The Benefits & What’s Eco-solvnet Printing?

When you’re looking to print and produce high-quality images, there’s a never-ending number of options. Which printer to use, what type of ink cartridge to purchase and what material to print upon? A further decision you’ll need to contemplate is whether you want your printing to be eco-solvent printer. Not sure what this is? Here we explain.

ecosolvent printerThe benefits of eco-solvent printing
Eco-solvent inks have their colours suspended in a mild biodegradable solvent, which means that the ink has virtually no odour as they don’t contain as many volatile organic compounds. They’ve been around since the early 2000s and originally were designed for general signage work.

The lack of smell is a real plus point for eco-solvent inks. In some solvent inks not only do you get a strong smell during the printing process, meaning you need to consider the placement of your printer, but they can also leave an odour on the printed material itself. This can rule out printing onto material which will be displayed or used indoors.

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Having less volatile organic compounds also means that the eco-solvent printing cartridges are not so damaging, or deteriorating, to your printer components and as such you won’t need to do full system cleans quite so often – although as with any type of printing you will need to do regular cleaning and maintenance of your printer from time to time.

Eco-solvent printing does require more heat in order to dry and this can affect the type of material you can print on. What’s more, the ink is not as durable as solvent inks. While it’s adequate for outdoor printing work, it’s best to only use it for applications which need to last a year or two.

Choosing between solvent and eco-solvent print
While there are clearly a number of benefits to eco-solvent printing, it may be that for the type of printing you wish to do, choosing eco-solvent ink may not be right for you.

As we have already touched upon, eco-solvent ink is not ideal for all types of material due to the heat required to dry it. If you need to use thin, cheap vinyl then solvent ink would be better.

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If cost is a factor, you should be aware that eco-solvent inks are more expensive than solvent inks, due to the number of benefits that you get with eco-solvent printing. However, they are widely used by businesses and individuals who are just starting out, or who have a medium-sized printing need. Industrial printing is still typically done with solvent inks.

Finally, you’ll need to check what type of ink is compatible with your large format printer. If you know from the outset that you wish to use eco-solvent inks, you need to ensure that they are compatible with your printer.

If you are unsure whether your printer is compatible or if you just want some further information about eco-solvent printing, then don’t hesitate to call us today. Our team of experts will be happy to help.

Dx5 Oric Eco-solvent Printer 1.8/2.0M with 2/3/4 Printheads

The mid-level dx5 eco solvent printer is mainly designed for beginners to explore a broad application for indoor and outdoor signage, exhibition and display graphics, retail Pos and much more with beautiful print quality output to set your business apart. With robust DX5 print head and cost-performance XP600 optional, meanwhile 1.8m and 2.0m printing width can hold most media sizes. Different clients can find ideal printer solutions in FeiYue Digital.

eco-solvent printerVariable dot control
Capable to deliver exceptional solid color and smooth gradations at high-speed print modes.

All aluminum structure
Ensure the smooth movement of carriage, more stable, reliable and durable.


Bulk Ink Supply System
Less often replace the empty ink cartridge, reducing ink waste and productivity largely improved.

Micro piezoelectric printing technology controls the inkjet process through sensitive electronic pulse signals.
It can control the shape of ink droplet and position of ink drop.
It has 180 nozzles for each color, and the maximum resolution can reach 1440x1440dpi.
With the latest color control technology, the printing effect of super high quality can be achieved.

ecosolvent printer

Strong and High-quality Printer Body
Super strong to support the whole printer, reaching even and flat movement.
Heavy Duty Double Power Feeding and Take-up System
The ECO-1802/2004 printer features an advanced double power feeding and take up system, providing accurate feeding and tracking throughout the longest production runs, while the print head height is adjustable to accommodate various media thicknesses.

4 in 1 Heating Control System
It is convenient for you to control the whole heating system in one place, eliminating the need for operation movement.

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High-quality 145 mm Wide Printing Bed
The 145mm printing platform provides consistent and stable quality output.

Bulk Ink Supply System
The bulk ink supply system increases convenience and ease-of-use, specifically ideal for those who print frequently with massive production by less often replacing the empty ink cartridge, saving ink wasted and productivity largely improved.

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Automatic Cleaning and Wiping System
Simplify daily maintenance procedures, save time and reduce the possibility of print head clogged.

Intelligent Infrared Heating System
The Oric-1802/2004 eco solvent printer comes standard with built-in pre-heater, middle-heater, front heater together with infrared drying system, designed to dry prints quickly, even at high-speed modes. All while produces highly saturated images, color reproduction.

