What’s The Differences Between Uv Ink and Solvent Ink?

As you know uv ink is a consumable that is specifically designed for printing patterns on uv printer equipment. It has a pigment particle diameter of less than 1 micron, is free of volatile organic solvents, has ultra-low viscosity, and has no irritating odor. It ensures that the uv ink does not clog the nozzle during the jet printing process. UV ink is spray-dry, suitable for printing metal, glass, ceramics and other materials. The cured ink layer has high hardness, strong adhesion, scrub resistance, solvent resistance, high gloss, and strong outdoor weather resistance.

uv ink The difference between UV ink and solvent ink
UV inks and weak solvent inks determine their respective application methods and applications due to their inherent properties. Since the UV ink is attached to the substrate, it can be embossed after repeated printing. The weak solvent does not adhere to the surface of the carrier but penetrates into the carrier, so there is no way to print the relief effect. Since many materials in the weak solvent need to be coated when printing, unprinted printing products are easy to fade, while UV ink can be directly used to print many materials without any coating treatment. Simple, convenient and practical.

solvent ink

The UV ink reduces the volatile organic matter that escapes from the solvent-based ink during the heating and drying process, and should be matched with the post-processing equipment for post-treatment. The post-treatment method mainly uses the catalytic oxidation method and the cooling recovery method. UV 100% liquid content, no VOC, so there is no environmental pollution problem. Because of its non-toxic, instant drying, fine ink particles, high concentration, good stability, etc., it has been widely used.

sulimation ink

Uv ink can eliminate the hot drying tunnel and oven accumulating volatile organic matter post-processing equipment. Since the ink is not dried by the heating and drying method, the mechanism and the electronic component are not disturbed by the high temperature caused by the heating, and the shrinkage, thermal expansion or warpage of the roll is not caused by the high temperature. Therefore, the current amount of UV ink is increasing at a rate of 10%-20%/year.

Which One is Better Between Traditional Inkjet Printers & Uv Printers?

For many people who have just been exposed to uv printers, many people want to know which uv printer and traditional inkjet writing is better? From the rapid development of traditional photo printing, we can understand that the current application of printing is very extensive, and the market needs are also very large.

inkjet printers However, UV printing is more skillful and preemptive in the traditional solvent and weak solvent printing. Under the application of UV printing, it can finish higher-end printing applications and is compatible with more printing media, which makes it involve a wider range of occupations. category. Under the application of UV printer technology, the cutting-edge UV printing equipment is also continuously pushed. For example, the UV coil flatbed machine is compatible with many different types of flat-panel type UV flatbed printers, and the user can more easily complete the UV print output. UV printing is the most anticipated type of printing for printing now. It has been widely implemented and applied in the field of wild advertising manufacturing.

UV flatbed printers

So what’s the advantages? What is the difference between a uv printer and a traditional inkjet machine?
UV printing is compatible with more printing media, and it is widely used in a wide range of applications. UV printing is widely used because of its scale and scale. Ordinary weak solvent photo printers are not constrained by raw materials because they are constrained by raw materials. UV printing is suitable for any raw material, and has the characteristics of high speed, high precision and stable performance. Therefore, it is manufactured in inkjet printing. The occupation has been implemented and applied on a large scale.
UV printers have a very good effect on inkjet printing in traditional weak solvent households.

inkjet printer

UV printing can be printed quickly and finished. The traditional inkjet printing operation is performed by using inkjet ink or solvent-based ink. These inks need to wait for the ink on the surface of the paper after printing and printing. It is dry and simple, and it is affected by different temperature and humidity. Especially in humid climate, traditional inkjet photo printing needs long-term waiting for the screen to dry, and even need to cooperate with drying equipment for drying ink treatment. After UV printing, the UV ink can be quickly cured by the simultaneous UV UV lamp, which is fast and tidy, and the printing speed is fast, that is, it can be taken right away, without long-term waiting, which can make the print and print transaction more complete and save time. And artificial capital.

large format printers

Nowadays, domestic piezoelectric photo machines offer users a very good price/performance ratio. The affordable price is comparable to the performance and application of imported big brands. Advertising companies and their own advertising stores can It is easier to use the lower cost to cite the domestic photo machine printing equipment, and then complete the capital and return to the original.

Pay attention to brand and model when purchasing eco solvent printer on Internet

Because of the different fields of application, when doing eco solvent printer purchases, we must also do a lot of measurement. It is recommended that quality should be measured. If it is really possible to pick up the eco solvent printer of a big brand, it is naturally also very good practicality, which can guarantee the subsequent printing effect. If you are shopping through the Internet, in fact, as long as we can choose the right brand, naturally we do not have to worry too much. However, network purchases should also pay attention to the comparison of brands and models.

eco solvent printer

First, the network chooses the right brand.

