The Differences Between Sublimation Printer and Uv Printer

What’s the differences between uv printer and sublimation printer, there are three tips for pay attention.

sublimation printer First, use different ink
Thermal transfer printing uses thermal transfer ink, also known as thermal sublimation ink; uv printer uses uv ink.

Second, the process is different
Sublimation transfer: sublimation transfer printer is to first print the color pattern on a heat-resistant substrate, usually with a film material, and also need to be subjected to release treatment, and then combined with a special transfer device to transfer the pattern to the hot stamping method. Product surface. Thermal transfer needs to be equipped with a heat transfer machine, a baking machine, a baking cup machine, etc., and different products need to be processed.

sublimation printer

The UV printer directly prints the favorite pattern directly on the surface of the product, essentially a type of piezoelectric inkjet printing device. The ultraviolet light emitted by the led cold light source lamp reacts with the photosensitive curing agent in the uv ink, causing the pigment molecules in the uv ink to solidify on the surface of the material.

sublimation printer

Third, the application industry difference:
Sublimation transfer printer is currently used in plastics, toys, electrical appliances, gifts, food packaging, clothing and other industries. The advantage is that you can print on curved surfaces and irregular surfaces.

UV printers are mainly used in mobile phone cases, ceramic tiles, glass, metal, building materials, advertising, leather and many other industries. The advantage lies in the availability of the right, easy to operate, can achieve instant, batch production.

Why Your Inkjet Printer’s Print Head Always Blocked?

As you know inkjet printers are a better choice for users who use less. They can print color at a cheap price, but the printing speed will be slower than that of laser printers. The faults that inkjet printers are more prone to are generally unclear printing and nozzle blockage.


If you don’t clean well, you can only change the nozzle. Anyone who knows the price of the inkjet printer’s nozzle knows that if you buy one separately, you can buy a new printer at the same price. Therefore, when the nozzle is blocked, it must be processed in time.


Why is the nozzle blocked?
Because the printer nozzle is normally sealed after printing and is not tightly sealed or placed for a long time, the water will evaporate excessively, causing the ink droplets to dry on the fine nozzle, so that the ink cannot be ejected normally; usually it is often broken, missing color, and handwriting. Fuzzy and other faults.

inkjet pritnerLarge format Inkjet printer nozzles are blocked into two major categories of cleaning: 1 software cleaning 2 manual cleaning software
Cleaning and repair method: Software cleaning is cleaning using the print head cleaning function in the application tool of the printer driver. The advantage is that the operation is simple and fast; the disadvantage is that the cleaning effect is not ideal.

inkjet printerNote: 1 Do not mix ink. New inks can’t be rushed to add to the cartridge. First use a clean disposable syringe to inhale some of the ink and observe it in a bright place to see if there is any suspended matter in the ink.
2 cleaning methods should generally not exceed three times. When the printer is not clogged, it should be opened within three times.
3.Because of the “air resistance” phenomenon between the ink cartridge (such as the sponge filling type) and the print head, a small amount of irregular disconnection will occur. At this time, it is not necessary to repeatedly clean it. After being placed for a period of time, it can be used normally after restarting.

What is the correct way to replace the motor part of a heat sublimation printer?

heat sublimation printerPeople who have used heat sublimation printers know that the motor is the core component of the power of the sublimation printer. Whether the large format sublimation printer can operate normally or not, the quality of the motor plays a very important role. Moreover, the use time of the motor is relatively long and generally difficult to damage. Therefore, before replacing the motor of this heat sublimation printer, the staff must first determine whether the motor is really damaged, or other components are faulty. At this time, people need to open the cover of the machine to see if the motor is running normally. The reason is that the problem of the conveyor belt damage and the gear bite can also cause problems in the car and the paper can not go down.

1. Steps to replace the heat sublimation printer motor

heat sublimation printerBefore you replace the motor for the digital sublimation printer, be sure to turn off the power. Use a screwdriver to remove the cover of the inkjet printer, remove the connecting wires of the motor, and remember to pick it up before unplugging the connecting wires. Otherwise, if the wrong interface is connected, it may cause the motor to burn directly, or the motherboard may be damaged directly.

Take the printer motor belt directly off, and pay special attention when removing it. The strength of the belt should not be too large, otherwise it will directly cause damage to the motor. Take the old motor of the printer directly and replace it with a new one.

2. Precautions for replacing the inkjet printer motor

People need to pay special attention when replacing the sublimation paper printer motor. The whole process of replacement can be completed with a screwdriver. Note that you cannot use a hammer or other tools to tap. Since the photo machine is a precision instrument, if it is subjected to an external impact, it may cause a second damage to the sublimation plotter in the future.

The sublimation printer starts to break the ink when it prints a few centimeters. Why?

sublimation printerWhat is the reason and solution for the sublimation printer to start to break the ink after printing a few centimeters?

This may be caused by air in the printhead. You can connect the ink column with a syringe and a silicone tube, pour the print head, suck the air out of the print head, and try to print it.

There are many reasons for the air in the wide format printer print head, which may be caused by air leakage in the ink bag, ink tube, ink cartridge, etc., and the tight contact of the ink path may cause air leakage. Before drawing the picture, make sure that the ink cartridge cover is sealed and the ink tube ink bag is not leaking. The connection between the ink tube and the ink cartridge is good, the connection between the ink bag and the ink tube is good, and the connection between the ink bag and the ink column of the print head is well sealed.

sublimation printerThe print head also has a leak. Generally, there is no such thing as a new print head. If the print head that has been used for a long time is not in place due to normal maintenance and the use is not correct, air leakage may occur. The specific performance is the internal ink splicing and the side leakage outside the nozzle, which can be used after maintenance.

The printhead is a precision part of a digital sublimation printer. In daily use, it is necessary to develop good habits and regular maintenance, so as to ensure the printing effect of the print head and extend the service life of the printer print head.

Digital sublimation printer purchase depends on practicality rather than price

There are still a lot of industries that can use digital sublimation printers. As long as we need it, we can actually purchase equipment through different channels. In particular, many businesses on the Internet also provide printers, which are very simple to purchase. However, some large printing plants require a large number of equipment, and we naturally hope that the unit price can be more favorable. However, when we buy a digital sublimation printer, it is impossible to just look at the price, and more must consider the practicality, so that it can really be guaranteed.

digital sublimation printer

First, make sure the model is needed and then measure the price.

Because the model of the sublimation textile printer we need is different, there will be a big difference in the price of the equipment. It is recommended that you first determine your needs and then choose the right type of equipment. Especially for some large manufacturers, we must first define their own requirements, and then go to buy sublimation paper for inkjet printers, so the price is also easier to compare. Defining your own needs, it is naturally easier to pick a high-performance, high-performance sublimation printer, which can save us a lot of money.

digital sublimation printer

Second, brand measurement is critical.

It does seem that many wide format production printers are similar, even if the brands are different, but the functions and styles will not be much different. In fact, this type of product still depends on practicality and quality. If a digital sublimation printer has excellent quality and excellent performance, it is naturally worthy of our selection and recognition. It is recommended that the overall measurement should be done, and it must be clear that what type of product is more worthy of our recognition. As long as the product can be selected, it can ensure the subsequent use, and it can also avoid the problem of subsequent problems.