What effect does temperature have on eco solvent inks?

Summer is here, and many studios are air conditioned at work. Because eco-solvent printers emit heat when they work, air conditioners are generally lower. However, the temperature becomes lower and it has an effect on the eco solvent inks of the machine.

eco solvent inks

Today we will talk about the impact of low temperature on eco solvent inks.

Under the influence of temperature, the thinness of the ink changes, which is a physical phenomenon, but the change is the form, and its essence is not changed.

The eco-solvent ink thickens and the viscosity increases. However, it is recommended not to use thinner or varnish to pour into the ink to reconcile and change its consistency. Because when users use these additives to formulate ink, you do not know what the total amount of ink can accommodate various additives. This is easy to exceed the amount, which will affect the performance of the ink and affect the print quality.

eco solvent inks

The solution to the thickening of the ink caused by temperature is as follows:

1. Place the original water-based ink in a warm place and let it slowly heat up to its original state.
2. When it is used urgently, it can be externally heated with boiling water.

Finally, I suggest that you keep the location of the wide-format photo machine at around 27 °C.