Why say UV ink Environmental-friendly?

UV printing

UV printing

UV printing has a wide range of applications. digital UV printers can directly print on coated and uncoated flat and roll media and three-dimensional objects, such as pens, iPhone covers, coasters, tiles, canvas, glass, ceramics, metals, ceilings, acrylic, wood, PVC, PP, PE, reflective film, leather, carpet, etc.

Advantages of UV ink:

After printing, the printing medium can be used for post-processing without adding paint, saving costs.
UV ink emits little VOC and garbage smell. Environmental protection is another advantage of UV ink.

Phone case UV print

UV print for phone case

Durability: The UV printed logo placed outdoors can hold for 3-5 years without fading, yellowing, cracking, and can be kept for about 10 years in an indoor environment.
Print quality: The print quality is better and can be printed on various media.
The ink dries and solidifies quickly. Once the UV-guided light touches the surface of the substrate, the UV ink immediately dries and cures.
Energy-saving UV LED lights can be turned on and off immediately without any energy for preheating and cooling. Workers have no time to wait to start work. Save power consumption and improve production efficiency.
Good light fastness and smear resistance.
When using UV varnish, it has a pleasing final print output gloss, thereby increasing outdoor durability, tear-resistance and abrasion resistance.
Use unique UV white ink to achieve a spot embossing effect. Able to print on dark, transparent and colored surfaces.

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