Why do wide format inkjet printers have an outdoor and indoor type?

Maybe you will ask, why can’t wide format inkjet printers print outdoor advertising and indoor advertising directly? Why do you want to split between indoor and outdoor models?

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We must first understand the wide format inkjet printer and have a preliminary understanding of it.

wide format inkjet printersContinuous ink supply large-format inkjet printer, mainly used for high-precision advertising screen printing, its printing speed and printing accuracy are superior to traditional inkjet printers, while wide-format inkjet printers are also indoors and outdoors. There are two types of printers, which are also classified according to different environmental usage requirements. Therefore, there are outdoor and indoor types. Of course, the inks used in these two printers are completely different, so the machine structure will also change considerably. The ink used in outdoor wide format inkjet printers is typically an ecosolvent ink. Eco-solvent ink has the same waterproof sunscreen as oil-based ink, and the outdoor environment does not fade for a long time. It is greener and less odorous than oil-based ink. It also has a longer shelf life than ink in the house. The advantage of the indoor wide format printer and the outdoor wide format printer is that the ink is cheaper, the printed picture is more refined, and the color is more beautiful.

In addition, indoor and outdoor wide format inkjet printers have different requirements for configuration. For example, the relevant print heads, ink tubes, ink paths, and ink stacks of Nanjing ORIC sublimation transfer printers have different requirements. Therefore, in the development and production of printers, it is necessary to develop and produce indoor printers and outdoor printers for these two different inks. In addition, the ink is not interchangeable in indoor and outdoor printers.

wide format inkjet printersThere is another point worthy of our attention. The different types of wide-format inkjet printers in and out of the room support different inkjet printing materials. Similarly, indoor printers do not support printing on outdoor paper media. Unlike common inkjet materials, the indoor and outdoor layers it supports are different. Therefore, when purchasing inkjet material, users should ask the material supplier whether you want indoor materials or outdoor materials.

Some commonly used materials for indoor inkjet printing: PP film, photo paper, light box, silk cloth, canvas, transparent adhesive.

Outdoor printing materials: outdoor light cloth, outdoor light cloth, body stickers, outdoor crepe, mesh cloth, single hole through.

Why does wide-format photo printer often require RGB color mode?

Why does wide-format photo printer often require RGB color forms?

One sentence reply: the final result of wide-format printing is closer to the color you see on your computer.

In most cases (without proofing) it will satisfy your hopes. From the point of view of the shopping malls, whether they are earthen workshops or professional manufacturing companies, this is a natural result. Because they can’t tell whether the customer is using the same CMYK color space they use, for the unprofessional customers, this problem is mostly impossible to communicate.

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So why is it closer to using RGB? First look at the results of the customer’s own conversion to CMYK.

Although the inkjet of wide-format photo printer is in the form of CMYK, the CMYK format and the RGB format are all device-dependent. That is to say, the same is the CMYK form, and the colors may be different under different device spaces. That is, the same picture, after you turn to CMYK, the effect you see and the output of his device may be different, this is the foundation.

Specifically, if you have converted to a CMYK form on your computer, the effect you see on your computer is the effect of CMYK conversion to the RGB appearance of the screen (in most cases, if you don’t make corrections, it is sRGB space) . But which CMYK color space you choose, they don’t know. After they receive your file, there is also a transformed representation of the CMYK space to the RGB space. Assuming that the RGB space is the same as you, it is also RGB. But since the CMYK space and yours are probably not the same, the transformed colors you see are now different from what you see.

This way they don’t know what the color of hope you are at this time. Let alone the color that they output to the output device is the same as you want – that is, the whole process is completely uncontrollable.

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Look at the file is the status of RGB.

In the current digital products on the mall (mainly the display screen), most of them are the space of sRGB. The files you see on the computer are the results of the original files in RGB format in the sRGB space. There is no transformation. After the change, after you sent it to the inkjet company, according to the daily experience, the inkjet company also used sRGB as the computer’s visualization space (if the soil workshop, they use the acquiescence space, it is also sRGB. If it is a professional company, in the large format inkjet printer expectation. Most of the applications to customers may be sRGB space, and must be set to sRGB space). Then the manifestations they see will be very close to the manifestations you see.

At this time, they only need to do their own color management, to ensure that the color of their inkjet output is the same as the color they see on the display screen of sRGB. Then the final result is fundamental to the color you see on your computer, that is, your ultimate hope. This should prevent many misunderstandings and troubles.

What should I pay attention to when wide format photo printer working in wet environment ?

wide format photo printerWith the arrival of the rainy season, some advertising operators may not pay much attention to the environmental protection of wide format photo printers. The wet environment brought by the rainy season can easily affect the normal operation of wide format photo printer and the quality of printed pictures. Not paying attention to the impact of changes in this environment, sometimes it will delay the effort.

