Sublimation Transfer Printing

Without a doubt, dye sublimation printing is one of the most effective methods for creating a whole range of customized and personalized products on-demand. This means you can deliver an almost limitless variety of creative and profitable applications, that will enable you to extend your range of services to your existing clients, or indeed open up a spectrum of new markets to you. With inkjet dye sublimation printing, you can print onto a vast range of fabrics and coated surfaces in many widths and lengths, including stretchy sports fabrics and heavy canvas.

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The highest and best quality garments with prefect sweat wicking properties is available at reputed e stores, making it possible for anyone looking for high fashion apparel like sublimation clothing, to get it sitting right at home. You too can make a mark by wearing this long lasting yet fashionable clothing.
In order to determine whether you can imprint a product with a wash-fast, scratch-resistant, full-color sublimation image, you’ll need to check three items: First, is the decoration area polyester-based? Sublimation printing is reliant on polyester’s unique molecular structure (e.g. its ability to bond with the gassed ink dyes). You can not sublimate to cotton, nylon, vinyl, wool, leather, etc.

“sublimation fashion”的图片搜索结果

Second, will the product hold up to the optimal temperatures (up to 400° F) and pressure required for the dye sublimation process? Lastly, is the color of the product light enough to take an image? Because this is a dye technology, the color of a sublimation product’s decoration surface can affect the final colors of your graphic. True white works best, but you can still decorate lighter colored products such as t-shirts or sand-colored stone tiles while achieving 70-80% of the printer’s available color gamut.


Unlike other forms of cloth materials, apparels made from the sublimation process are quite gentle to the skin and allow enough room for the skin to breathe easily. This especially comes in handy when one is playing a field sport and is sweating profusely. Enhanced breath ability is one of the principal reasons why sportsmen and women all over the world prefer wearing sublimated clothing. Moreover, sublimated clothing comes in a variety of styles, designs and patterns which allows users to experiment with their appearance greatly. So whether it is blue and white polo shirts or black t-shirt with white design, you can designs of any variety when you opt for sublimation clothing.

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