Why does the sublimation inkjet printer’s printhead “strike”?

The printhead is the heart of a wide-format inkjet printer. If there is a problem with the printhead, the entire machine will not work properly. Therefore, be sure to protect the print head when using the printer. So what conditions will affect the normal use of the print head? Today, I will come to give you a glimpse!


First, the airtightness between the ink cartridge, the ink tube, and the printhead.

I have previously talked about the inkjet principle of inkjet printers. Everyone knows that the printer printhead is controlled by the microvoltage change of the negative pressure system to control the ink output. To make the nozzle smoothly ink, it is necessary to ensure the inkjet system. Absolutely sealed. When the voltage is increased, the pressure of the micro-voltage to the ink tube will increase, and a pressure difference will be formed inside and outside the ink tube, and the ink will be pressed from the ink cartridge into the ink tube to the print head. If the inkjet system leaks, the negative pressure system can’t play its due role. If the ink can’t reach the print head, the print head will naturally not emit ink!

Second, the ink cartridge is leaking.

A small amount of air is always present in the upper part of the print cartridge connected to the continuous ink supply system, in order to avoid the phenomenon of ink self-flow caused by the siphon principle. However, if there is an air section in the entire inking line, it is caused by the air leakage of the ink cartridge or the unsealing of the ink injection elbow interface, so the air leakage of the ink cartridge may cause the ink to be discharged or the ink drop.

Third, improper operation.

The ink from the print head ejects ink through its orifice. Since this orifice is small, it may be clogged or damaged with carelessness.

During the printing process, some materials have poor adhesion, and we use a fixing agent to enhance their adhesion. Fixing agent is a very viscous solvent. Once it sticks to the nozzle, the nozzle will be blocked or directly scrapped, which will not work properly.

Fourth, the impact of external factors.

For example, when carrying or using a printer, the machine is hit by an external force, causing the printer to not work properly.



1. When using the sublimation inkjet printer, remember to follow the printer instructions strictly!

2. When the printer can’t print normally, don’t panic. Check carefully whether the printer spare parts are in good condition and make other judgments!

What Facts Need to Be Considered When Purchased a Eco-solvent Printer?

If you want t to have a perfect eco solvent printer gives you ease-of-use operation, high saturated color representation and considerable profit margins. So when you first buy eco solvent printer, what should you pay attention to?

dye-sublimation transfer printer Price
Obviously, the first involves price, you should do some researches in advance to have a rough understanding of digital printer market. Once we purchase printer, it’s better to understand the price of printer instead of to bear in mind of. Some customers did not have a reasonable understanding of price before, that is straightforward to cause excessive price distinction. As an example, you should make sure if you would like eco solvent printer; you need DX5 printhead or XP600 printhead; you need 1.6m, 1.8m or 3.2m, you need single head or dual head or four heads. All these factors could influence your printing result and price.

eco-slvent printer

Accuracy and speed
For digital printing, the printing accuracy and speed is that the key to the production cost and quality. It is determined by the standard of hardware the printer used itself. Generally, for people who want to start printing business, the quicker speed the printer has, the more profits they’ll get. Sadly, there could also be trade-offs between speed and quality. If high speed is your prime priority, you may need to sacrifice quality in certain degree. However, on a positive aspect, printers keep obtaning quicker as technology evolves. Even the slowest printers of today tend to be adequate to the quickest printers of simply a few years ago.

solvent printer

Number of ink color
Under most occasions, people often select the printer with 4 colors. A 4-color printer can work beautifully on media surface to create stunning colors and high-resolution printing results. But if you are doing fine arts or photographic work where subtle shades of color make an enormous difference, the 6 colors or even 8 colors are more ideal.

Stability and durability
What is a good digital large format printer? Other than the precision and speed above mentioned, stable quality and durability are also very essential parts. And often experienced manufacturers can ensure the stability, we offer 1 year even lifetime warranty period (under extra condition) to benefit our customers.

UV flatbed printers

Applications: T-shirt Printing with Large Format Printers

large format printer

Printing on T-shirts
T-shirts don’t seem to be just a piece of clothing. They can be a favorite piece of art, your pride in a company, love of a sports team, passion for a dance band, and so much more. T-shirts are very personal items and offer a chance for graphics providers to create highly fascinating t-shirts, jerseys, tanks and other apparel for customers. With oric on-demand printing on t-shirt solutions, you have the ultimate technology for creating high-impact t-shirts and apparel for a demanding market.

t-shirt printing All-Over T-Shirt Printing
One of the other major advantages of dye-sublimation customization is able to print “all-over” t-shirts that command high prices. With OricPrint sublimation printers, you can achieve all-over printing on t-shirts as well as provide brilliant ink results, including multiple color combinations and subtle pastel shades to set your t-shirt customization apart.

tshirt printing

Printing on Sportswear T-Shirts with a Dye-Sublimation Set-Up
Dye-sublimation is that the ideal solution for graphics suppliers who want a massive production apparel solution for printing on t-shirts similarly as activewear, football jerseys, workout shirts and other clothing. With a dye-sublimation set-up that includes a oricPrint dye-sublimation printer and heat press device, you can build an apparel customization business with more profitable application options in the high-end t-shirt and apparel market.

large format printer

Customize T-Shirts with OricPrint Eco-Solvent Printer
With OricPrint inkjet printer you can create brilliantly colorful and original custom t-shirts. Combined with a heat press, they offer an on-demand customization solution effectively for adding detailed logos, graphics, and art to sweaters, jackets, hoodies, vests and other popular apparel.

