Eco solvent printers do not print well? These 4 points may be overlooked!

The eco-solvent printer is a large-format printing device with high printing accuracy and good color reproduction. With the advancement of technology, the printing speed and printing accuracy of eco-solvent printers have also been greatly improved. The development of China’s advertising industry has led to a significant increase in the demand for printing equipment such as eco solvent printers, and more and more users using eco-solvent printers.

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Here is a special explanation for the requirements of the pictures in the eco solvent printer.

1. Size

eco solvent printersThe size of the photo image is the same as the actual required picture size. It is different from printing and does not require a bleeding portion. In the inkjet company, there is usually a white border after the output screen, and the general situation is to leave the net screen edge 10CM. You can agree with the inkjet output company, and how many edges are left for buttonholes. The price is calculated per square meter, so the screen size is in centimeters.

2. Image resolution requirements

The general situation requires 72DPI/inch. If the image is too large (such as when the new image shows the actual size of the PHOTOSHOP file size exceeds 400M), you can properly reduce the resolution and control it within 400M.

3. Image mode requirements

The photo is unified using the CMKY mode, and the RGB mode is prohibited. Today’s inkjet printers are all four-color inkjet, and its color is very different from the printing color. Of course, when drawing, follow the printing standards, the inkjet company will adjust the color of the picture and the sample close.

 4. Image black part requirements

eco solvent printersIt is strictly forbidden to have a single black value in the photo image. C, M, and Y colors must be added to form a mixed black. If it is big black, it can be made: C=50M=50Y=50K=100. Especially when using the effect with PHOTOSHOP, be careful to change the black part to four-color black. Otherwise, there will be a black cross on the screen, which will affect the overall effect.

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Eco solvent printers have many advantages in printing with original ink

Eco solvent printers are used as wide-format advertising inkjet printing device. The color and clarity of the image color of the daily color inkjet printing and eco-solvent printer printing are closely related to the ink.

The original ink of eco solvent printers have many advantages!

Ink is very important for eco solvent printers, and it is also the main consumable for wide format color printer. Only high-quality ink can make the large-format printing machine work best. Therefore, as a member of the advertising inkjet industry, as a user of the machine, the daily use of the printing machine must purchase the original high quality ink of the printer manufacturer.

eco solvent printersFirst of all, using original ink, wide format inkjet printer printing color is more guaranteed. Select the original ink of the manufacturer to better enjoy the after-sales guarantee of the manufacturer, so as to better guarantee the color and quality of the inkjet printing of the printing machine.

High-quality original ink, with good color reproduction, excellent color saturation, excellent color and color gamut expressiveness, rich and colorful, realistic effect. The photo printout image of the big size eco solvent  printer has a small color difference from the original design color to achieve the best color performance.

eco solvent printersSecondly, using the original original ink of the eco solvent printer, the ink has good fluency and little influence by temperature. In different climates, there are good performances. For example, Nanjing ORIC printer original original ink, long-term inkjet print output, not easy to print broken, stable printing performance, good adhesion, fast drying. ORIC printer original ink has good weather resistance, green and environmental protection, effectively protect the print head, ensure the print quality of the picture, and improve the drying speed of the picture.

eco solvent printersFinally, using the original ink of the wide format eco solvent printer, the compatibility of the media printed by the eco solvent printer is better. For example, it can be used for various printing paper media, such as photo paper, photo cloth, inkjet cloth, car sticker, adhesive, etc. After inkjet printing, it can be applied to automotive and architectural exterior wall-wrapped inkjet products, store promotional posters, advertisements, posters, promotional materials, etc., and the application field is very large.

All in all, the original machine uses original ink, not only the quality is guaranteed, but also the use is more assured. Therefore, the benefits of using original ink for large-format printers are numerous. “A penny and a share” is always right! Please use the original ink in the inkjet printer, don’t use cheap ink and use the inferior ink, and you won’t miss it!

Why is the EPS3200 wide format eco solvent printer so hot?

