How do users pick a good wide format color printer?

Classic, flagship, high-end models… so many wide-format photo printers, how do you choose the wide format color printer that you really use when you choose?

wide format color printer

1. First of all, from the origin, the current domestic market is mainly divided into imported and domestically produced machines. Imported printers are stable and functional, but the natural price is also prohibitively high. For large companies with strong strength, imported machines can enhance corporate image, increase visibility, and connect to high-end printing projects. But small companies are best not to consider importing machines. Because of high investment and high risk, if liquidity is lacking, it will be troublesome, so small and medium-sized companies recommend choosing domestic printers. However, Oric is currently launching a high-end wide-format photo printer product that is very suitable for domestic users.

wide format color printer2. From the choice of print head, currently mainly EPS3200, Epson five generations, Epson 5113 and so on. With the continuous improvement of customers’ requirements for precision and stability, the EPS3200 industrial print head is highly respected by the market. Oric has developed the EPS3200 industrial inkjet printer series with an accuracy of 3200DPI and 2.5PL variable ink droplets. The high-precision era of wide-format photo printers.

3. Stability refers to whether the machine is easy to malfunction. The lower the general failure, the higher its stability. This is one of the most important criteria for evaluating the quality of a large-format printing machine. If a machine has poor stability, it is difficult to be popular even if it is fast and accurate. Customers are too cumbersome to use and even affect business. The stability of a wide-format photo printer is determined by the stability of various parts such as the ink circuit, circuit, and frame structure. The Oric wide-format photo printer will undergo hundreds of experiments at the beginning of R&D design to ensure the machine. The use of performance, in the assembly and production is more layered, and strive to send the wide-format photo printer to the customer to achieve the best quality.

wide format color printer4. Wide format color printer printing speed is self-evident about the capacity of wide-format photo printers, which directly affects the sales and costs of investors. Low-speed machines have become more and more difficult for customers to accept. At present, high-precision high-speed wide-format photo printers are more popular in the market and more in line with market needs.

When selecting a wide format color printer , users should first consider the above four aspects. Another point is that we must consider the after-sales service of the manufacturer. For example, a service network like Oric is better for covering the whole country, and it is more convenient to accept after-sales service.

Several common causes and solutions of wire breakage in wide format printer

During the wide format printer printing process, various unexpected failures may occur for various reasons. Wide-format printer printing is one of them.

So what are the reasons for the wide format printer printing disconnection, and what is the solution?

Print head blocked

wide format printerThe clogging of the print head is the most common cause of ink breaks in wide-format printers. Most of the nozzle holes are blocked by dust or impurities in the ink. When the print head is slightly clogged, use the printer’s own cleaning function to perform ink cleaning. If the nozzle is clogged, remove the nozzle and wash it with a cleaning solution.

Recommendation: After the daily work of the large format printer, you must return the small frame to the end of the print head and the ink stack core. Be careful that the print head is exposed to the air and is blocked by dust or dry ink.

Ink supply system leaking

wide format printerThe ink supply system for a large-format printing machine is a sealed continuous ink supply. When a certain part of it, such as an ink cartridge, an ink tube, an ink bag, or the like, is in a leak condition, the pressure of the ink supply system is insufficient, and the ink supply is not applied, and the problem of printing disconnection occurs. At this point, you need to check the ink supply system, the leaking part for maintenance or replacement.

Printer ink problem

wide format printerThe ink of the printer is printed on the printing medium through the nozzle of the printing head. If the ink is inferior, the ink particles are large, the sediment is large, and the fluency is poor. When the nozzle hole is passed, the nozzle hole is easily blocked, causing the printing to be broken. In addition, the inferior ink has poor weather resistance, is sensitive to temperature, and the viscosity is easily changed with temperature, thereby causing the print to be broken.

