Eco solvent printers do not print well? These 4 points may be overlooked!

The eco-solvent printer is a large-format printing device with high printing accuracy and good color reproduction. With the advancement of technology, the printing speed and printing accuracy of eco-solvent printers have also been greatly improved. The development of China’s advertising industry has led to a significant increase in the demand for printing equipment such as eco solvent printers, and more and more users using eco-solvent printers.

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Here is a special explanation for the requirements of the pictures in the eco solvent printer.

1. Size

eco solvent printersThe size of the photo image is the same as the actual required picture size. It is different from printing and does not require a bleeding portion. In the inkjet company, there is usually a white border after the output screen, and the general situation is to leave the net screen edge 10CM. You can agree with the inkjet output company, and how many edges are left for buttonholes. The price is calculated per square meter, so the screen size is in centimeters.

2. Image resolution requirements

The general situation requires 72DPI/inch. If the image is too large (such as when the new image shows the actual size of the PHOTOSHOP file size exceeds 400M), you can properly reduce the resolution and control it within 400M.

3. Image mode requirements

The photo is unified using the CMKY mode, and the RGB mode is prohibited. Today’s inkjet printers are all four-color inkjet, and its color is very different from the printing color. Of course, when drawing, follow the printing standards, the inkjet company will adjust the color of the picture and the sample close.

 4. Image black part requirements

eco solvent printersIt is strictly forbidden to have a single black value in the photo image. C, M, and Y colors must be added to form a mixed black. If it is big black, it can be made: C=50M=50Y=50K=100. Especially when using the effect with PHOTOSHOP, be careful to change the black part to four-color black. Otherwise, there will be a black cross on the screen, which will affect the overall effect.

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How to maintain the eco solvent printer in dry weather?

In fact, the maintenance of eco solvent printer cannot be relaxed all year round. Everyone knows that autumn is a very dry season, and the eco solvent printer’s working environment humidity is between 20% and 80%. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the working environment of the eco solvent printer normal.

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Here are a few key points for the maintenance of eco-solvent printers in the fall:

1. It is easy to generate static electricity during the dry season, and the large format eco solvent printer is most afraid of static electricity, so be sure to connect the grounding wire;

eco solvent printer2. Keep the floor clean: when the weather is dry, there will be dust, which will affect the life and efficiency of the eco-solvent printer. You can often mop the floor and sprinkle water to keep the room from drying and dust.

3. Ink: It must be used when the ink is loaded. The remaining ink will remain in the vicinity of each time the printhead is sprayed. Frequent printing of new ink will wash away the last remaining ink, otherwise it will slowly solidify, causing the printhead to clog;

eco solvent printer4. Maintain a constant temperature in the room, and the operating environment temperature is between 15 ° C and 30 ° C;

5. The relative humidity of the eco-solvent printer operating room should be kept at 40%-60%.

The problem of flying ink in eco solvent printers is difficult to solve?

In winter, due to the cold and dry climate, eco solvent printers will appear to fly ink and other phenomena, seriously affecting the sound field quality. Here, the author briefly introduces how to choose ink to make the large format inkjet printer work normally in winter.

eco solvent printerFirst of all, in the ink purchase should choose the ink suitable for winter use, domestic manufacturers have corresponding products launched. Another method is to warm the ink supply tank and raise the temperature of the ink. This method uses a large amount of electricity, but it is also worth promoting because it is much safer than adding a bulb at the bottom of the cartridge. The higher viscosity of the ink will damage the piezoelectric ceramic inside the nozzle and cause the fatigue of the nozzle to rise, such as the vertical surface of the painting surface!

eco solvent printerSecondly, we can control the ink activity by controlling the ink temperature. That is, the ink cartridge heating method is to add a temperature control device to the secondary ink cartridge. Some people simply add a light bulb to the bottom of the ink cartridge (if the space agrees) The effect is not bad.

Finally, the eco-solvent printer nozzle is maintained diligently. Ink water is a volatile liquid, the volatilization speed will be accelerated when air drying, and the ink on the surface of eco solvent inkjet printer printhead will dry quickly, resulting in the blockage of the printing head. In the printing process, the phenomenon of flying ink, frequent broken lines and inkjet skew occurs. If we do not pay attention to the maintenance of the printer’s printer head, it may damage the printer head.

If the eco-solvent printer ink is stored in a low temperature environment, its viscosity willincrease a lot, and the activity will be reduced accordingly. The temperature can quickly increase the ink activity but the ink viscosity will not decrease rapidly due to the temperature rise. The characteristics of the winter ink are mainly in the activity (the activity of the ink is much lower due to the lower temperature environment). To test the activity of the ink, there is a very simple way to take a piece of smooth iron. A little ink is then tilted at an angle to observe the speed of the ink on the iron piece.

When the eco solvent printer prints how to solve the image garbled ?

There are always more or less problems in the use of the eco solvent printer, such as disconnection, image misalignment, ghosting, and color cast. So if there is garbled drawing, what should I do?

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There are several reasons why images may be garbled:

1. There is a problem with the USB cable. You can check if the USB cable is plugged in or replace a USB cable.

2. If there is a problem with the memory card of the eco solvent printer, you can re-plug the memory card on the motherboard after the eco solvent printer is turned off, and then restart the eco solvent printing machine to check whether it can be mapped normally.

3. Static problems, general static problems may also cause misalignment and ghosting. Therefore, when using the outdoor , be sure to insert the grounding wire to avoid many problems caused by static interference;

4. If it is a garbled phenomenon of a certain color, it may be a problem with the print head of the color. You can clean the print head or try to replace the print head;

5. The print software buffer space on the computer is not enough to cause garbled graphics, and generally do not use the computer excessively when plotting, and this computer does not install anti-virus software as much as possible to avoid some computer and outdoor printing machine driver conflicts. .

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Do you have a solution to the garbled image of the eco solvent inkjet printer?

Application of eco-solvent printer on car stickers

Nowadays, the decoration of personalized car stickers is welcomed by more and more car owners, and the outdoor eco-solvent printer body sticker application also brings more business opportunities to the production merchants.

Everyone will cast an envious look on the body with a pattern and text. Now the car is no longer the tool that people use to travel. It represents the personality and temperament of the owner. It is also the face of the owner. It is also a good friend of the car owner. I think you are no exception to the younger generation!

The owner can customize the personal pattern and text that he likes, create the creative design of the business through the car sticker and print the inkjet output. The perfect personality pattern is very popular with the car. Choose your favorite car sticker material, especially with the high-performance outdoor eco solvent p machine, the merchant can more easily and quickly complete the personalized car sticker production.

Use outdoor eco-solvent printing machine, or use UV light to cure the printout pattern. The picture is colorful and the image is clear, and it has high-quality adsorption on the body sticker. The outdoor environment is waterproof, not easy to change color or fade. Durability. At the same time, the pattern of UV light curing printout has a three-dimensional convexity, and the image text is three-dimensional and realistic, and the effect is more perfect. In addition to the personalized body sticker application, the Oric eco-solvent printers can also be used for other related outdoor environment advertisements and decorations, such as for bus system body advertisements, car decoration, subway station wall advertisements, outdoor durable signs, advertisement signs. , glass curtain wall, window decoration, irregular arc advertising, and other industries, has a very large development prospects.