The ink supply methods of inkjet printers are not uniform, but they are mostly used for continuous ink supply systems. Then, as an inkjet printer, maintenance is required, and this continuous ink supply system should also be well maintained to truly guarantee the print quality of the inkjet printer.

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1.No matter what ink supply method is, it is a key maintenance object for the ink tube, and the continuous supply system is no exception. In order to ensure normal ink supply, we need to check the ink port, ink supply tube and outer ink filter of the ink cartridge inside and outside the ink tube to prevent the ink tube from entering the air or blocking. If there is a blockage, use a syringe needle to clear the ink outlet. If there is air, you can also extract the air according to this method.

sublimation printing2.Sometimes there will be some foam in the ink cartridge. You can’t look down on these foams. These foams can cause problems such as broken lines and lack of color in inkjet printer printing. At this point, we need to eliminate the foam in order to use it properly. The specific operation can be done with a syringe. First remove the inner ink cartridge and use the syringe to draw out the ink in the ink cartridge. Remember that you can’t take it too quickly, and slowly pull it out. At this time, the ink of the outer ink cartridge flows into the inner ink cartridge, and the ink of the inner ink cartridge enters the syringe. When the syringe tube has been filled with ink and the ink in the tube is inside the outer cartridge, the process is repeated until there is no foam in the ink.

The continuous supply system is also an important part of the inkjet printer. When it comes to the maintenance of the inkjet printer, it is important to ensure that the inkjet printer has a longer life!

Do you Know the Reasons of The Printer Ink Cartridges Become Dry?

Hello, good afternoon, my dear friends. If you are in digital printing business, you may face a series of problem. Today, let’s talk about this question – what cause your inkjet printer ink cartridge became dry? Because inkjet cartridges can be expensive, we should know the reasons and know how to solve the problem. And if you encounter they are drying out frequently, it may force you into buying the consumables way too often leading to wastage of money. Not just money but a dried out ink cartridge may even ruin your prints. To avoid such situation it is important that you find out the causes that make the printer cartridges to dry out.

There are five reason of your ink cartridge may become dry


Ink in the ink cartridges is made up of a number of chemicals including humectants that decelerate premature drying. However, if the ink cartridges are used occasionally, the ink can dry up within a couple of months. The infrequent use of printer cartridges is the most common cause.

Hence, to avoid the ink from drying out, make sure you print regularly, at least once a week. Some printer professional recommend that even if the printer cartridge is used once in a month you can prevent it from clogging or drying out


Another main cause behind the drying out of ink cartridges is improper storage. Lack of knowledge regarding how inkjet cartridges must be stored can lead to such problems. There are two crucial points that determine the healthy lifespan of a printer cartridge:


When storing the ink cartridges, it is important they are placed upright. As this helps the ink to settle at the bottom of the cartridge, leaving breathable space that allows the ink to pass through the sponge (present at the top) smoothly. In case the printer cartridge is stored on its sides, it is possible that the ink may settle at the top of the cartridge which leads to blurry or streaky prints and dried-out ink.


It is important to remember that the cartridges should be stored in a cool and dry place that is well-ventilated and away from direct sunlight. You should avoid keeping them near a hot sunny window or inside a hot car. Furthermore, during the summers and winters if you are using heaters and air conditioning up too high, ensure this doesn’t affect your printer cartridges.


Many people tend to use refilled ink cartridges instead of replacing them due to their low cost. But you should know that if the ink cartridges are not filled correctly, it can lead to air entering the cartridge, drying up the ink and clogging the nozzle heads.


If the printheads on the ink cartridge are not properly cleaned it may lead to drying out of the cartridge and clogging of the printheads. This is one of the common causes of unclear prints.


The expiration date is one the causes of cartridges getting clogged and drying out. So before you purchase the printer cartridges make sure to check the expiry dates.

Dealing with inkjet cartridges is no easy task. If you really want to save your money from getting wasted you need to be alert with the maintenance requirements of the cartridges.

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