UV printing for Home decorations

Digital printing equipment has played an increasingly important role in China’s development. The application of UV printers has become more and more widespread. In the past ten years, Rapid development of real estate causes so many commercial houses flooded into the market. Houses need decoration, and decoration needs color. Architectural decoration: ceramic tiles, glass, plates, ceilings, cabinets, sliding doors, wall coverings, leather, lamps, electrical panels, decorations, etc. With the improvement of living standards, everyone is more and more The more you like to customize some distinctive patterns, the UV printer will come in handy.

ceramic UV printing

ceramic UV printing

Ceramic tile background wall:

When buying a UV printer, we suggest purchase UV printer with varnish system, because it can produce a matte & bright effect, also can achieve embossed effect, varnish effect is better. (The 3D relief effect print by the accumulation of white ink)

Ceramic tile printing industry: home improvement, work clothes, schools, hotels, restaurants, tea houses, facade rooms, etc.

UV Glass print

UV Glass print

Glass decoration:

Glass has many kinds: white glass, tempered glass, frosted glass, etc. Normally printable glass has coating layer, which can solve the problem of adhesion. After the coating layer dry, you can use the UV printer Just print, then dry, with bright colors and high-end atmosphere. Glass applications: background walls, entrances, sliding doors, coffee table panels, 3D crystal jewelry, etc. The tempered glass needs to be printed after tempering, otherwise, the pattern will fall off when tempered in the tempering furnace (the tempering furnace is around 700 degrees). Nowadays, The popular color + white + color printing solution, manufacturers can print double sides of glass, and the pattern effect on both sides.
Glass products are suitable for people: home improvement, tooling, school, hotel, KTV, restaurant, tea house, facade room, etc.

Why Ricoh GEN5 head hot on UV printers?

When buying a UV printer, what kind of nozzles does everyone would like to choose? At present, there are UV printers modified from Epson original nozzles on the market, including Konica nozzles, Seiko nozzles, Ricoh nozzles, etc. The most popular is Ricoh nozzles. Why?

KEUNDO UV printer

KEUNDO UV printer

EPSON print head:

Firstly, Japanese ESPON print head has always been an independent leader in the era of Japanese inkjet machines. You can see EPSON print heads in MIMAKI, ROLAND, MOUTH and other series of Japanese inkjet printers. At present, domestic wide-format inkjet printers have also begun to use Espon DX5/ DX7, lead domestic printing machines. For example, our piezoelectric printing machine manufacturers such as ORIC, KEUNDO, ALLWIN series indoor and outdoor piezoelectric printing machines use high-performance and high-precision Epson DX5 piezoelectric nozzles.

Konica print head:

Konica nozzles are double-row ink inlet pipes with uniform flow and pressure. Ensure print quality. Some brands are single row. 512 Konica nozzle is a fully enclosed nozzle, waterproof and anti-aging. Konica nozzles have poor compatibility with inks, have strict requirements for inks in different seasons, and are sensitive to environmental temperature changes. When plate of the nozzles exposing outside, and ink will burn the nozzles. It is easy to break ink when working at high and low temperatures. The life span is less than 1.5 years.

RICOH GEN5 Printhead

RICOH GEN5 Printhead

RICOH print head:

High-end industrial UV printers normally use Ricoh print heads. For example, most of one or two million imported branded machines use Ricoh print heads. The same industrial nozzle machine, Ricoh’s printing effect is absolutely the best, the clearest, can basically achieve Epson printing effect. Double-row ink inlet, fine ink dots, grayscale printing. Fully enclosed print head, waterproof and anti-aging. Ricoh Gen5 print head has a built-in constant temperature system. you can adjust voltage with temperature to obtain a more stable printing state. The circuit board of the print head is all metal wrapped, which can soak the ink without causing damage to the print head. Besides, The print head has a long spanlife and normally can use for 3-5 years. It is the most successful piezoelectric print head. Single sprinkler with single-color control, all-steel structure super corrosion-resistant sprinkler, both speed and effect, but its disadvantage is that the price is more expensive than other types of sprinkler machines.

What are the unique advantages of digital UV printers?

Digital UV printers are a very common type of printing equipment and have distinct advantages over other printing equipment. Let’s take a look at the outstanding advantages of UV printers now!

digital UV printers

1. The print has a strong stereoscopic effect and the picture is more realistic.

A UV printer is an inkjet dry printer that uses a special UV ink to paint on the surface of an object. The white ink can be used to print an image with a relief effect, and the output image has a strong three-dimensional convexity, and the picture is more realistic and the color is more beautiful. UV printers give designers more room to expand and broaden the application of UV printing.

2. Print media is extensive and unrestricted

digital UV printersThe UV printer uses a UV UV-curable ink printing application technology. The UV-curable ink has better media compatibility than the weak solvent ink and can support the adhesion of different materials to the surface of the medium. The printable material of the UV printer is almost unlimited. It can be sprayed on the surface of glass, ceramic tile, metal, acrylic, plastic plate, etc. It does not need any coating treatment, and it is simple, convenient and practical. The unique UV curing method allows the ink to cure immediately and is ready.

3. On-demand inkjet, green pollution-free

The UV printer is controlled by a computer, inkjet on demand, neither wasted nor contaminated with water. No noise is generated during the printing process, and a pollution-free green production process is achieved.

4. The process is simple, shorten the construction period

Digiatl UV printers have a professional and intelligent operating system. All printing operations can be done automatically by simply tapping the computer and not being staffed. At the same time, the design and layout of the printed screen can also be completed by computer, without plate making and molding at one time. The operation is simple and convenient, which greatly saves time and labor costs.

Can uv printers print everything?Let us have a look

Can Uv printers print everything?
What materials can Uv printers print?

Uv printer is a new type of direct digital printing technology developed in the past ten years. It is a non-contact inkjet printer that prints the desired pattern directly on the surface of the product through computer control. The uv in uv printers are the abbreviation of ultraviolet light, that is, the ultraviolet light emitted by the LED lamp, so that the printed product is dried during the printing process, and the pattern is not blurred.

uv printers

Uv mainly consists of three aspects, namely ink, curing principle, and printing.

uv printersInk: Unlike previous water-based inks, textile inks, oil-based inks, and solvent-based inks, the new generation of equipment uses uv ink. Uv ink itself is between solvent-based and oil-based inks. It is a chemical ink with a slight Corrosive, so in daily use, try to avoid contact with the body. What needs to be understood here is that uv ink is divided into three grades, one is made in China, one is produced by the original print head, and the other is imported.

Curing principle: The curing method adopts the principle of internal cooling and solidification in a very short period of time, which does not produce odor, does not generate heat, and does not generate bubbles. This is mainly determined by the photosensitizer present in the uv ink.

uv printersPrinting: Direct piezoelectric inkjet printing, the print head is inkjet printing between 12.5px and 25px from the material, and the uv ink is directly sprayed on the surface of the material, and then irradiated by the LED lamps on both sides of the print head. Achieve drying of the ink. The uv printers produced by Andersen are also able to meet the high quality image output requirements of many industries.

Wide range of applications: Digital uv printers have a wide range of printing materials, such as: reflective film, canvas, glass, wood crafts, ceilings, aluminum alloy panels, wood panels, acrylic panels, plexiglass, corrugated panels, plastic panels, resin panels, plasterboard, Digital housing, etc.

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