For example, there are a series of problems such as fading and watering. In most cases, we will mistakenly think that this phenomenon occurs because of ink problems. This will bring us great obstacles to solving problems and finding specific reasons.

In a humid environment, the large format inkjet printer can still cause many problems, such as the short-circuiting or even burning of the condensed water droplets on the motherboard and the print head, and the large format inkjet printer printed in such an environment. The ink on the screen is difficult to dry, which makes the work efficiency greatly reduced. This has to be said to be a rather troublesome problem.

wide format photo printerIn the working room where the large-format photo printer is stored, try to ensure that the room is dry, close the doors and windows, prevent the spread of outdoor moisture, and maintain a proper high indoor temperature, and then use a large fan to dry the printed image. The material of large-format photo printers is mainly composed of paper and paper coatings, which are relatively easy to absorb moisture and moisture. When the material is wet, it will cause the ink to spread when printing.

For the materials required for large-format printing machines, they should be protected after use, and placed in a fixed position, remember not to be in direct contact with the ground wall.

The problem of flying ink in eco solvent printers is difficult to solve?

In winter, due to the cold and dry climate, eco solvent printers will appear to fly ink and other phenomena, seriously affecting the sound field quality. Here, the author briefly introduces how to choose ink to make the large format inkjet printer work normally in winter.

eco solvent printerFirst of all, in the ink purchase should choose the ink suitable for winter use, domestic manufacturers have corresponding products launched. Another method is to warm the ink supply tank and raise the temperature of the ink. This method uses a large amount of electricity, but it is also worth promoting because it is much safer than adding a bulb at the bottom of the cartridge. The higher viscosity of the ink will damage the piezoelectric ceramic inside the nozzle and cause the fatigue of the nozzle to rise, such as the vertical surface of the painting surface!

eco solvent printerSecondly, we can control the ink activity by controlling the ink temperature. That is, the ink cartridge heating method is to add a temperature control device to the secondary ink cartridge. Some people simply add a light bulb to the bottom of the ink cartridge (if the space agrees) The effect is not bad.

Finally, the eco-solvent printer nozzle is maintained diligently. Ink water is a volatile liquid, the volatilization speed will be accelerated when air drying, and the ink on the surface of eco solvent inkjet printer printhead will dry quickly, resulting in the blockage of the printing head. In the printing process, the phenomenon of flying ink, frequent broken lines and inkjet skew occurs. If we do not pay attention to the maintenance of the printer’s printer head, it may damage the printer head.

If the eco-solvent printer ink is stored in a low temperature environment, its viscosity willincrease a lot, and the activity will be reduced accordingly. The temperature can quickly increase the ink activity but the ink viscosity will not decrease rapidly due to the temperature rise. The characteristics of the winter ink are mainly in the activity (the activity of the ink is much lower due to the lower temperature environment). To test the activity of the ink, there is a very simple way to take a piece of smooth iron. A little ink is then tilted at an angle to observe the speed of the ink on the iron piece.

Application of large-format printer in image field

With the ink-jet printing technology becoming more and more mature, more and more advanced, ink optimization, everyone’s concerns about fading, production process, equipment failure has been resolved, large-format ink-jet printing once again into people’s sight, many film studio owners and late output centers began to favor this fast, simple, economic, environmental protection, diversified mode of output.

What can a large-format printer do in the studio?

Here are the following answers: large wedding photos, exquisite photo albums, art tapestries, exquisite pillows, Korean crystal, Amich, three-dimensional wedding photos, frameless pictures, art photos, photo walls, wedding exhibition shelves, wedding invitations, in-store advertising, promotional posters, recruitment announcements, employee performance lists… The large-format printer that can be made by traditional printing can be made, and the large-format printer that can not be made by traditional printing can also be made.

What are the advantages of large-format printers in the application of film studios?

Convenience: The movie studio is far from the large post-center and the city with large color expander. It is very inconvenient to transmit films and deliver goods. If there is a large-format printer to solve these problems completely.

Environmental protection: The traditional silver salt printing wastewater is polluted by heavy metals, which is prohibited by the environmental protection department. In the near future, a new regulation will be carried out. More environmentally friendly dry printing is highly recommended.

Equipment investment is low: all investment is not much, about $15,000 can be done, and can be used for many years.

Staffing is simple: equipment is simple and easy to learn, general receptionists, photographers, cosmeticians, apprentices can be trained production, general small and medium-sized studios do not need special staff.

In addition, architectural effect drawings, art reproduction, home frameless paintings, custom mobile doors, personalized wallpapers and so on are home furnishings with many industries and products, large-format printers can be made perfect.