How to choose print heads for UV printer?

Nowadays, UV printer heads in the printing market, like Epson, Kyocera, Konica, Ricoh are generally the most common brands. Nozzle life, Accuracy, Stability these factors directly affect the use of subsequent equipment. The core is to look at the price of the nozzle, cheap nozzle is not as good as an expensive one. In fact, there are lots of customers who are not particularly understanding of the nozzles, so here will popularize some of the UV printer nozzle tips for everyone.

1800H UV printer

1800H UV printer

1. Epson printhead

As we all know, Epson nozzles have been independent in the era of Japanese inkjet printer. Epson print heads we mainly see in Japanese series machines such as Mimaki, Roland, Mutoh, etc. At present, domestic inkjet printer has also begun to use Epson DX5 to take the lead. Besides, with the development of domestic inkjet printers, indoor and outdoor piezoelectric wide format printers are all high-performance and high-precision Epson DX5 piezoelectric nozzles.

2. Konica print head

Konica nozzles are double-row ink tubes with uniform flow and pressure. Ensure print quality. Some brands are single row. The 512 Konica printhead is a fully enclosed printhead, waterproof and anti-aging. Konica nozzles have poor ink compatibility and strict requirements for inks in different seasons. They are sensitive to environmental temperature changes. The nozzle plate exposes, and the ink will burn the nozzles. It is easy to break the ink at high and low temperatures. Use Life expectancy is less than 1.5 years.



3. RICOH print head:

Ricoh nozzles are mainly suitable for high-end industrial UV printers. Like most of the one or two million machines imported abroad, using  Ricoh print heads. With the same industrial printhead machine, Ricoh’s printing effect is definitely the best, the clearest, and can basically achieve the printing effect of Epson. Double-row ink tube with fine ink dots and grayscale printing fully enclosed nozzle, waterproof, anti-aging Ricoh Gen5 nozzle has a built-in constant temperature system, the printing voltage is adjusted with the temperature, then achieving a more stable printing state. The circuit board of the nozzle is all metal, so it can be soaked in ink without causing damage to the nozzle. The life of the nozzle is long, and it can be used normally for 3-5 years, so we think this is the most successful piezoelectric nozzle. The single-color control of a single nozzle, the all-steel structure super corrosion-resistant nozzle has both speed and effect, but its disadvantage is that the price is more expensive than other types of nozzle machines.

UV printer VS Latex printer

UV Printing VS Latex printing

UV Printing VS Latex printing

The large-format print industry is evolving rapidly and experiencing growth & change with the influx of technologies in the market.
UV Printers offer many benefits in LFP market. UV Curable printing always offers opportunities to reduce the impact of printing on the environment relative to solvent-based printing. It is still considered to be fast-growing technology in the wide-format market.

UV printers are excellent for any application which involves the printing of a variety of substrates. The inks are cured and fixed with UV light. Both flexible roll materials and single sheets, but also rigid print media and even glass can deal with it. Latex printers require preprint and post print heaters to cure the media, resulting in higher energy consumption compared to other inkjet technologies. Some substrates may buckle under the higher temperatures.

UV banner printing

UV banner printing

Main Advantages of UV Printers over Latex:

1. UV Curing provides more Print options in various substrates
2. Lower Picolitre drop sizes compared to Latex
3. Less Maintenance
4. Less consumables
5. Less Operating Cost
6. Reduced Material Cost
7. Less Downtime in production vs a Full day in Latex
8. 1-2 or even fewer print heads to be replaced compared to 20 to 30 printheads in Latex over its life.
9. Ink Yield is 25 to 30 % more
10. Ink consumption is cheaper than latex.
11. Less Power consumption.
12. Lower cost per sqm.

According to a survey, print service providers have started shifting their buying preference more towards UV printers than latex printer. (50% favoured UV while 32% indicated to purchase Latex).

Latex printing

Latex printing applications

Latex inks have a limited choice of materials because the ink must be fixed under heat. However, UV ink dries instantly, which makes it excellent for non-absorbent substrates such as PVC, carton, wood, aluminium, glass, and ceramics, etc. UV inks are also suitable for printing on rigid and uncoated print media. UV Prints are extremely durable (UV-resistant, water-resistant, scratch-resistant), gives true colour output and exceptionally high quality. It is generally possible to print much faster-using UV ink than with aqueous or solvent inks.

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UV printer Which Brand Is Good, How to Distinguish It?

UV printer, also known as uv flat-panel printers, universal printer, 3 d flat-panel printers, can print range is very wide, not only can print 3 d effect can also print embossed effect. Uv printer prices generally now tens of thousands to tens of 2, domestic, there is no such thing as ten big brands, are a few small manufacturers and self-styled company. UV printer manufacturers have focused on shenzhen, guangzhou and other places, as for the uv printer of what brand is good, there is no absolute, here to provide you with a few methods to yourself.

The specific method is as follows:

1. Get to know the brand and the manufacturer’s reputation through the Internet first, and investigate relevant information to avoid being cheated.

2. Field visit to the factory. After all, it is a matter of tens of thousands, not a small number.

3. For uv printers, the printing effect and stability is the absolute principle, which is tested by multiple proofing and multiple comparison

4. Price is not the only criterion. Prices of different manufacturers and models will vary.

5. When signing the contract, pay attention to the following: after-sales service, maintenance, warranty scope, accessories, etc., all of which are empty, and the words in black and white are the most appropriate in the contract.

The top priority in choosing uv printers is to consider the stability of the printer, selection of the sprinkler head, maintenance cost (the price of replacing the sprinkler head), and after-sales service.

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