What’s The Necessary Consideration Before Starting Printing Projects?

When you have a number of projects on your lap right now. If you run a business, then the marketing efforts should be on the top of your list. Even as going online is now the “it” thing to be, print still plays a major role in decision making. People still like to hold something in their hand before they part with their money. All large format printing projects must be begun with proper homework done beforehand. If this is not done, the chances are that you will suffer extended delays in the later part of the business cycle. Worse, you may lose your business reputation and even brand recognition.

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Pricing and quality

Competitive pricing is extremely important in digital printing projects. The easiest way to achieve minimum expense is to compare quotes given by different printing companies. Do understand the price quoted may depend on where your office is located. Printers in posh localities quote inflated prices while others with addresses in poorer, less industrialized areas offer discounts. Then again, you get what you pay.

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Print quality is a clinching factor. The marketing material for your business should be richly colored and must have a professional appearance. This will impress potential customers and clients. Conversely, cheap paper and visible flaws mean a company is a shoddy one. Potential customers could be put off by cheap products.

Proofing and delivery

Delivery within deadlines is a must. All wide format printing jobs have stated deadlines. This could be a difficult problem if materials do not get ready within this time. This is why you should always approach professional companies for the job. Experienced printers will give you the exact date within which the print will be ready for you to collect and dispatch.

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Proofing is vital for any print job. Read the print multiple times and with fresh eyes to make sure that the text is a flawless one. You must show to your customers that you are a perfectionist and can easily manage both small and larger jobs without breaking a sweat. Any mistakes in the final print reflect on your efficiency. A single flaw means customers may not believe that you can deliver a flawless job. Proofing is a vital activity. Carve some time out from your busy schedule to proof-read every word and sentence structure. Take a long and hard look at the images. Do they match the text content? If not, change the images.

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Terrible! These operating actions scrap your UV printer in minutes!

The proportion of UV printers on the market is gradually increasing, and there are many problems with flatbed printers under such demand. What is especially obvious is the damage of the universal printer caused by the operation of the UV printer. Which ones should pay attention to when operating the machine? Let me take a look!

I. Switching machine

(1) Turn on the lights when turning on the lights. Each lamp should be separated by about 1 minute. Do not open at the same time.

(2) After turning off the light, the fan should be kept running for a period of time, until the lamp is cooled.

(3) If you want to start the lamp after turning off the lamp, you must wait until the lamp tube is completely cooled before starting. Otherwise, it will not start when the temperature of the lamp surface is very high.

(4) After the lamp is turned on, it cannot be put into production immediately. There must be a period of lamp warm-up time. When the summer temperature is high, the warm-up time is short. When the winter temperature is low, the warm-up time is longer, and the warm-up time is about 2-3 minutes. . If the UV printer has a strong and weak light device, it should be turned on in the strong light position, which can shorten the lamp warm-up time. If weak light is needed during production, it can be adjusted to the low light position after the warm-up is completed.

2. Lamp maintenance

(1) The maximum service life of UV lamps is generally 800-1000 hours, and should be replaced after reaching the end of life.

(2) During the use of the UV lamp, clean the surface of the lamp tube and the reflector on the surface of the reflector with anhydrous ethanol and gauze at an appropriate time (1 to 2 months), and then rotate the UV lamp tube by 180 degrees. The lampshade reflector will be replaced after it has lost its mirror effect.

3. UV lamp and speed adjustment relationship

(1) The best speed selection method: the product is first passed through the UV curing device at a certain speed. If it is cured, the speed is increased until the product passing through the curing device can not be completely cured. The speed multiplied by 0.8 is the most Good speed.

(2) Also pay attention to the use time of the UV lamp. As the UV lamp is used for a long time, the energy will be attenuated and the speed will be slowed down.

4. Transformers, capacitors

(1) The incoming line of the transformer should be selected according to the voltage at the site.

(2) After the capacitor is used, it must be discharged if it is repaired, so as to avoid capacitor discharge and injury.

5. UV

Ultraviolet rays can damage the eyes and skin. When turning on the light, please do not look directly at the surface of the lamp with the eyes, and do not let the ultraviolet rays illuminate the skin.

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Digital Inkjet VS Sublimation Printing, Which Type Printing Suitable for You

There are many people can’t distinguish between digital inkjet printing and sublimation printing. Skyimage is doing sublimation printing, now reading and following, let’s share some differences about them.

Digital Inkjet Printing vs Sublimation Printing

Not much separates the two processes when it comes to production machinery. Inkjet printers are typically anywhere from 30 inches to 16 feet wide and can double as sublimation printing with some minor “machinery fixes” and cleared ink lines.

The largest difference between the two processes are the ink styles and printing method. Digital Inkjet printers use the CMYK (short version of cyan-magenta-yellow-black) ink set and can have the fabric fed directly through the printer to be printed on.

Sublimation Printing uses the CMYO (short for cyan-magenta-yellow-overprint clear) where the dye is printed to a treated transfer paper, and in the heat transfer process (approx. 375°F or 210°C) becomes the black color. The CMYO ink set indicates that Sublimation printing is NOT Direct-to-Fabric printing and a heat press must be used to transfer the ink from the printed transfer paper to the fabric.

What Fabric Works Best?

Digital Inkjet Printing Sublimation Printing
Banner Fabric Banner Fabric
 polyester washable and wrinkle-free high visibility fabric used in the

production of promotional and business banners

 polyester washable and wrinkle-free high visibility fabric used in the

production of promotional and business


Vinyl fabric  Print Cloth
offered in a variety of weights and colors;

most popular is 13-ounce and 18-ounce

 polyester with UV and Fire Retardant coatings

perfect for creating flags and signage

Packcloth  Polyester
packcloth nylon fabric with a urethane

coating. It is ideal for flags and banners

Polyester Fabric with a fire-resistant UV coating. It is also great

for advertising applications

Caring for Your Print

  • Caring for your print after it goes through production is important. Be sure to follow these guidelines when caring for and storing your printed fabric.
  • Wash gently by hand in cool or warm water with a mild detergent
  • Protect from harsh weather (i.e. high winds, heavy rain, etc.)
  • Let your fabric fully dry before folding, folding when wet can result in mold and mildew growth

Okay, after reading this article, now you can differ from digital inkjet printing and sublimation transfer printing. If you have any other needs or questions welcome to contact us at any time. We will provide you the best quality product and service. Hope my article can be useful to you. Thank you for your reading.