What’s The Pros & Cons of Epson, Toshiba and Ricoh Print Head?

At present, the most common UV printer nozzles in the industry are Epson, Toshiba and Ricoh. The life, accuracy and stability of the nozzle directly affect the use of subsequent equipment. The core is to look at the price of the nozzle, the cheap nozzle is not expensive, in fact, this is a lot of customers are not particularly aware of the nozzle, and now for everyone to spread some small common sense about the UV printer nozzle.

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From the perspective of print fineness, Epson’s nozzle is the finest, followed by Toshiba and Ricoh again. The color printed by the Epson nozzle is more saturated, because it has a finer orifice and a smaller ink point, which improves the overall printing effect. Toshiba nozzles are second only to Epson, Ricoh’s nozzles are larger, and the three machines will be more obvious at the same time.

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We know that the print speed is determined by the fineness of the printhead, the quality of the print, and the size of the print. The same print material, print pattern, print format to compare, Epson’s print speed is the slowest, followed by Ricoh, and finally Toshiba. Toshiba prints are twice as fast as Epson.

1, printing accuracy: Epson dx5 nozzle (ink point 3.5pl)> Toshiba CE4 nozzle (ink point 5pl)> Ricoh G5 nozzle (ink point 7pl)
2, nozzle life: Toshiba CE4 nozzle (36-60 months)> Ricoh G5 nozzle (9-18 months)> Epson five generation nozzle (2-6 months).

print head3, the price of the nozzle: Ricoh 5 generation nozzle (more than 20,000 RMB)> Toshiba nozzle (more than 10,000 RMB)> Epson fifth generation nozzle (price instability around 6000RMB).
4, nozzle stability: Toshiba CE4 nozzle > Ricoh G5 nozzle > Epson five generation nozzle. 5, printing speed: Toshiba CE4 nozzle > Ricoh G5 nozzle > Epson five generation nozzle.

Customers can decide according to their own comprehensive needs. Epson is a civilian nozzle, Toshiba and Ricoh are industrial nozzles. Toshiba nozzles are currently the most cost-effective in the industry, and they are the most widely selected, which greatly reduces the maintenance costs in the later period.

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Some Rumors about Epson Print Head, Do You Believe It?

    As the most famous print head brand, the Epson print head is widely used in printing. But there are many rumors about Epson print head in the market. Are they real? Of course not. We list the most common rumors and will tell you why they are not real.5113 print head

    1. Epson print head has a short lifespan

    The lifespan of the print head relate to many factors, and the most important factor is the maintenance.As long as you maintain your inkjet printer, especially print head regularly and correctly, the print head can work for one year or even longer. Conversely, if you don’t know how to maintain the print head or maintain the print head with a wrong method, then the lifespan of your print head will be shorten to 6 months, or even shorter. So, if your Epson print head has a short lifespan, Can only prove that you didn’t maintain it well.

        2. The Epson print head is hard to maintain
    Print head is a kind of high-tech precision product. Why people say it is hard to maintain? It is because the nozzles are very small. If you don’t maintain it regularly, it is easier to blocked than other print head. As long as you maintain it regularly, it is not hard at all.

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        3. The Epson print head will stop production
        This rumor is ridiculous. Do you know how big the market of Epson print head?Only in China, 60% to 80% printers are equipped with Epson print head. You think Epson company will give up such a big market easily? It is impossible.

     Why most printer producers and users love Epson print head, there are 3 reasons:
    a. It is cheap compared with other print head like Ricoh ,Konica.  
    b. The printing quality is unique.
    c. It has a stable performance.

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    So don’t let these rumors influence your choice, and trust me that Epson print head is really good.