain irritating odors. The printing speed of the inkjet printer is very fast. The domestic 3.2m wide format inkjet printer can print more than 200 square meters per hour, and some even faster.

Whether it is a photo machine or an inkjet printer, its main advantages are low cost and rich expressiveness, which are valuable for brand performance and event promotion. However, the society is changing rapidly, and the development of science and technology is very rapid. Nowadays, the forms of advertisements tend to be richer in media, and the LED advertising wall is also developing quite well. Even high-tech concepts such as VR, AR, MR, CR are gradually coming into people’s sight. Who can make the development of future advertising?

The universal value of advertising lies in the dissemination of brands, promotional activities, and promotional products, and the form of advertising will also evolve with the development of people’s living habits and technology. In the next ten or twenty years, devices such as photo machines and inkjet printers will develop toward more efficient, clearer, wider applications and richer forms of expression.