And so much above, help you keep away from troubles.

What effect does temperature have on eco solvent inks?

Summer is here, and many studios are air conditioned at work. Because eco-solvent printers emit heat when they work, air conditioners are generally lower. However, the temperature becomes lower and it has an effect on the eco solvent inks of the machine.

eco solvent inks

Today we will talk about the impact of low temperature on eco solvent inks.

Under the influence of temperature, the thinness of the ink changes, which is a physical phenomenon, but the change is the form, and its essence is not changed.

The eco-solvent ink thickens and the viscosity increases. However, it is recommended not to use thinner or varnish to pour into the ink to reconcile and change its consistency. Because when users use these additives to formulate ink, you do not know what the total amount of ink can accommodate various additives. This is easy to exceed the amount, which will affect the performance of the ink and affect the print quality.

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The solution to the thickening of the ink caused by temperature is as follows:

1. Place the original water-based ink in a warm place and let it slowly heat up to its original state.
2. When it is used urgently, it can be externally heated with boiling water.

Finally, I suggest that you keep the location of the wide-format photo machine at around 27 °C.

Application of eco solvent ink in piezoelectric photo machine

When it comes to solvent inks, you will think of outdoor photo machine advertising equipment, as well as pungent ink smell. Solvent-based inks do not require the coating of the medium due to their special composition, and their volatilization speed is fast. The main component of the solvent-based ink is an organic solvent. Generally, a solvent of an ester and a ketone is used. In the process of combining with the medium, the medium is first swollen and then fused, and the colorant and the substrate in the ink are tightly combined, so the solvent The type ink does not require the medium to be coated, and the ink is evaporated at a high speed. Solvent-based inks are patents for outdoor jets. They are designed to deal with this type of ink: from the print head to the end of the pipeline to the cleaning unit, all of which are adapted to this ink. Of course, the inkjet printers use solvent-based inks to create a picture. The accuracy is not very high.

1. What kind of piezoelectric photo machine is used for eco solvent ink?

Although there have been many improvements in solvent inks, such as how to do some environmental protection, and more careful filtering, eco solvent inks are always solvent-based inks, and some characteristics of solvent-based inks still exist.

Ink fast drying
The fast-drying characteristics of the eco solvent ink make it more important to choose what kind of photo machine. The piezoelectric photo machine is not so picky about the ink. It is also the patent that often cleans the print head automatically.

The main component of the eco solvent ink is still the organic solvent
The main component of the eco solvent ink is an organic solvent, which has a certain degree of corrosion and chemical reaction than the commonly used aqueous ink. Therefore, it is a pity that the new piezoelectric photo machine uses a eco solvent ink.

2.What kind of ink refill method is used to print the eco solvent ink?

Due to some of the characteristics of the eco solvent ink itself, the use of the supply is particularly careful. I have seen some friends use eco solvent ink, the outer ink cartridge is leaking, the elbow connecting the ink line is blocked, and the print head is broken. Facts have also proved that the use of eco solvent inks is best to reduce some links, such as using the refill cartridge directly. If you feel good, continue to use it. If you feel that something is wrong, immediately brake it, take out the ink cartridge filled with eco solvent ink, and then manually clean the print head and then put it back. Dyes or pigments are supplied. Of course, the use of a filled ink cartridge for a eco solvent ink is also necessary for the filling of the ink cartridge, and it is also necessary to observe whether it is suitable for filling a eco solvent ink.

How to better use eco solvent ink?

Because of the characteristics of eco solvent ink, the selection of continuous supply should be very careful. Eco solvent ink can be coat-free printing on some materials, or can be coat-free by means of printer heating, but for some smooth surfaces, ink alone is powerless, ink will accumulate together, and can not be clearly imaged.

Then it is necessary to use special coating solution in combination with the three advantages of using coating:

1. The drying speed is fast. The coating is prepared with special chemical raw materials and used with eco solvent ink. It will dry within one minute after printing, especially in the smoother materials such as glass.

2. Printing quality is not good. Direct printing with coatings on some materials, mainly smooth and non-absorbent materials, has poor effect, and the effect is extraordinary after using coatings.

3. Wear resistance and waterproofing because of the binder ingredients in the coating ingredients, so after printing, the ink and material absorb very closely, far more than the wear resistance without coating. Eco solvent ink has some advantages of all kinds of ink, and it is a product with wide application. But it is irresponsible for some manufacturers to say that this kind of ink is superb. Good ink also needs correct methods to use. Details can not be careless. Only in this way can we use this kind of ink well and let this kind of ink create the greatest value for you.