There are many brands of eco solvent printers on the Internet, and there are many products offered by merchants. If we really want to pick a product that meets our needs, it is very simple to look at the parameters and performance directly. However, when purchasing the brand of wide-format eco-solvent printer on the Internet, it is definitely necessary to pay special attention to the overall measurement work. It is recommended that the products of the regular brand should be selected, so that we can really guarantee our follow-up operations, and we can guarantee that our follow-up use will not have any problems.

eco solvent printer

Second, model confirmation is critical.

Because the eco-solvent plotter models we need to use are different, it is definitely necessary to make a model confirmation as a whole so that we can pick the right products for us. The measurement of the model is still very simple. It only needs to determine the quality of the eco-solvent printer, whether it can guarantee better performance, etc. Only in this way can we really guarantee our subsequent use. I believe that as long as the model is confirmed, it is natural that we can select the products that meet our needs.

Why Epson 5113 Print Head Shortage in Digital Maketing?

As we all known that with the shortage of supply and price of the epson five-generation head, the digital printing machine using the epson5113 print head has been introduced in the market (the 5113 is named for the print head used by the eposn5113 desktop printer).

epson 5113 1. The reason why Epson’s fifth generation is out of stock is because Epson encrypts the fifth generation head, resulting in a shortage of supply and soaring prices. Once the fifth generation is out of stock, users who use the fifth generation will have to eliminate the equipment.

epson 51132. Due to the status quo of the fifth generation head, the 5113 print head is optimistic by the equipment manufacturer, and the 5113 print head is better than the fifth generation head in printing speed. The problem is that the 5113 print head is again encrypted by Epson, and there is no source of supply. The situation going on is the same as that of the fifth generation. The shortage of goods and the soaring prices.

epson 51133. Epson 5113 nozzle equipment is not very mature so far, as a desktop printer nozzle is also relatively fragile, it is easy to burn the nozzle in the case of unstable voltage. The continuation of this situation has led to the suffering of users of domestic equipment using Epson nozzles, the use cycle of nozzles and racks is too short, the use cost of nozzles and racks cannot be estimated, and the production cost is greatly increased.

epson 5113Therefore, using Epson’s truly open equipment nozzles (rather than desktop printer nozzles) or using industrial nozzles (such as Kyocera, Seiko, Panasonic, Ricoh, etc., industrial nozzles have long service life and more stable use) are the requirements to cater to the market development law. The use of Epson sprinklers from domestic equipment is lacking, and the shortage is rising.

5 reasons why the digital textile printer print head is burnt

The digital textile printer print head can be used to print the best results, and the print head is good, and the ink will be more expressive. The print head is an indispensable carrier for digital printing production, but the operation is not good and the print head is easily burnt. So do you know why digital print heads are burnt?

printer print head

There are five reasons why the direct-to-textile printing machine print head is burnt:

1. The static electricity is too high

Excessive static electricity can affect the printing effect. In severe cases, it can damage the circuit part of the printer. Especially in the autumn and winter seasons, if the human body is too high in static electricity, if the print head is directly contacted, the circuit part of the print head will be easily damaged. Therefore, not only the printer has a good and stable grounding, but also the operator is in contact with the machine and the printing head. Be sure to do anti-static measures, such as with anti-static meters.

2. The positive and negative poles of the power supply are reversed.

This kind of operation is illegal. During the operation, try to follow the standard operation, especially the print head of the wide-format digital printing machine. If it is not necessary, try not to insert or pull the circuit to avoid the positive and negative connection of the power supply. Reverse operation.

3. Staying in the “dry burning” state for a long time

If the print head of the direct-to-textile printer is in a “dry burning” state for a long time, it is naturally easy to be burned.

4. The working voltage is too high

If the print head is operated under high load for a long time, it is easy to cause aging of the piezoelectric crystal, especially for the piezoelectric print head.

5. Strong corrosive ink or other liquid gets on the printed circuit board

How to get strong corrosive ink or other liquid on the circuit board of the print head can easily cause short circuit, especially solvent ink. Therefore, we need to pay special attention to the process of processing the print head. Do not blot the ink onto the data line interface of the print head, which may cause a short circuit. In severe cases, the print head will be burnt.

printer print head

The above 5 points are the reason why the digital textile printing print head is burned, I hope to help you digital printing practitioners.

In the daily production of digital printing, everyone should pay more attention to the maintenance of the printer head. If the print head is burned, there is usually no way to recover it, it can only be scrapped, and the print head is replaced again, which increases the production cost.