Why is the EPS3200 wide format eco solvent printer sales so hot?

wide format eco solvent printerSince the spring of 2019, advertising exhibitions across the country have been held as scheduled. The EPS3200 wide format eco solvent printer has attracted a lot of attention from industry customers. Its unbeatable cost-effectiveness makes it shine during the show, and the sales scene is extremely hot.


Knowing the features of this magic printhead, you will naturally look at it. You will not hesitate to choose this best money-making artifact.

1. Using the most advanced TFP film piezoelectric technology to achieve precise ink control, stable output, and more realistic printing results.

wide format eco solvent printer 2. The minimum ink drop 2.5PL (equivalent to “10 minus 15 times” cubic meters, ie 1000 cubic microns), higher printing accuracy, best color reproduction, and better printing results.

3. Built-in ink column, easy to use, up to nine levels of grayscale printing. The print head can use an external ink cartridge for quick and easy operation.

4. The EPS3200 nozzle has a total of 3,200 nozzles. The maximum speed of the dual nozzles is 80m2/h, and the maximum speed of the three nozzles is 118m2/h. The speed is unmatched.

5.EPS3200 print head is a powerful print head with >PPE+PPS-GF40

The EPS3200 eco-solvent printer allows you to experience “high-precision” while minimizing production costs and maximizing benefits. The speed and cost performance are second to none in the entire printing market, which is bound to lead the printing industry into a new stage of development.

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What are the methods to prevent static electricity in eco solvent printers?

When they are using eco solvent printers will appear static electricity. What are the ways to prevent static electricity from the printer? Let me introduce you to the following.

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At present, there are three main methods of controlling static electricity:

1. Ground the printed material;

2. Use electrostatic paint or detergent, etc.;

3. Ionize the air around the static-charged material.

However, in actual operation, it is not realistic to ground the material. The use of antistatic coatings and cleaners inevitably adds significant cost. There is also a lot of inconvenience in ionized air.

eco solvent printers

To be scientifically anti-static in eco solvent printers, you need to do:

a. Control the printing speed. Studies have shown that after the speed is reduced, the electron cloud is in a stable state, the electrons are not released, and the probability of generating static electricity is the lowest.

b. Control room temperature and humidity. In general, in the range of 35%-65% relative humidity, the static electricity on the printed material is more easily removed without affecting the ink droplets on the wide printer head, ensuring printing accuracy. It is recommended that the office be regularly ventilated to ensure good ventilation.

c. Ground the eco-solvent printer.

d. Do not use ink with too high viscosity. Although the weight of the ink droplets is too large to reduce the influence of static electricity, too much viscosity will bring disadvantage to the crystal of the printer head.

eco solvent printers

The above is the way to prevent static electricity when I use the wide-format eco solvent printer. I hope that today’s sharing can help you better use the printer.

How to maintain the eco solvent printer in dry weather?

In fact, the maintenance of eco solvent printer cannot be relaxed all year round. Everyone knows that autumn is a very dry season, and the eco solvent printer’s working environment humidity is between 20% and 80%. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the working environment of the eco solvent printer normal.

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Here are a few key points for the maintenance of eco-solvent printers in the fall:

1. It is easy to generate static electricity during the dry season, and the large format eco solvent printer is most afraid of static electricity, so be sure to connect the grounding wire;

eco solvent printer2. Keep the floor clean: when the weather is dry, there will be dust, which will affect the life and efficiency of the eco-solvent printer. You can often mop the floor and sprinkle water to keep the room from drying and dust.

3. Ink: It must be used when the ink is loaded. The remaining ink will remain in the vicinity of each time the printhead is sprayed. Frequent printing of new ink will wash away the last remaining ink, otherwise it will slowly solidify, causing the printhead to clog;

eco solvent printer4. Maintain a constant temperature in the room, and the operating environment temperature is between 15 ° C and 30 ° C;

5. The relative humidity of the eco-solvent printer operating room should be kept at 40%-60%.