Pay attention to brand and model when purchasing eco solvent printer on Internet

Because of the different fields of application, when doing eco solvent printer purchases, we must also do a lot of measurement. It is recommended that quality should be measured. If it is really possible to pick up the eco solvent printer of a big brand, it is naturally also very good practicality, which can guarantee the subsequent printing effect. If you are shopping through the Internet, in fact, as long as we can choose the right brand, naturally we do not have to worry too much. However, network purchases should also pay attention to the comparison of brands and models.

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First, the network chooses the right brand.

There are many brands of eco solvent printers on the Internet, and there are many products offered by merchants. If we really want to pick a product that meets our needs, it is very simple to look at the parameters and performance directly. However, when purchasing the brand of wide-format eco-solvent printer on the Internet, it is definitely necessary to pay special attention to the overall measurement work. It is recommended that the products of the regular brand should be selected, so that we can really guarantee our follow-up operations, and we can guarantee that our follow-up use will not have any problems.

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Second, model confirmation is critical.

Because the eco-solvent plotter models we need to use are different, it is definitely necessary to make a model confirmation as a whole so that we can pick the right products for us. The measurement of the model is still very simple. It only needs to determine the quality of the eco-solvent printer, whether it can guarantee better performance, etc. Only in this way can we really guarantee our subsequent use. I believe that as long as the model is confirmed, it is natural that we can select the products that meet our needs.

How to use a wide-format eco-solvent printer to save costs?

The wide-format eco-solvent printer is the mainstream products of color printers used in advertising, etc. Printing media and ink are two essential consumables in the printing process of wide format color printers. However, the consumption is also a lot, and it is a small expenditure for a long time. So how to save costs? Here is a brief introduction for everyone.

wide-format eco-solvent printer 1. Focus on printing to reduce ink waste. Every time you start printing, there will be a step of ink cleaning. If you switch the machine frequently, you will need frequent ink cleaning, which will cause waste of ink. Therefore, it is recommended that users prefer to order orders together for printing. This not only reduces ink waste, but also prints more efficiently.

2. Select the appropriate print mode. According to the specific content of the screen or the needs of the customer, select the appropriate printing mode, such as high speed mode, production mode, high precision mode. When the print content is text or the like, the high-speed print mode can be selected, so that the ink can be saved to the utmost without affecting the image quality.

wide-format eco-solvent printer

3. Reasonably plan paper and splicing print media. Before making an inkjet advertisement image, the relevant size calculation of the image printout should be pre-designed and planned, and designed according to the specifications of the material, so that the problem of waste of printing materials of the wide format color printer can be avoided to some extent. Also, try not to set some useless white edges.

4. Confirm the correctness of the source file before printing. Confirm the correctness of the content and size of the source file before printing, avoiding the content or size error after printing, wasting ink and printing media.

The content of the eco-solvent printer brought to you today is hopeful to help everyone. Through the above introduction, we must have more and deeper understanding of the products with the industry. I hope that we can continue to pay attention to our website. We will continue to bring you more introductory knowledge of the industry content. We can also contact our company through the website. We will provide you with quality and satisfactory service, so that you can come back with satisfaction.

The Following Tips will Influence Your Large Format Printer Lifespan

It’s not cost-effective to replace your eco solvent printing machine frequently. Using a wide format printer that’s on its last legs can also be frustrating. That’s why it’s necessary to take the steps to extend the lifespan of your printer.

wide format printer A printer’s lifespan depends on several factors, these factors include your printer’s manufacturer, model, and to how often it is used. Here are some of the tips that you could follow to prolong the longevity of your eco solvent printing machine, and ensure your printer keep working on its best state for years to come.

1. Prevent Head Clogging
The most typical problem faced with the printer is nozzle clogging, often occurred in the location of low humidity area, because inks easily get dried to block the small size nozzle.

2. Keep the working environment clean
The messy working environment will bring dust into the head, affecting the finished print quality.

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3. Maintenance by professional
Though large format printers are built to be workhorses, maintaining and handling the printer should be appropriate to increase their lifespan and quality output. This can be achieved by operators to monitor the printer and fix the problem immediately if arises. Place the printhead on the capping station, and clean it automatically or by manual, moreover, wipe off the dust of printer outside, when the printer is not in use.

If you do not use the eco solvent printing machine for a long time, it is best to remove the head from the printer and soak it with the cleaning liquid.