Recommendation: Everyone should choose the original ink of the manufacturer. Original inks are generally tested by the manufacturer for a long time, the performance is relatively stable, and can guarantee the printing effect. Moreover, the original ink has good compatibility with the photo print head, and it is not easy to block the print head or damage the print head, and the device can be kept in an optimal working state anytime and anywhere.

Large format printing, equipment dedicated to the advertising industry

large format printingLarge format printing materials are used mainly for marketing purposes. These are put on high foot-traffic areas where people would still be able to see them even from a distance. It is for this reason that large format prints are highly recommended for newly opened businesses, general and promotional announcements, advertisements, non-profit promotions, and the like.

Large format printing makes use of a digital printing process where there are no plates and cylinders involved. The digital file is sent directly to the printer using a computer. During the printing process, the wide format inkjet printer takes in the substrate (medium) and starts firing jets of ink onto its surface. The ink forms a thin layer on the surface of the medium through infusion caused by the toner’s reaction to heat and then dries up. The process is fast and the press can print on a variety of substrates. Examples of large format digital print products are:

  • Vinyl Banners
  • Yard Signs
  • Poster Signs
  • Window Clings
  • Canvas Prints
  • Sticky Back Posters
  • Photo Enlargements

large format printing

Large format digital printing makes large scale advertisements possible. This results to more visible ads and higher reach. Just remember to determine the design, platform (where to place your ad), and specifics for your event as these will all contribute in deciding which large format print is best to use.

Details on Mimaki UCJV300 series wide format inkjet printer

Last year, the Mimaki wide format inkjet printer UCJV300 series introduced new models.They are UCJV300-75, UCJV300-107 and UCJV300-130 wide format inkjet printers.

wide formt inkjet printerThe new UCJV300 printer features four-layer and five-layer printing for a wide range of applications and versatility. Their comprehensive cutting function enables mass production of labels, decals, window attachments, vehicle markings, etc. in each unit.

These wide format inkjet printers also feature instant UV-curable inks that allow customers to print quickly and transfer them to the finished product without waiting for drying. With multi-layer printing, each wide-format inkjet printer delivers outstanding backlighting. These graphics can be converted by different light sources and “will definitely achieve high profit margins”.

wide format inkjet printerMimaki says UV-curable inks offer greater opacity and less ink consumption than other ink formulations. Mimaki’s high-covering white ink enables single-layer closed printing, so users can efficiently handle specialized applications such as “push/pull” door markers.

All of these models reduce environmental impact and ensure more healthy printing with odorless UV inks. As a Greenguard-certified product, each model meets the world’s most comprehensive VOC emission standards. These large format inkjet printers also contribute to low heat output and low power consumption. Each printing and cutting device includes the latest version of the RasterLink6 Plus software. And with four layers of print preview and ID cut, it can generate registration marks, barcodes with cutting and rotating information, and more. Other features include Mimaki Advanced via System 4, variable dot printing, waveform control, nozzle inspection unit and nozzle recovery system.

Industries that Benefit Most from a Wide Format Printer

Yes, we’re living in a digital age. That doesn’t mean that print doesn’t still have its place. Sometimes, only a wide format printer can do the job that needs to be done. Outsourcing large format jobs is possible, but the costs add up fast. Consider investing in your own wide format printer if you’re needing to print large items more than once a month. Here are the industries that benefit the most from investing in a wide format printer.

Engineering and architecture. Blueprints, schemas, diagrams, and plans don’t always translate well to small scale, and it’s not always convenient or possible to carry a large digital screen around.

Marketing and advertising. Many ads are still print-based. Especially if your company frequents trade shows or expos, printing your own booth graphics can save you a bundle. Plus, it’s easier to change up your advertisements frequently to draw attention and stay fresh in the market.

Education. Elementary through university, vocational, and technical schools can all benefit from wide format prints. From complex charts and graphs to maps, even advertisements for activities on campus can be improved by printing wide format.

Whether or not you’re in one of those industries, your company may benefit from a wide format printer. If you’re considering one, contact ORIC Digital Technology Co.,LTD to discuss your options.