Application of large-format printer in image field

With the ink-jet printing technology becoming more and more mature, more and more advanced, ink optimization, everyone’s concerns about fading, production process, equipment failure has been resolved, large-format ink-jet printing once again into people’s sight, many film studio owners and late output centers began to favor this fast, simple, economic, environmental protection, diversified mode of output.

What can a large-format printer do in the studio?

Here are the following answers: large wedding photos, exquisite photo albums, art tapestries, exquisite pillows, Korean crystal, Amich, three-dimensional wedding photos, frameless pictures, art photos, photo walls, wedding exhibition shelves, wedding invitations, in-store advertising, promotional posters, recruitment announcements, employee performance lists… The large-format printer that can be made by traditional printing can be made, and the large-format printer that can not be made by traditional printing can also be made.

What are the advantages of large-format printers in the application of film studios?

Convenience: The movie studio is far from the large post-center and the city with large color expander. It is very inconvenient to transmit films and deliver goods. If there is a large-format printer to solve these problems completely.

Environmental protection: The traditional silver salt printing wastewater is polluted by heavy metals, which is prohibited by the environmental protection department. In the near future, a new regulation will be carried out. More environmentally friendly dry printing is highly recommended.

Equipment investment is low: all investment is not much, about $15,000 can be done, and can be used for many years.

Staffing is simple: equipment is simple and easy to learn, general receptionists, photographers, cosmeticians, apprentices can be trained production, general small and medium-sized studios do not need special staff.

In addition, architectural effect drawings, art reproduction, home frameless paintings, custom mobile doors, personalized wallpapers and so on are home furnishings with many industries and products, large-format printers can be made perfect.

What’s the main parts of an dye sublimation printer?

Lets talk that what’s the main parts of an dye sublimation printer?

For a dye sublimation printer, the print heads build up a whole page of text or graphics from millions of separate dots. Controlled by your computer, the ink cartridge scans from left to right across the page and back again, depositing ink as it goes. Each time it reaches the end of a line, the paper advances forward slightly so the next line can be printed.

With the front of my printer open, you can clearly see all the important bits, Inside an sublimation inkjet printer, gears driven by an electric stepper motor turn rollers that advance the paper through the printer.

A flexible ribbon cable carries printing instructions from the electronic circuit inside the printer to the moving cartridge. Inkjet printers contain circuits that translate the instructions from your computer into precise movements of the printhead. The electronic bits and bobs aren’t actually visible on this photo. There’s usually a single, large circuit board somewhere in a printer with all the components mounted on it, including the control switches, LED display lights, and various connections to the printer mechanism and power supply.

Plastic and rubber rollers pinch the paper tightly so it can be moved through the printer with absolute precision.Image result for sublimation inkjet printer, Aasturdy metal rail guides the printer head as it moves back and forth. Spiked wheels at the front of the printer help to grip the paper securely and move it precisely.

The print cartridge prints from left to right then reverses the print information and prints backwards from right to left. This is known as bidirectional printing and allows pages to be printed much faster.

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What is the length of the large format printer life?(part2)

Provide a good environment for use

Large-format color inkjet printers have thousands of tiny nozzles on the large nozzles. So many nozzles face the printed paper directly when printed, and are exposed when not working. Since the size of the nozzle aperture is equivalent to the dust floating in the space, if the working environment of the printer is poor and the dust is large, the small nozzle is easily contaminated and blocked by dust. If the indoor humidity is too high, not only the basic mechanical parts of the expensive printer are apt to rust, but also the nozzle is difficult to ensure that it is not rusted. The temperature change of the working environment of the printer should not be too large. This is because the large-format color inkjet printer not only contains a large number of metal parts, but also contains a large number of engineering plastic parts, and the nozzle aperture is very slim, if the ambient temperature changes too fast. The thermal expansion of the components can cause excessive wear of the mechanical components, and variations in the size of the nozzle aperture can also affect print quality.

The specific skills are as follows:

1. The printer must be placed in a stable manner, especially in large format printers. It will have a rhythmic swing back and forth during work. It is best to use a level meter when placing it to prevent premature aging of mechanical parts.

2. The indoor temperature of the studio should be controlled between 15-25 degrees, and the temperature should be moderate.

Keep the print space clean, because in the working state, a large amount of static electricity is generated in the power supply part of the main board, which easily affects the normal operation of the circuit and the machine.

3. Because the printing equipment emits more or less heat in the process of working, try to avoid storing machines in some closed room.

4. Do not place the device very close to the wall. Strictly speaking, it should be 20 cm away from the wall. Because most of the heat sinks are installed at the back of the printer, too close to the wall to dissipate heat will affect the operation of electronic components.

What if the paper length is not enough when drawing with a wide-width inkjet printer?

What if the length of a wide-width inkjet printer is not enough?

Causes of failure:

1. Paper moving system or bracket is too fast or slow。

2. The main board calibration settings are not saved.

3. Measure the outer diameter of paper wheel with caliper.


1. Adjust the bracket speed to the best state.

2. Testing the longitudinal axis, replacing the original Lou value of 83.82 cm with the actual value of Surveying and mapping.

3. The outer diameter of the paper wheel should be 64.3 cm, larger and longer, smaller and shorter.

99% New Second-hand Epson S70680 Inkjet Printer, Do you Like?

Hello, nice to see you again, my dear friends. Our company launched new printers this week. Such as Epson 11880 large format printer, Epson S-series S70680 printer and Mutoh RJ 900X sublimation printer. Now, let’s talk about Epson S70680 inkjet printer first.

Advantages: realize the unique ink-jet technology of ultra-high picture quality and high-speed printing, and epson’s micro-piezoelectric TFP printing head. Features of higher performance and durability

Features of Epson S70680

1. “living color GS2” new environmentally friendly ink

4 five-color output, using epson to develop “living color GS2” new environmentally friendly weak solvent ink. Assemble white ink to improve printing quality.

2. Match high quality and high speed

Double TFP print head, the realization of the C/M/Y/K/WH (white) 4 five-color printing, output speed is the double standard, can be up to 51.8 ㎡ / h high speed mode.

3. Use 3 – stage intelligent heating system

Speed up the drying of ink, high speed printing can also be rolled and greatly improve the fixation and color.

4. Strong mechanical structure of hardware

The metal components adopt stronger welding technology, which can reduce the shaking during printing and avoid the impact of printing quality.

5. Intelligentize the media installation system to prevent scraping against the sprinkler head

The automatic adjustment system of medium tension reduces the probability that the medium will wrinkle or scratch the print head.

6. Ink circulating pump system

Because it is equipped with white ink, ink circulating pump system to avoid the phenomenon of precipitation in the ink system.

7. Multi-function sensor

It has the automatic detection function of the nozzle, can measure the precision information of printing head and paper passing, and feedback control system for automatic adjustment.

Okay, these all above are my share about the new product of Epson S70680 digital printer. We also sale second-hand. If you have any other needs or questions welcome to contact us at any time. We will provide you the best quality product and service. Hope my article can be useful to you. Thank you for your reading.