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4. Replace consumable parts often
The consumable parts of an eco solvent printing machine are printhead, head flat cables, capping unit and ink dampers, you should replace them often to avoid bigger trouble down the road.

5. Better use original and new inks
The ink quality directly affects printhead and print quality. It is best to use the inks recommended by the printer manufacturer, as these inks are subjected to rigorous, long-term testing and have a certain guarantee for the equipment.

What Facts Need to Be Considered When Purchased a Eco-solvent Printer?

If you want t to have a perfect eco solvent printer gives you ease-of-use operation, high saturated color representation and considerable profit margins. So when you first buy eco solvent printer, what should you pay attention to?

dye-sublimation transfer printer Price
Obviously, the first involves price, you should do some researches in advance to have a rough understanding of digital printer market. Once we purchase printer, it’s better to understand the price of printer instead of to bear in mind of. Some customers did not have a reasonable understanding of price before, that is straightforward to cause excessive price distinction. As an example, you should make sure if you would like eco solvent printer; you need DX5 printhead or XP600 printhead; you need 1.6m, 1.8m or 3.2m, you need single head or dual head or four heads. All these factors could influence your printing result and price.

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Accuracy and speed
For digital printing, the printing accuracy and speed is that the key to the production cost and quality. It is determined by the standard of hardware the printer used itself. Generally, for people who want to start printing business, the quicker speed the printer has, the more profits they’ll get. Sadly, there could also be trade-offs between speed and quality. If high speed is your prime priority, you may need to sacrifice quality in certain degree. However, on a positive aspect, printers keep obtaning quicker as technology evolves. Even the slowest printers of today tend to be adequate to the quickest printers of simply a few years ago.

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Number of ink color
Under most occasions, people often select the printer with 4 colors. A 4-color printer can work beautifully on media surface to create stunning colors and high-resolution printing results. But if you are doing fine arts or photographic work where subtle shades of color make an enormous difference, the 6 colors or even 8 colors are more ideal.

Stability and durability
What is a good digital large format printer? Other than the precision and speed above mentioned, stable quality and durability are also very essential parts. And often experienced manufacturers can ensure the stability, we offer 1 year even lifetime warranty period (under extra condition) to benefit our customers.

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The Benefits & What’s Eco-solvnet Printing?

When you’re looking to print and produce high-quality images, there’s a never-ending number of options. Which printer to use, what type of ink cartridge to purchase and what material to print upon? A further decision you’ll need to contemplate is whether you want your printing to be eco-solvent printer. Not sure what this is? Here we explain.

ecosolvent printerThe benefits of eco-solvent printing
Eco-solvent inks have their colours suspended in a mild biodegradable solvent, which means that the ink has virtually no odour as they don’t contain as many volatile organic compounds. They’ve been around since the early 2000s and originally were designed for general signage work.

The lack of smell is a real plus point for eco-solvent inks. In some solvent inks not only do you get a strong smell during the printing process, meaning you need to consider the placement of your printer, but they can also leave an odour on the printed material itself. This can rule out printing onto material which will be displayed or used indoors.

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Having less volatile organic compounds also means that the eco-solvent printing cartridges are not so damaging, or deteriorating, to your printer components and as such you won’t need to do full system cleans quite so often – although as with any type of printing you will need to do regular cleaning and maintenance of your printer from time to time.

Eco-solvent printing does require more heat in order to dry and this can affect the type of material you can print on. What’s more, the ink is not as durable as solvent inks. While it’s adequate for outdoor printing work, it’s best to only use it for applications which need to last a year or two.

Choosing between solvent and eco-solvent print
While there are clearly a number of benefits to eco-solvent printing, it may be that for the type of printing you wish to do, choosing eco-solvent ink may not be right for you.

As we have already touched upon, eco-solvent ink is not ideal for all types of material due to the heat required to dry it. If you need to use thin, cheap vinyl then solvent ink would be better.

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If cost is a factor, you should be aware that eco-solvent inks are more expensive than solvent inks, due to the number of benefits that you get with eco-solvent printing. However, they are widely used by businesses and individuals who are just starting out, or who have a medium-sized printing need. Industrial printing is still typically done with solvent inks.

Finally, you’ll need to check what type of ink is compatible with your large format printer. If you know from the outset that you wish to use eco-solvent inks, you need to ensure that they are compatible with your printer.

If you are unsure whether your printer is compatible or if you just want some further information about eco-solvent printing, then don’t hesitate to call us today. Our team of experts will be happy to help.