How to maintain the inkjet printing machine in spring, summer, autumn and winter?

As the late autumn approaching, the maintenance of inkjet printers has become a common concern of many customers. As agents, we have made a summary of the maintenance of inkjet printers. There are many familiar methods, but I hope our summary will be helpful to customers.

Inkjet printer autumn maintenance:

Because most customers do not solve the problem of printer grounding in the process of installation and use. From autumn to autumn, the humidity in the air drops very obviously, even the humidity in some areas is less than 20%, causing serious static electricity. The ink droplets ejected before printing to the light box cloth, the direction change causes paste head phenomenon. If this phenomenon is not solved for a long time, the electrostatic voltage on the jet printer will reach 6-10V, which is likely to cause damage to the print head.

Improvement methods:

1. Large format printers must take the grounding problem seriously. Main practice: 0.5m2 copper plate to weld a good 4mm2 copper wire buried in 1.5 meters below the ground moist soil, and poured salt water. It is best to use the entire line, no joints, and good contact with the machine.

2. The humidity around the large printer reaches 40-60% relative humidity, so that static electricity generated by friction from the PVC lamp-box cloth will be transmitted from the air without affecting the ink droplets on the print head.

3. Some customers use electrostatic brush to solve static electricity is also recommended.

4. Try to keep the room temperature constant.

5. Large format printers should pay attention to changes in temperature and humidity when air is exchanged between the operators.

Ink jet printer head maintenance in summer:

In the summer season, there are many areas of explosive heat. For the maintenance of printer nozzle should pay attention to anti-static, anti-dry ink phenomenon, anti-static, pay attention to whether the jet printer is grounded. The temperature is too high will cause some domestic inkjet printers to fly ink. It is recommended to control indoor temperature and clean indoor cleanliness, which is excellent maintenance for sprinklers and machines.

Ink jet printer winter print head maintenance:

When winter comes, the ink will always encounter such or such problems in use, the specific situation is not the same, but most of the winter climate is cold and dry. Notes are as follows, I hope we can help in the use of ink.

Improvement methods:

First of all, in the ink purchase should choose suitable for winter use of ink. The product characteristics of winter inks are mainly manifested in their fluidity (because the fluidity of inks decreases considerably at lower temperatures). A simple way to test the fluidity of ink is to dip a smooth piece of iron in a little ink and tilt it at an angle to observe the speed of the ink flowing on the iron. The ink with good fluidity will not break frequently because of high-speed printing when it is used in low temperature environment.

Of course, we can improve the fluidity of the ink by increasing the temperature of the ink. There are two ways:

One way is to increase the temperature of the cartridge. Add a temperature control device to the secondary cartridge, and someone will simply add a light bulb to the bottom of the cartridge if space permits.

Another way is to increase the temperature of the ink and increase the temperature of the ink. This method consumes a lot of electricity, but it is worth popularizing because it is much safer than adding a light bulb to the bottom of the cartridge. Of course, the best way is to keep the room temperature within the desired range (22-25 degrees Celsius).

Another point we need to note is that the storage environment of ink is also the key to the use of ink. Some people think that as long as my room temperature is controlled well, it is not important where ink is stored. In fact, not because ink-jet printer ink stored in a lower temperature environment, its viscosity will increase a lot, at the same time, the fluidity will be correspondingly reduced a lot, increase the temperature can quickly increase the flow of ink, but the ink viscosity will not be rapidly reduced by increasing the temperature. The high viscosity of ink will damage the piezoelectric ceramics inside the sprinkler and cause fatigue phenomenon of the sprinkler head, such as vertical channel in the sprinkler painting picture.


Application of large format printers in imaging field

As inkjet printing technology becomes more mature, more advanced, and optimized in ink, the fading, manufacturing process, and equipment failures that everyone is worried about have been solved. Large-format inkjet printing has once again entered people’s attention. Many studio owners and post-output centers have begun to favor this fast, simple, economical, environmentally friendly and diverse output method.

What can a large format printer do in a photo studio?

Here are the answers: large wedding photos, beautiful photo albums, art tapestries, exquisite pillows, Korean crystal, Amici, three-dimensional wedding photos, frameless paintings, art photos, photo walls, wedding exhibition stands, wedding invitations, in-store advertising, Promotional posters, job postings, employee performance list… Large-format printers that can be done with traditional printing can be done, and large-format printers that traditional printing cannot do can also be done.

What are the advantages of large format printers in studios?

The photo studio is far from the large post-center and the city with large-scale color-expanding machines. It is very inconvenient to transfer and ship. If you have a large format printer, you can completely solve these problems.

Reduce expenditure
At present, the central stage of large-scale color expansion is generally about 28-35 yuan / square (depending on the quality of photographic paper and syrup), the color design set is about 8 yuan / square. If the studio prints its own film, the original ink is about 1.5-2 yuan/square, the domestic substitute pigment is 3-5 yuan/square, the substitute dye is 1.5 yuan/square, and the waterproof photo paper is 10 yuan/square. Not waterproof photo paper is about 4.5 yuan. The printout is both bright and fading, convenient, practical, and of good quality. The key is to save money.

Environmental protection
Traditional silver salt printing waste water charges heavy metal pollution, which is banned by the environmental protection department, and will be rectified in the near future. A more environmentally friendly print dry print is highly respected by everyone.

Less equipment investment
All the investment is not much, about 100,000 pieces can be fixed, and can be used for many years.

Simple staffing
The equipment is simple and easy to learn. The general receptionist, photographer, makeup artist and apprentice can all be trained. Generally, small and medium-sized studios do not need special staff.

In addition, architectural renderings, artwork reproduction, home frameless painting, custom moving doors, personalized wallpapers, etc. are home improvement and many industries and products, large format inkjet printers can be made perfectly.