The Defination of Large Format Solvent Printer

The solvent printer is generally faster than eco-solvent printer at producing wide format outdoor signage. Usually, 25-50% more efficient, solvent printing is an industrial type printing machine, geared more for long-term high volume production runs.

digital sublimation printer Waterproof, fade-resistant, scratch-resistant
The inks are solvent-based, working well with substrates that are heavy and with a rough surface, like uncoated vinyl and flex banner… Because solvent inks actually etch into the vinyl with the solvent carrier of the ink then evaporating. The finished prints are waterproof, fade-resistant, scratch-resistant. This leaves a permanent solution that lasts for a long time, even under difficult conditions, even in direct sunlight.

digital printer

No Coating Required, Save Time and Cost
Another big advantage of solvent inks is that there is no top-coating required. This means no varnish (clear ink) or coating is necessary to properly protect your prints. Just print on flex banner, wrap your prints, and ship them out! This eliminates a huge step in the production process.

You’ll no longer have to handle the waste incurred through coating/spraying user fault, and you’ll save yourself a ton of time not having to wait for laminations to dry on every print.

solvent printer

In terms of cost, this added speed means you’ll enjoy fewer turnaround times. And of course, there’s no cost of the coating chemistry itself and labor cost to spray varnish.

Solvent inkjet printing applications typically include vinyl vehicle wraps, vinyl outdoor banners, fabric adhesive decals, printed vinyl fence covers, vinyl letters, vinyl banners, wall murals, vinyl wallpaper, window graphics (also known as window banners or window slicks) and many other applications.

thermal sublimation printer

Konica KM-512i Print Head
Compact design/ high resolution/ scratch resistant

It’s one kind of piezo on-demand printhead with a total of 512 nozzles.
The KM-512i boosts a wide range of ink compatibility, including solvent, UV, oil…
Normally no head clogging because of 30pl droplet size.
Deliver class-leading print quality at truly high speed.

Do You Need Wide Format Printers for Outdoor Banners?

Hi, do you need a wide format printers for outdoor banners? If you aren’t, you should be! It’s as simple as that. Outdoor banners have an important place in advertising and for that reason alone, they should have an important place in your print room. Quick and easy to produce, they’re needed by a wide range of businesses and can provide a steady turnover with a good return.


Why your clients need outdoor banners
Most businesses use posters and banners inside their business premises or shop, but there are a number of excellent reasons for taking them outside. After all, if your clients only have banners inside, they’re simply preaching to the converted. They probably have reasons why they haven’t used outdoor banners up to now – they might be worried about the cost or where and how to erect them – but these fears can easily be allayed, and the benefits absolutely outweigh them.

digital UV printer

Here are three really good arguments to persuade your customers to see the benefits of outdoor banners:
• It’s the quickest and most cost-effective way of connecting with a local audience. Outdoor banners with large format printers can be positioned on fences, walls and the sides of buildings to catch the eye of passers-by. With an eye-catching design, a call to action and even a QR code, you’ll draw attention to your business or service with the people you need most – local customers.
• You can use banners to educate and inform your target audience of what you do and what’s on offer. Online marketing is expensive – banners are a more cost effective way of explaining your services.
• Outdoor banners are the cheapest form of advertising. Anyone who’s run a social media advertising campaign will know exactly how they gobble up a tight advertising budget, and then come back for more. An outdoor banner costs a fraction of the price and can last for several years.

large format printer

How you’ll benefit from your clients’ outdoor banners
Outdoor banners are an ideal addition to your range of print services.
• They’re quick and easy to produce
• A cost-effective solution in terms of cost per square metre
• Can be printed on a wide range of banner sizes to meet your clients’ needs
• Roll slitting can be used to save time on cutting long banners
• As well as a range of banner materials, SEDO can also provide you with hemming tape and eyelet machines

wide format printer

Large Format Printer Application – Banner Printing Solutions

large format printer


As the pioneer in large-format digital printers, OnePrint provides customers the top level of quality and versatility that print professionals are looking for.

With super speed, fast ink-curing, wider color gamut, scratch-resistant and low production cost, OricPrint printers offer you exceptional value for banner printing.

banner printing Indoor and Outdoor Banners

Oric eco-solvent inkjet technology is compatible with a wide variety of coated and uncoated banner materials, giving you more options for indoor and outdoor banner printing.

Our eco solvent ink is no-toxic, less odor and excellent outdoor durability.

The combination of inks and wide format printers helps to deliver brilliant banners for sales events, street fairs, store openings, POP displays, tradeshow graphics to grasp passerby’ attention.

large format printer

Fantastic Fabric Banners

Compared to vinyl banners and rigid substrate materials, fabric banners are the hands down favorite for many retailers and distributors. Because large fabric banners can fold into a very small size without damage. Portability is a real plus point. With OricPrint sublimation printers, eye-catching graphics can be easily tranferred into polyester banners for flags, backdrops, window displays, interior design, conventions and meetings, retail point of sale etc.

wide format printer


The mesh banners minimize the effect of wind by letting it pass right through but in contrast the image clarity will slightly reduce. With OricPrint high resolution inkjet printers and increased color density, mesh banners set apart from the competition, getting noticed by many customers for production of sporting event graphics, outdoor promotional banners, fence signs and more.

inkjet printer

High-end White Effects

To truly set your banners apart, white ink can be used as a spot color, combined with CMYK to create opaque images and transparent effects on dark, clear and colored substrates.