Quick and Simple T-Shirt Customization
For those looking for quick and uncomplicated t-shirt graphics production, then the OricPrint large format dye-sublimation printers and the A3 size desktop DTG printers are ideal for applications like football jerseys, logo t-shirts, custom slogan t-shirts and other apparel products with simply impressive graphics.

oric printer

Large Format Printer Application – Banner Printing Solutions

large format printer


As the pioneer in large-format digital printers, OnePrint provides customers the top level of quality and versatility that print professionals are looking for.

With super speed, fast ink-curing, wider color gamut, scratch-resistant and low production cost, OricPrint printers offer you exceptional value for banner printing.

banner printing Indoor and Outdoor Banners

Oric eco-solvent inkjet technology is compatible with a wide variety of coated and uncoated banner materials, giving you more options for indoor and outdoor banner printing.

Our eco solvent ink is no-toxic, less odor and excellent outdoor durability.

The combination of inks and wide format printers helps to deliver brilliant banners for sales events, street fairs, store openings, POP displays, tradeshow graphics to grasp passerby’ attention.

large format printer

Fantastic Fabric Banners

Compared to vinyl banners and rigid substrate materials, fabric banners are the hands down favorite for many retailers and distributors. Because large fabric banners can fold into a very small size without damage. Portability is a real plus point. With OricPrint sublimation printers, eye-catching graphics can be easily tranferred into polyester banners for flags, backdrops, window displays, interior design, conventions and meetings, retail point of sale etc.

wide format printer


The mesh banners minimize the effect of wind by letting it pass right through but in contrast the image clarity will slightly reduce. With OricPrint high resolution inkjet printers and increased color density, mesh banners set apart from the competition, getting noticed by many customers for production of sporting event graphics, outdoor promotional banners, fence signs and more.

inkjet printer

High-end White Effects

To truly set your banners apart, white ink can be used as a spot color, combined with CMYK to create opaque images and transparent effects on dark, clear and colored substrates.


Pay More Attention to What’s a large format inkjet printer?

It’s any printer that works by propelling droplets of ink, and the most common type of printer for home use. If you print from your computer, smartphone, or digital camera, you probably have an inkjet printer. Most large format inkjet printers allow color printing of photos and images, as well as black and white documents.

How Does an Inkjet Printer Work?
An inkjet printer creates an image by firing tiny droplets of ink, hence the inkjet definition. The print head moves back and forth as the paper is fed through a set of rollers. The complete image is built up from many small dots, a bit like the pixels on a TV or phone screen.

The quality of an image is determined by the number of dots per inch (DPI), and the range of colors possible. A few different colors of ink can be combined to produce virtually any color. Yellow, red, and cyan ink are the colors most commonly used. These can be combined to make black, although it’s usually more economical if a separate black ink is used. Each color may be contained in a separately replaceable cartridge or they may all be contained in a single cartridge.

print head

Ink cartridges inside an inkjet printer. André Karwath/Creative Commons
A number of different technologies may be used to propel ink onto the paper. Most consumer printers use the thermal Drop-on-demand (DOD) method. In this process, ink is pumped from a cartridge to a tiny reservoir sitting directly behind a nozzle. A small electric heating element is located in the reservoir. When a pulse of electric current is passed through this element, the solvent in the ink vaporizes, causing an increase in pressure, which propels a drop of ink out of the nozzle. The bubble of vapor then condenses, contracting and drawing some more ink into the reservoir.

Some consumer wide format printers, as well as most industrial printers, use a piezoelectric material, instead of a heater. In these devices, a piezoelectric diaphragm, similar to a small speaker, sits at the back of the ink reservoir, opposite the nozzle.

Diagram showing nozzle for piezo and thermal inkjet nozzles
The print head contains the nozzle, reservoir, and heater or piezoelectric. In many consumer printers, the print head is part of a disposable ink cartridge, meaning it’s replaced whenever new ink is required. In many more expensive printers, a fixed head is used, which is not replaced with the ink cartridges.

Other technologies are used in large scale commercial inkjet printers and other industrial devices. These often use a combination of ultrasonic vibration and electrical charge to propel and direct ink droplets in a continuous spray. Such printers may be much faster and use a greater variety of inks and dyes, including those which are solvent-based and ultraviolet curing. This can result in more durable and waterproof prints than can be achieved with consumer printers.

eco solvent plotter