Know More Applications of Digital Uv Printing

I want to say, the world is filled with UV printing applications if you carefully observe, from small stickers to even complex commercial signages. UV printing applications are everywhere. For UV printers, the applications are unlimited, your imagination is the only limitation. Today, to break thinking and create more ideas for you, let’s have a brainstorm.

UV flatbed printer Print on small or big items

UV printing capabilities cannot be easily duplicated by the other digital printers owing to the special nature of UV inks. UV printers can print on a large sort of materials, including wood, metal, acrylic, glass, leathers, textile, ceramic, vinyl, flex banner and so on. In the meantime, SinoColor UV printers have variable sizes to meet different sized media needs. For example UV flatbed printers: we have 900*600mm, 600*600mm, 2500*1300mm, 2000*3000mm, and A3 size printers.

Customized products

UV printers can offer you a possibility to make a large number of personalized products and unique souvenirs for customers anniversary.
Because in the operation of UV printers, the UV lights cure UV ink instantly without dots of wet ink spreading out.
Through consistently printing in one place, embossed effects will show. And you will turn normal products into extraordinary goods.
It’s often used to make phone shell, unique gift, T-shirt and fine-art printing.

UV flatbed printers

Home decoration

Nowadays, more and more people pay attention to improve the quality of life. When they go back home from the office, they would like to stay in a comfortable warm place. From YouTube lots of “Room Tour” vlogs, we can see there is a large market in home decoration.
You may ask the question, why is UV printing suitable for home decoration?
That is the special UV inks applied release zero VOC’s, making it a greener process for our environment and be safer. In addition, finished products are scratch-resistant.

Glass, wood, metal printing

The UV printers can use three kinds of inks, including color inks, white ink, and varnish. When you print on transparent or dark materials, you can use white ink as a substrate, and when the printing is complete, you also can print varnish to add gloss pleasant.
Additionally, with the UV inks strongly adhere to the substrate, and
immediately dry up, the high resolution and saturation will lead to
brilliant printing quality.

Signage & Displays
At last, we have to mention signage & displays in UV printing applications. No matter window decoration, vinyl, outdoor signage, indoor displays, UV printing provides flexibility and versatility for the advertising industry. With large size UV printers, we can use CMYK, white, varnish to make rich colorful signs to leave customers deep impression. We can print on vinyl, PVC, acrylic, banner and other sorts of materials.
In short, with UV printers, we can produce unlimited possibility for our life! Keep moving!


Which One will be Your Correct Large Foamt Printer?

How to choose the correct large format pritner for your busienss? There is no shortage of printers in the market. A standard buyer tends to use the maximum number of deals and the applicable options to purchase the cheapest printer money can buy. The hunt for the most economically priced printer throws away other buying considerations. It is wrong to assume that competition has forced even the cheapest printer to generate good quality prints. Compounding this perception error is the “look” of the printers. They are aesthetically pleasing and smart to look at, thereby swaying the buying decision. People often end by buying a printer which does nothing for their requirements. It is vital to know that making a wrong printer selection will introduce horrific expensive costs over its lifetime. Function and not style must influence the buying decision.

digital printing

Printers and their relation with cartridges

Cheaply priced wide format printers invariably use expensive cartridges. These will bleed you economically in the longer period of time. These cheap printers are so cheap that they appear to be a “steal.” These machines advertise an “all-in-one” capacity, doing scanning, print, and copy in a single unit. To enrich their buying possibilities, manufacturers even make them wireless. The outward appearance is slick. The pain comes from the cost of the cartridges. The starting is innocuous enough. The printer comes with a partially filled cartridge which lasts enough to make a customer happy for the first few days. Then the ink ends in the cartridge and the pain begins.

The replacement cartridge could be outrageously expensive. Its price could be higher than the machine itself. Sometimes it’s better to purchase a new machine than the cartridge itself. If you do not want to buy pricey inks, then there are cheaper alternatives. These, however, could end up damaging the machine.

large format printer

Printer must fit needs

Large format inkjet printers provide a number of features and functions. First, decide on whether you should buy a laser printer or an inkjet one. The latter is the cheaper one and you could print decent looking photos. It is possible to scan, fax, and print from the same machine. Many needs multiple ink cartridges for color printing. Laser printers, on the other hand, are regarded as the workhorse of the desktop printing industry. The most popular laser printers are the monochrome ones, printing only with black ink. Laser printers make a better choice for office use. The print is made using toner cartridges. A toner cartridge costs more than an inkjet cartridge but makes up for it in the longer term.

wide format printer